Friday, November 16, 2007

Meme Virgin No More

Can you hear that??


Come a little closer...can you hear it now??

Well, maybe it's my lack of technical skills and not being able to insert fanfare here. I'll have to translate it for you...Dat da daaaaaa!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...Grandy is pleased to announce...She has received her FIRST MEME!!! Yep, for those of you who are Meme hoes (ahem) ...regulars, you take for granted that all these people want to know so much about you. We do, don't get me wrong. We want to know all about you...why else would we be reading your blog? So...keep memeing (is that a word?) but DON'T take it for granted!

Some of us quiet types however (hey stop laughing) might start to feel a bit self-conscious when she leaves a gazillion comments for people and reads all these great memes and never gets "Tagged".

Well, this meme virgin is about to say good-bye to all chastity and take the plunge (who was I kidding anyway? I was about to Meme myself...but could never truly find out what a meme was).

Without further adieu....I have been tagged by dee/otc, with her post Tag…I’m it. I'm not exactly certain how this works, other than I tell you 5 things about myself. Then, if I've been paying attention, I am to tag 5 other bloggers. Ummm...what happens if there aren't 5 different bloggers who know me?? Ummm...WAIT...I have new friends on NaBloPoMo!! Rock On!! I'm ready!!!

5 Things about Grandy (that you may not know)

1. Grandy has survived two serious car accidents, both involving a tree, and both while being a passenger. PLUS one where the vehicle hit a tree without a driver, while Grandy ran along side of it trying to catch up to it. (Technically that makes trees 3, cars 0...remind me to blog about the driverless auto one another day).

2. Grandy rides a mean ATV, provided she doesn't have to go down too many steep hills. Maybe it's my issue with trees? See above.

3. Grandy is a TiVo junkie...I will pause a program and do something else JUST so I don't have to watch the stinkin' commercials.

4. Grandy is currently two months behind in a "self-study" Claims Law course. Can anyone blame me?? I'm having way too much fun blogging than to be reading about Pleadings & Practice.

5. Grandy is VERY EXCITED about going to Mexico with her family for Christmas. Pero, necessito practicar mi espanol.

There...that was fun!! Was it good for you?? Not so much? Oh well, smoke 'em if you gottem.

Now for my TAGS:
Mrs. G
Sara Louise

There...did I do that right???

Thanks ALL!!


dee/otc said...

Good girl. You meme like you've been memeing your entire life. So, how do feel now that you're all broken in? Do you want to meme like crazy? Meme night and day? Eventually, you'll lose all interest in memeing and prefer your TiVo'ed shows to a 2 minute meme. ;-)

Man, I'm right there with you on the TiVo. I do the same thing. I'll hit pause out of nowhere, and everyone in the room goes ballistic, "What are you doing?!?" B/c I'm not doing anything...just sitting there with the remote in my hand, zombie faced, for 10 or 15 minutes. Then, zip zip zip, bye-bye commercials. I refuse to watch t.v. in real time anymore.

Michele said...

You've done great on your first meme! Way to go!

I'm with Dee, you may get tired of memes after a while ;-)

Congrats on a well-done meme!


Grandy said...

Dee~ Funny, I thought I would feel different after my first time. Oh well...back to just blogging. :)
We could so watch TV together, be plump (only you get to be pregnant), eat that punch pie of yours, and just enjoy life. Too bad we'd have to get up.

Michele~ I almost think I would run out of things to say if I just talked about myself the whole time. It's way too fun to talk about my observations, then about me.

Renie Burghardt said...

I enjoyed reading about you. You're a fun lady.
It is true, after so many meme's, one runs out of things to reveal!


dee/otc said...

No, no, we wouldn't have to get up. Isn't that what kids are for? To fetch us things. ;-) And, soon, I'll have an entire fully trained fetching army. :-)


Since you're a tad accident prone, I hope you used some protection while doing this first meme??? You DO know even meme virgins need protection, right? Thanks for the tag. I've already done the 7 things about me meme, and I'm doing the month of questions about me, so I don't think there are 5 other things about me anyone wants to hear about

Grandy said...

Renie~ You have inspired me to maybe investigate confessions though. ;)

Dee~ Child labor!! How could I forget?

Urban~ I was careful (I think) but I will be double careful next time. I do know all you're posting about. I wasn't sure, but just knew I had to work in those pink boots. Thanks for playing all 30 days. :D