Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Who was I kidding? Re-Do!

Yesterday's blog was killing me. I don't think some of you realize how truly difficult it was for me not to be entirely sarcastic through the entire ABC meme. I know some of it showed through, but it was definitely work to remain subdued.

Soooo...how to remedy it? Have some more fun!!

I'm going to put a spin on the meme and just go through the alphabet with words I just think are fun to say. Some will be about me, some about others, and some will just be way out there (oh wait...that's still about me isn't it?). See if you can pick out what my friends, family and co-workers would refer to as "Maryisms".

While we're at it, let's pretend I'm doing a field sobriety test and do the alphabet backwards. (For the record, I have never driven while intoxicated. I do, however, have friends in law enforcement who think it's fun to run these tests by me, even when sober.)

Z - Zit - Not a word to describe me...but a fun word to say.

Y - Yummylicious - It's truly all encompassing.

X - Rated...never mind...won't go there...TMI

W - WHATEVER! - Not a big fan when used against me, but it is fun.

V - Vulva

U - Uvula - It's such a great word, and when you say it, the first reaction is to confuse it with the previous word. Kinda almost just like it...but different.

T - Thespian - Yet another word that gets confused with...sounds like...you know...

S - Skosh - As in move over just a ____

R - Red-Headed Butt Knuckle - I know...do butts have knuckles?

Q - Qualm - the word that sounds like "calm" but is the total opposite. Back to the whole "U" "V" thing again.

P - Polyvinylrododospagaspamomo - Not a fun word to say or spell, but it has Po & Mo in it...I'm pretty sure if you jumble the letters, you'll find the whole NaBloPoMo in there a few times.

O - Ostentatious - You instantly sound smart when you use that word, and at the same time become the word.

N - Naked - Fun to say only? I think not.

M - Muttonchops - Just one question...WHY??

L - Lint Licker - Hubby picked that one up somewhere and uses it on his buddies and NO, I don't know why.

K - Kazoo - Now I understand why Mom hated those.

J - Jugular - Serious body part there...seems a bit week because if touched, you're going down.

I - Impotent - As a kid I apparently used to walk around using that word and confusing it with incompetent. Not sure there is a difference really.

H - Hoary - As in "extremely old" and not the mis-spelled "whorey" you all thought I was. Both are equally fun to say...coincidence? I think NOT!!

G - Gobbleygook - My word for "sticky stuff".

F - Fungus - It just screams come hither, doesn't it??

E - Ecdysiast - First one to find out the definition of this word wins a "boobie prize".

D - "Derfwad" - Thank you, Mrs. G.!!

C - Catawumpas - I guess I sleep like that on the bed a lot

B - Beeyotch!! - Quite the popular word

A - A-Hole - I really do use that one quite regularly. Not the a$$ that you are assuming I mean either...I truly say a-hole. Sometimes I pair it with, "There's a-hole in the bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza..."

And the best part about this meme? No Tags!!

Have a great Hump Day tomorrow!!



I've always been a HUGE fan of uvula and of the uvula itself. We should form a club. Uvula Chicks.

Mrs. G. said...

I like this list sooo much better. At Thanksgiving my brother-in-law was talking about this surgery he is going to have to help his snoring. I could tell he was afraid to say that he was having his uvula shaved for fear that he might mix it up with vulva...you do have to think about it for a second, don't you.

You are one of my favorite derfwads.

Suzanne said...

yay, no tags! Two days left, woohoo.

Silly me, I read something (what else is new?) and it spurred me to start another blog! I think they've got a room waiting for me at the nut house!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm trying a berry cobbler in the old crock pot this week...if it's good I'll post the recipe next week. Thanks for always showing up. I was fiddling with my layout when your comment popped in...what a lovely surprise.

Grandy said...

Urban~ It's a great word! Whenever I use it, it makes my son giggle.

Mrs. G.~ To be considered one of the "Derfwads" is truly an honor for me. Oh...and you came to see me TWICE!! RIGHT ON!!

Suzanne~ You can have the room next to mine. You are NUTS!!