Friday, November 9, 2007

Bikers Who Bite

I definitely try not to make my blog about pet peeves, usually!! Only on rare occasion have I regurgitated on some poor, yet unassuming person who doesn't even realize they lost their clue.

Today's rant?? Bicyclists who own the road!!!

Alright, before people jump down my throat please understand, I'm all for bicyclists!! I have good friends who have participated in IronMan competitions, and ride EVERYWHERE! I'm very impressed with them, and their riding abilities.

But, can someone PLEASE explain to me why some of them ride outside the bike lane, in the middle of a lane where the posted speed limit is 45? I'm not sure, but because I've handled so many auto injury claims (so many involve bicyclists) I just can't think that's the safest thing to do. ESPECIALLY since there is indeed a bike lane??

I was driving (slowly I might ad) by a bicyclist who was just to the outside left of the bike lane earlier today. As I got near him he decided to suddenly veer left significantly and get in front of my car. UGH!! I almost hit him, and that would have really ticked me off!!

I didn't honk my horn, because I wasn't sure what the nut job's intention was and didn't want him to fall in front of me (because then I would be forced to use him as traction...should have). So, I slowed significantly to see what his next move was going to be. I ended up following him for a few blocks and then he just randomly decided guessed it...get his butt back into the bike lane. Seriously??? HUH!!!! (yep, used it again)

And you know what else? I have, on occasion, taken my son to Tahoe to ride on the bike trails. It's beautiful, and it's a great place for a family ride. Well, some of those bicyclists are SO RUDE!! They get irritated if they come up on a 5 year old on training wheels, and rudely cut them off. Some of them even grunt at the parents as they go by. It

Excuse me?? Have I made a wrong turn and landed in France?? NO?? Oh, my bad!! SHARE THE DARN ROAD!!! That phrase works both ways. I'm talking to you, RUDE BIKERS!!

There is such a stigma associated with people who ride Harley Davidson's...I tell ya, it's the Schwinn's you gotta look out for!! Some of those Bikers BITE!!!!

Ok...I'm better now.


Michele said...

Glad you're feeling better (he he!)... This is QUITE the rant ;-)

Best wishes for a super great weekend (biker free!)

Writing the Cyber Highway

Grandy said...

Oh my, it was quite the ranting, wasn't it.

Strange weekend all the way around, but much better today. :)

Thanks for being such a supporter, Michele!!