Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Food DOES Take Time

So you've heard the one about NOT judging a book by it's cover? If not, you're going to want to climb out of that rock and read this.

Well...Have I got the proverbial book for you!!

Friday night, after my extensive ranting, I had to meet 2 of my sisters for dinner (I'll admit I was a bit concerned for their safety and well being after my rantings). One was up from San Diego for a convention/seminar, in a nearby town about 40 miles away. This town is kind of remote (not as remote as my town...but close). I had only ever been in this town for sporting events, or driving through, so I did a little research and found information on a Sushi place. All my siblings love Sushi, so I thought that was a great bet. On the rare occasions we can get together, we usually try to do Sushi. And since she was traveling to a place closest to me, I felt responsible for showing the girls a good time.

We arrive at the hotel, I quickly realize that our party of 3 is now a party of 10. (Don't panic Mary, you can do are NOT going to make yourself responsible for EVERYONE'S good time...Must control anxiety!!) They all seemed very nice, and had obviously started at the bar before we got there (darn, could have used one myself). But, we must remember the horrible mood I was in when I left the house...remember Bikers Who Bite? Need I say more??

Well, off we marched, to find the Main Street. We get there, find the Sushi place, and discover they are too small, and too crowded to take our party of 10. So, we marched across the street to the Chinese food place. From there, dinner became one of the COOLEST, and yet BIZARRE episodes you could have written for a Saturday Night Live skit (back when the skits didn't suck).

We walked down a long hallway and before we knew it, we were seated in a room that resembled more of a bus depot than a restaurant. A few in the group (including my sister) stood in front of the hostess, at the door, almost afraid to go in, verbally contemplating their mood for Italian instead. Yikes!! I sat down and said...this will do fine. We had a party of 10 and they could seat us. How bad can it be?

After we all sat and got situated, we realized that this would be a good place for us because no one else was in the restaurant and we were 10 rather loud people, all talking at the same time. Soon, however, it became crystal clear that not only was the restaurant void of customers, at 7:30 on a Friday night, it was also noticeably void of staff. HUH!! Want proof??

Yep! That picture was taken by me, from one end of the restaurant/depot, to the other. No one there!!

So, then the hostess came in. I believe it was then that we noticed that the hostess was also the waitress and I believe the cook. As she delivered the water, I was forced to think of the great Tim Conway, in a sick drag. When we ordered the meals, and as she struggled with the idea that we would want both fried rice and steamed rice, I started to look for the candid camera.

Then fate landed in our laps like an anvil on Wile E. Coyote (please tell me I don't have to explain that to you). It was a sign. Not just any ol' sign...but perhaps the most profound sign we had witnessed. It explained so much, and yet said so little.

Can you read it? It says GOOD FOOD TAKES TIME. Translated, it means "Be prepared to WAIT". (Notice the glare off the glass? I believe this is the kitchen on the other side of the hallway...but can't be sure)

Somehow, once we discovered the sign, it all became clear to us (ok, the hostess/waitress/cook never became clear but...) we suddenly became much more patient. This food was going to be good? We weren't holding out a whole lot of hope. didn't seem to matter anymore. The people in this group were cracking me up, my mood had improved, and I was with my sisters. Who cared that it was 1 hour 15 minutes before the food came?

Well, our girl delivered! The food ended up being GREAT!! I'm not sure how she did it but each plate was hot and tasty. We weren't sure she was going to even get the order right, but it seems those producers for Candid Camera had a heart after all.

I'm all about the whole dining experience when I go out. I'm pretty much about the experience all the way around. I can't tell you how grateful I was for our party of 10, as each one of them was great!! I don't know how many of them knew eachother before, but WOW that was fun!

Thanks to my Candid Camera Friends!!!


Mrs. G. said...

I'm glad that the food was worth the wait. I know all about the exhaustion of worrying about everyone having fun. I wish I had a sister or two.

Michele said...

Completely hilarious! No need to explain Wile E. Coyote here ;0)

Keep blogging/ranting--it becomes you!

Oh, and at least the food was great!


P.S. Thank you for your heartfelt comments at my blog. They are much appreciated.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grandy,

What a funny story! I love your writing style. Came over from Michele's to visit and enjoyed myself. I'll be back to read more. I love fun blogs, and yours is certainly one of those.


Grandy said...

Mrs. G ~ I've got 3...I could possibly loan one to you on occassion if you need one.

Michele ~ Thanks...but it's what I become that scares me sometimes.

Renie ~ Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed, and hope to see you again soon. :D