Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 + 8 = 11

You know how they say boys mature slower than girls?? Well, I've discovered a math theory that made things suddenly make sense to me. Ok, so it didn't uncover the meaning of life, nor did David Krumholz walk in and explain the route the killer would have taken to pick up his dry-cleaning. (Have you seen this show, NUMB3RS? It's pretty good.)

YIKES!! I'm digressing again.

Anywho...Today is Hubby's Birthday!! He's 38 today!! Happy Birthday, Honey!! I know you are never going to read this blog in a million years (I tell him all about my posts, and he's not into computers) but in the slight chance you stumble accross it in your search for the newest lift kit on the CJ Jeep, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hubby and I have always had our little jokes about our ages. (Alright, mostly he made the jokes at my expense, and I would nod my head pretending I either a- thought it was funny, or b- had never heard it before.) Because of all my accident prone occassions, and my health issues, he used to joke that he was always going to trade me in on younger models of me that still had a warranty. At 35, I am currently at the value of trade-in for two almost legal versions of me. He is just ticking the hours until he can joke that he'll be able to now shop legally for the legal models.

Well Hubby...I've now figured out where you've been while in your 30's. You've been hanging out with our son...literally! As we drove home from dinner with Hubby's Mom, and I was amazed at how it seems my 11 year old son's manners have somehow gotten lost in the dryer, along with his other socks, I was asking myself how I ended up with two boys so much alike (nature v. nurture does wonders in this house). Then I suddenly did the math...3 + 8 = 11!!

You've seen these theories, right?

Son acts like Hubby
Son is 11
Hubby acts like he's 11.

Ok, so maybe I got some of that right. But it all started making sense to me!! When Hubby turned 30, we had just been dating for a few months. Every year since, he has slowly been maturing, although not surpassing the age of my son. (Insert "Bless His Heart" comment here). I'm just amazed at how my son and my hubby are growing together.

Except...When son hits 13, I hear all his hormones will be different, and he'll be going through all these changes. Funny, isn't that what I hear about a man who turns 40? They'll be doing that TOGETHER!!!

Don't tell Hubby that I'm really proud of the way he's grown. And this morning when he asked me if I possibly wanted to trade him in on two younger men? I cringed...

What, and have to train TWO MORE??? I'm thinkin' that's a NO!!

Love you back, Hubby!!!


Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday Hubby! I hope you spent the day doing something special.

Kelly O said...

Happy birthday to your guy! It was one of my guys' birthday, too, but he turned 2.

Michele said...

Happy Birthday!! Maybe your husband will want to check out your blog if he hears about all the birthday wishes he's getting from your cyber buds???

This is hilarious by the way ;-) I can always count on you to brighten my day!

C ya soon!


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!

Oh, and there's a longer story to yesterday's entry. I wrote you a reply, but in my flu induced state, tried to send it back to my blogger 'comment on post' instead.

I need to blog, then sleep. I'll send it to you tomorrow.

Yes, mine's 43, so he's really more in tune with the 8 year old!

Grandy said...

Hubby thanks you all!! You're well wishes are very kind. :)

sher said...

happy birthday to hubby! hey, it's my hubby's birthday too! (maybe there's a song in this?)

Grandy said...

Sher~ I'm pretty sure we could come up with one. Happy birthday back at your hubby!!