Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carpool Anyone??

I drive 45 miles to work...each way. Don't worry, you're not going to get the same ol' "in the snow, up hill, both ways." However, 45 miles each way can make for a long commute on some days. Here is a picture of what I face in the morning. (This is truly a picture of the freeway I take to work...Google Images is awesome!!)

It's not so bad, if you have a fun car to drive in...which I do. Really, this is my car. I didn't take a picture of my car at the beach (and I actually can't wait to take my car to the beach) but this is the same color, model, convertible, everything is same as mine. I really do recommend that if you've not done so, you buy a car because it's least once in your life. This car got better mileage than my old car and is just FUN.

AND...since I've gotten my car, I have acquired a very cool Carpool friend. She started working with my company almost a year ago and has an even longer drive than I do. I really love having her as my carpooler. She's smart, kind, and funny as all get out. Remember how I said I am Laverne without my Shirley?? Well, we'll just call her "Shirl".

On days that I don't have my carpool friend, sometimes we have appointments that take us in opposite directions, I am completely lonely and lost. I watch people speed by in the carpool lane by me. Monday it took me TWO HOURS to get to work. TWO??? At some point I almost called my boss and said, "It's just not worth it, I'm going home!" But, being the consumate professional, and knowing the workload I had waiting for me, I went in anyway. I wasn't happy about it. Who would be?? GEESH!! I found myself trying to listen to soft music, doing some deep breathing exercises. When I finally made it to work, I felt like I had already put in a full day.

Shirl and I laugh all the time in the car. Even if we're talking workload and bouncing ideas off each other (this lady is SHARP). When I have to drive by myself, it lacks something. It lacks the humor!

I've now found the perfect sign that I wish we could have on our way to the office. This would have SO made my 2 hour drive that much better! Let's face it, we've got to find the humor in things, if we can't have humor with us.

Think this guy still has his job???


Suzanne said...

Aha! I knew we had more in common than just the blogging thing!

This is one of my shorter commutes to work, but when I still lived in Maryland, I had 40 miles door to door. The advantage I had is that it wasn't on California freeways, it went down a 2 lane highway through Northern Virginia wineland and horse country.

Most days, that took an hour, but if there was an accident, I was taking a sports car down a dirt road at the top of a mountain. I've got to keep moving!

dee/otc said...

Ah, now I miss my old car. I gave up my VW Cabrio convertible what with all the kids I'm breeding these days. But, man, I LOVED that car! (although it got crappy gas mileage) You instantly felt all young and sporty when you sat in it. Boohoo.

Now, I can feel all fat and domestic when we get a minivan soon. Bluck.

Lisa Milton said...

My husband does the long commute - I don't know how you guys do it.

(Well, I should because I have done it before. It's just miserable.)


I could (and have) gone on and on about our horrible car-centric culture. People should all be able to walk to work. People used to be able to walk to work until we started building our infrastructures around cars instead of around people. It's insanity. 2 hours to work? Totally unacceptable.

Michele Tune said...

Thanks for the fun and interesting post, Mary! You're always a hoot :-)


*Thank goodness for "Shirl"...*

Mrs. G. said...

I'm so glad you have a Shirl in your life...we all need one. Man I loved that show...milk and Pepsi.

You drive my dream car! I'm serious. When these kids fly the nest, I am going to get bug convertible and relive my childhood. I want one in seashell pink.

Get a book on cd for the days Shirl is not there. They help.

Grandy said...

Ladies...this is what I love about blogging. There is so much in common where we can relate!! Thanks for your comments, and your candor. Keep it comming!!