Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Snoozing Spots

I was so tired last night, I could only break down my schedule (and barely did that coherently) for my plentiful reading fans. Although, if I took off my shoes to count the number of readers (or at least those that choose to comment) I'd still have 10 toes left. Wait, I do have some new friends from my NaBloPoMo postings, and today is only the 6th!! Think of how many more I could get by the end of the month...watch out toes.

So for the few, yet faithful readers, I have a question for you.

Where is the oddest place you've fallen asleep??

I was asked by the beautiful young neurologist yesterday (I don't think she could have been any cuter or perkier...ICK!!) whether or not I have fallen asleep in any unusual places. "Hmmmm... define 'UNUSUAL'," I told her. There's the time I fell asleep while four wheelin' through the snow, then about six months ago I fell asleep while watching Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. How does one fall asleep in such a loud show?? I have no idea, but I could NOT stay awake.

After the appointment I was telling Hubby about the question and I can't believe he had to remind me of the most infamous time and place. We had gone away for the weekend on the motorcycle. On our way home I fell asleep on the back of the motorcycle. I'm not sure what happened, but Hubby had to grab my leg to keep me from going over and taking him down with me. Funny how that one escaped my memory (probably blocked out the image of what might have happened).

So...Please...Tell me some of you out there have a strange place you've fallen asleep? I can't be the only one! Well, I guess I can, but I'm reaching here.

Comment Away...Please...ANYBODY??


Suzanne said...

I'm not so weird in the places I fall asleep. I once fell asleep in class, but wasn't caught. I've fallen asleep in movies.

Probably the most unusual is that I fell asleep in the American Adventure at Epcot. I was 19, we had just arrived in Florida and it was hot. The first air conditioned theatre and boom,I was down for the count.

Is it not a surprise that I didn't even dare to go back to see it until recently?

dee/otc said...

Ha, I just posted about the difficult time I have falling asleep. So, hmm. Most unusual place? I could tell you a most unusual "time" but I don't want to be too inappropriate here. ;-)

Wow, falling asleep on the back of a motorcycle? Now that's scary.

Geez, I really can't come up with anything aside from the movie theater (mostly when I'm pregnant...I guess I should install theater seating in my house so I can get some sleep).

Mrs. G. said...

At the wheel of my car....just for a second. I know...not good. But you asked. It was one of those highway nod outs. Now that I am older and spend most of my nights at home, not such a big problem.

Grandy said...

Suzanne - Never been to Epcot, is that a tough place to fall asleep?

Dee - Get the surround sound, flash a sign about shutting off cell phones, and have your popcorn..Nite Nite!!

Mrs. G - I've done the behind the wheel thing too...YIKES!!

Good thing they're finally doing my sleep study!!!