Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I'm Thankful For

Nope, this is not a's not a ranting...heck...I'm not even sure it will turn out funny, but knowing me, I'll give it my best (while making no promises).

Things I'm thankful for...
  1. Family Traditions - Every year we (run away) go camping for Thanksgiving. A large group of friends (and seems to be getting larger every I know you people?) circle our toy trailers, and we have turkey dinner amidst the sound of dirt bikes and children. It's Awesome.

  2. My car!! I have a really fun car, and have never before owned a car because it was fun. It's not fancy, not a luxury car...but it's mine. I'll have to dedicate a whole blog post just to my car (but will do that on a weekend post when no one cares but me).

  3. My seriously people. Despite all the problems I've had, I am lucky to be able to have my family tradition, and drive my car because my health has not gotten to a point where I can't. I've been there before, and am grateful for another year that I've kept it at bay.
  4. My new blogging hobby. I only stumbled across blogging by sheer accident. I had googled an old friend and found her blog. Saw that she had been using this as a great way to express herself and get her thoughts down, and thought...Hey! I can do that!! Now here I am posting every day and actually considering submitting some writing material.

Thank you to all who have stumbled across my blog, and stopped to comment. I've gained a few readers through NaBloPoMo, but am thrilled that I've gained some blogging buddies too. I'm truly blessed with great readers!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and enjoy your families and friends!!!


Suzanne said...

I'm thankful I found you! It's funny how many things we have in common, and I look forward to finding your daily posts.

Are you considering nearly daily after NaBloPoMo is done? I want to see how long it takes me to run out of stuff to write about, lol!

Enjoy your camping trip! We'll be going again in January.

Michele said...

I agree with Suzanne. I'm thankful our blogs crossed paths ;-)

It's amazing how very blessed blogging buds can make our lives!

I can't believe you go camping, though, with all those friends for the holiday... I'm not much of one for camping in the sticks but I like the sound of your adventures.... It is something to be thankful for ;0)


Grandy said...

Thanks ladies!! I appreciate your kind comments. We do have fun adventures...that's for sure!