Monday, November 5, 2007

I Survived Back To Work Day!! one back at work is behind me (and I was worried). I guess I jumped in with both feet and didn't land on my rear. For the following reasons I will be keeping tonight's post as short and sweet as possible:
6:00 am - Up & attem (I get to sleep late because of Dr. appt)
7:30 am - Drop son off at school
8:00 am - Shoot...forgot I had 1pm massage scheduled...luckily, opening at 5pm.
8:15 am - Get lab work done (gotta love that fasting) one is in line? My luck ROCKS today.
8:30 am - Get some food in me (still loving the fasting)
9:30 am - Neurology appointment (How many ways do I not sleep?)
11:00 am - Drive the 35 miles from MD to Office..."Breathing" all the way.
11:45 am - Get to the office - arrived to some nice flowers, a welcome back sign, and some lovely smiling faces (still thinking positive).
11:50 am - Get call from client...who didn't know I was out? She somehow overlooked my out of office greeting when she sent me an email 6 weeks ago?? How is it the very last problem she had was the day before my temporary exit? Was she waiting for me???? (So much for easing into it)
11:55 am - Reset all passwords, and try to remember how to maneuver the system, while taking into consideration what changes have been made.

By 12noon it all started to come back to me, and BLURRRRRR. I definitely hit the ground running, but I escaped by 4:15 (yes, I know you're proud), made it to a massage (thank goodness for luck), drove to son's basketball tryouts (Oh my, 25 boys trying out for 14 positions), picked up dinner, made it home by 8:30pm. Got son cleaned up, checked homework, and am now posting my blog to hurry in bed by 10, so I can get up at 4:30 tomorrow. BREATHE DAMMIT!!!!

All in all...It was a GREAT DAY!!! more honeymoon. :)


Suzanne said...


Aren't those neurologist's appointments such fun? Fortunately, you got a relaxing massage later in the day to temper being run through the paces.

Hope today goes easier on you!

(I go back Monday, and boy, do they have a bunch of things waiting for my return!)

Michele said...

Glad things are going well! Thanks for sharing your day ;0)


Grandy said...

What did I miss? Didn't you just say you couldn't go back during holiday season?? GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you for your support!!