Thursday, November 8, 2007

Office Appreciation

So, I thought I was ready to go back to work. I've made it through the week (working from home tomorrow) and have lived to tell about it. As I approach the end of the week, I have but one question...


You see, it wasn't dealing with "The Look" that I referenced in my One Step At A Time post from the other day. That was fine, although I started giving it back to see if it made anyone feel uncomfortable. It didn't, but it made me giggle.

It wasn't relating to the clients. A few of them hadn't even realized I had just been out of the office for about 10 weeks (great for the self-esteem but not so great when they demanded expediency).

What was it that tore me up this week, you ask?? How about I show you??

This is not a picture of what my desk NORMALLY looks like (usually there are far more files on top). This is a picture of the chaos we all went through this week.

You guessed it, I returned to work during MOVING WEEK!! Our owner purchased a new building (next to a Hooters restaurant...which I can't wait to blog about) and we move there tomorrow.

I can't believe how much CRAP I had!!! Where in the world did the gazillion paper clips come from?? Do I really need 30 push pins? I don't even remember getting them. Oh, and let's discuss the alrighty, maybe not. (Definitely a sign I eat at my desk WAY too much).

Nothing like coming back to the office, already feeling like I've walked in on a movie 20 minutes in and I just can't catch up, and having to pack up (throw out) all your crap. Ohhhhh...and did I throw out CRAP!!

I have to TRULY give credit to the office staff that organized this move. What an undertaking!! I wish I could have been more helpful, but I was quite busy packing my stuff (apparantly co-workers had been getting ready for this) and dealing with customers...HUH!!!

Our new office is going to be beautiful, and many people are very excited. I think it looks really nice, and can appreciate all the work put in on it...but it's still work people!!! Seriously?? Can you really not wait to see what color the walls are?? (Maybe it's because of this sarcasm that I've been placed in the far corner? Nah...I asked for it!!)

Well, it's the week of surviving at least. I've survived my first week at the office AND my first week of NaBloPoMo. Weekend drinking...HERE I COME!! For my next trick?? Walking AND chewing gum!!!


Suzanne said...

Ooooh, you can go get Buffalo Shrimp for lunch. Lucky!

(I'm patiently waiting for Ikea to open 10 minutes from my job. Swedish Meatballs for lunch)

Good luck with the move!


I moved offices this summer after 9 years in the same spot -- you wanna hear about condiments? I'm opening my own drive-thru condimentorium. Shoes I haven't worn for years, dead umbrella collection, an entire snackateria, gloves, enough pennies to pay my rent for 2 months, almost empty hand lotion bottles, a million samples from promotional companies (key chains, letter openers, pens, pocket knives, buttons, pins, message pads, note pads, message spikes, ID holders, etc.) old drawings The Child did back when she was 5, photos, dusty calendars, fridge magnets from businesses all over the city.....

Michele said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. When will the craziness end, eh?

Hopefully breezy days are ahead!


Grandy said...

Suzanne- Haven't ever eaten there...whill have to check it out. Never been to Ikea either.

Urban- Yep, I can definitely relate to all those things. I think many of them were on my desk in the pic...ick. At least I know you survived.

Michele- How does the slogan go? Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl?? :)