Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Meaning to Knot Head

Yep, I've returned from my glorious Thanksgiving holiday with the family and friends. I couldn't believe how many people turned out! Shoot...should have taken picture to show, it's really quite a site to see about 20 trailers circled around.

I have returned rejuvenated, I think. I have an idea for a freelance article, and the outline, that I plan to write and submit. I met new people, caught up with some old people (friends really, but after we all went riding around the hills and hiking, we all walked like old people), and still got absolutely no homework done on my "self-study" course (I've been spending so much time on "self" lately, I have completely omitted the "study" part). I also think I got enough blogging content to sail me through the last week of NaBloPoMo (although none of that content is here tonight...I'm pooped and feeling scattered). I'm ab-so-friggin-lutely thrilled I was able to post even the most feeble post (see karaoke post) to stay with my commitment to this.

So, are you wanting to know the only downside of the weekend? Not really? Didn't really feel motivated to read this far?? I don't blame you, but do appreciate your tenacity.

Has anyone camped in a desert for 4 days without being to wash your hair? Anyone? I did the sponge bath thing, but couldn't take a shower. Well, I can not tell you the amount of knots I had in my hair. I feel I'm losing an unusual amount of hair as it is, and I tried to wear a hat all weekend to protect it, but it didn't help. The knots were nuts!! That's the only part I don't look forward to when I get home...the KNOTS!!

I'm pretty sure I could donate the amount of hair that comes out of my head that first night back. SOMEONE could use it for a wig, or a school project, or heck...I heard you can even use it to ward off gophers? I'm not sure about that one, but there has to be a way.

So, if any of you beautiful people have any ideas as to how I might avoid the pain when I get home, please feel free to share. Killer's vote doesn't count, because I suspect he would suggest I shave my head (although I did contemplate it). Anyone?? Grooming is something I struggle with...but I'm trying here.


Linda said...

Oh camping is THE WORST! I can't even begin to count the ways that camping sucks. And I don't even have problem hair!

On a lighter note, your freelance stuff sounds promising! I'd love to be able to free myself enough to free-lance! I'll be checking in to see where this goes!

Suzanne said...

Get thee to a beauty supply store or salon and get some detangler with silicone in it. I used to use Frizz Ease.

That's the beauty of cutting the hair very short, no more tangles.

Kelly O said...

I used to live in Arizona. A good conditioner can be your best friend!


Forget the comb or brush get right in and wash, condition - comb hair wet, in the shower, rinse.

Serves you right for camping in the first place. What WERE you thinking?

Mrs. G. said...

Posting while camping is pure heroism. I suggest lots and lots of conditioner.

Tina Coruth said...

Hi Grandy,

I have to go with Suzanne's suggestion to get some detangler. Otherwise, you'll have to get one of those brushes with the rounded plastic bristles, hold onto a clump of hair (the part closest to your scalp), and pull the brush through the knot over and over and over again until it's gone -- along with a lot of your hair. If you decide to do it this way, have a box of kleenex handy for the tears that will stream down your face. What can I say, I'm allergic to hair detangler. That shaved head look gets more appealing every day! LOL

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Grandy said...

Linda~ Thanks for stopping by and will have to keep you posted. I have met some wonderful freelance pros through blogging and am excited to give it a shot as a part-time thing.

Suzanne~ Silicone? I didn't even realize they had silicone in hair product. Yikes, I need more help than I realized.

Kelly~ Thanks!!!

Urban~ Not sure thinking is a pre-requisite when it comes to some of my adventures...or haven't you noticed?

Mrs. G~ are MY HERO!!

Tina~ Will it be like the tears I get when I have my eyebrows done??

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Grandy,

Sounds like you had a great time camping, and now you have to pay for all the fun with the tangled hair! Yep, a good conitioner, left on for some time, then rinsed off, should help. Good luck!

I'll be back to pick up the meme later. Got to go to town and restock today. My visiting family ate all the food I had in the house! But I miss them so much.

Have a great day!


Michele said...

Actually, there's hope! Here's what you need:

No Rinse Shampoo
No Rinse Conditioner
No Rinse Body Bath
No Rinse Body Wipes

My mom used the No Rinse products when caring for my grandmother. Those times when she was in the hospital or in a pinch, these products are awesome--as in when you're camping and have no way to wash your hair/body!

I think you'll love them. You just massage the No Rinse shampoo into your scalp/hair and pat with a towel. It smells fresh, leaves your scalp tingly clean and your hair looking squeaky clean!

The others will be so jealous--that is if you're mean enough NOT to share this information with them :0)

Hmmm.... wonder if you're going to fess up when they ask how come your hair looks so great???

Oh, and you can get these bottles in different sizes--up to 16 oz. And... Wal-Mart has the shampoo (probably the conditioner too) in the Pharmacy. I think you have to ask for it. We haven't bought it in a while (Grandma passed away a few years ago) but I know they still carry it. If you can't get it, you can always order it online.

One more thing... Here's the official site. They have products for pets, too!


Grandy said...

Renie~ I did have a great time, and do know how you miss your family. When my twin comes to visit and gets ready to leave...I always want to cry (and often do).

Michele~ BRILLIANT!!! Thank you so much for the resources!