Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble!!

Well blogging friends, I'm rushing out the door to our camping trip. I have convinced my friend to bring her laptop so I can post from there. However, signal may be limited and we may have to drive to the nearest town.

That being posts could be somewhat limited in content the next few days (ok, more limited than usual).

Happy Turkey Day to you ALL and may you get to Gobble Gobble, and Drink Drink!!

By the way...did anyone happen to see where I set my bottle of tequila? I'll be darned if that thing doesn't keep running off on me. Oh well, may have to switch to vodka this trip. Shaken...not stirred gang!!


Michele said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Grandy! Hope you enjoy your camping trip ;0)



Camping? Where do YOU live? We're buried under a few feet of snow with temps well below freezing. I'll assume your somewhere south. Have fun.

Grandy said...

Michele~ Back at ya!!

Urban~ It's in the 20's-30's temperatures here, but layers are good, the drink helps..and we have our trailers with heaters.