Sunday, August 31, 2008

Say What to SezWho?

Many of you know that Grandy is technically challenged. I try things because I read somewhere that this next thing is the thing to do.

Well... has anyone seen my little widget over there from

Do you know what it is?

Well, it appears to be a rating system for rating comments and posts. I have had it on my sidebar, and even have it in my comments, and still don't quite get how it works. Depending on the score you get, determines how many entre-credits you get. It was a way to promote people stopping and commenting on other sites.

I thought it might be fun to rate comments and have others rate me, but then I could never get more than a mediocre rating. Not that I work hard for good grades (ok maybe I did when I was younger) but it does sometimes bite when you can't get more than a "C", no matter how hard you try.

I know Entrecard partnered with them not too long ago, so I thought I would give it a shot. But after spending some time following, and trying to figure it out, I'm afraid I will have to bid adieu to the SezWho.

One of my frequent droppers from Entrecard, Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta., arranged for a stand. I think I'm going to have to try this for a while instead.

I'm not sure if I've done this for a little while...but I need to show some love to my Entrecard folks.

Here are my top Entrecard droppers.

Dropper : # of drops

Acakadut: 29
Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.: 28
Modern Glam: 28
Inspire Emotion: 27
Khaizee Blog - Everything Is Fine: 24
Lucent Dusk: 24
Everything Has A Reason: 22
MJG's Rambling Thoughts: 22
Art Journal: 19
Passport2Cruising: 16

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandy's First Online Interview


Grandy's not here today. But you can still get your half-ass quazi-daily Grandy blog fix if you go check out who she's been talking to.

Go check out Pink Asparagus and read Grandy's first ever bloggy interview.

She's doing a bit of a social experiment, and although I'm not sure if she learned anything from this case study, I'm pretty sure it has been established that Grandy is a "case" of some sort.

Now go get your daily vegetables and show Pink Asparagus some bloggy love, and leave a comment on my interview while you're at it.

Thanks Catherine!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turkeys at Work

I know by the title of this post you thought I was talking about my big boss. This time...for real... I wasn't.

As I waited for my carpooler in the parking lot the other day, I saw these turkeys in our parking lot. Remember...I work in SACRAMENTO!! Just up at the end of the road is the State Fair.

You think they escaped?

Or maybe they're just relatives waiting for my big boss?? (You knew I had to get that in there)

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Note from Grandy's Doctor

Dear Grandy Reader;

Please excuse Grandy from gym class frequent posts for the next couple weeks, while she tries to get her sh!t together catch up on her world.

If Grandy follows the prescription I've given her, MINIMUM of 7 HOURS of sleep per night, she should be back up and running at full speed soon.

I have told Grandy she needs to work on her work-life balance, and keep her blood sugars under control. Apparently this well meaning blogger tries to squeeze this blog in between 11:00pm and 12:00am, and then is up at 4:30am. She works until 6:30pm, gets to the football field at 7pm, practice is done at 8pm, she gets him home, feeds him, catches up a little on the house (very little), and resolves scout emergencies and any self-employed hubby crap by 10:30pm and starts-a-blogging.

Although this blog is a good de-stresser for her, if she is to sustain life in her current job, and not be on homeland security with her "F-Bombs" she will need to be better at the "Schedule Post" feature.

Grandy is all about commenting back on all your wonderful comments too, so make sure you get notified when they're there. It just may take her a bit longer to respond, but she always does.

Grandy doesn't know I'm here actually. She's already got her butt to work, and is trying to get caught up. She left at the butt-crack of dawn really early to get a jump on things.

She has promised me she will work on the sleep thing, the work thing and the balance thing. In return, I have told her we will re-assess where things are after careful testing the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, please continue to check on Grandy regularly. She will need to know you won't be gone, even if she is for a little bit.

Let's see how many quality posts she can push out with this "schedule post" feature.

Thank you for your support.

Yours Truly,

Grandy's Doc

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday 13 - ish

Grandy has always been a fan of reading other blogs that post according to the days of the week (Wordless Wednesdays, Thursday Thirteen, Haiku Fridays) but has always had a bit of a fear of commitment.

Let's face it, I can barely remember what day of the week it is, much less remember that I was supposed to post a picture or a poem. I post what strikes me, and fear if I miss it, the Thursday 13 police will come strike me down. (kidding...the conspiracy people need not be alarmed...I don't believe there really are any T13 police out there.

The pressure is too great.

Also, Grandy has never been very good with rules. Is the 13 supposed to be positive? In Wordless Wednesday, what if you take a picture of words? Haiku???

Today, I'm going to do my own version, as I'm sitting here frustrated with the fact that I seem to be having a flare up (of sorts). What sort of flare up, you ask? Well, a tourettes flare-up of course.

Not only have I had 2 days of saying ASS on my blog in a week, but I have been dropping F-Bombs like the battle of Normandy. I don't think I can get off the phone at work without chanting... A$$HOLE.

It really is difficult to control...I promise.

I've always had a bit of t "blinking" problem. The kids called me blinky in school (kids can suck). When I'd get nervous, my eyes would then blink AND roll. Ok, some of the rolling of the eyes was under my control (I know Mom, I know) but not all of it. The more I get worked up and stressed, it gets worse.

Have I been formally diagnosed with it? I don't remember...

Do I blame it for my swearing? Hey, if I can put up with getting called Blinky as a kid, then I think I get to.

That being said, I've been out-of-control lately with it. Why? Long days...short sleep nights... lots of stuff going on. This morning I was trying to think about all the things that might be contributing to this recent efing flare up, and thought...Hey! I can kinda make a list of 13... sorta... maybe.

So, without further adieu, here are 13 reasons for my efing tourettes flare up.

1) 5 hours a sleep a night - max
2) 13-14 hour work days - a few days a week
3) Football practice - Ty...not me
4) Boy Scout Parents - Really? Are we all 12?
5) Olympics - Part of the problem of little sleep
6) School started this week
7) Cycle - Not the uni-, bi-, or motor- kind
8 - 13ish) Statements like these made to me either in writing or personally:

"Are you really this ignorant, or just intentionally mis-informed?" - He's an Ass

"I shouldn't have to teach you a course in law or contract interpretation." - Same ASS

"What do you think this is, a civil rights violation or a traffic violation?" - Yep! You guessed it! The ass is still here.

"Let's face it, Mary, they don't pay claims people to think." - Different ass (finally).

Me - You want me to send you all the contact information in one email?
Twit - Yes Ma'am
Me - But it's in the submission package I provided already
Twit - I didn't read that yet, it would be easier if you just sent that.
Me - You want me to do extra work to make less work for you?
Twit - Yes Ma'am

Big Boss - So, I'll see you at the meeting at 8am.
Me - But the meeting is 120 miles from my home? I thought we were meeting at 10?
BB -'s 8.
Me - Well you're buying the coffee.
(No I didn't get in trouble for that comment...yet)

"Mom...I think we forgot to pay the phone bill." - Text message from my son because phones didn't work. I did forget, it's not about the $$ I just FORGOT!

Even as I write this list, it's no wonder I can't stop saying Fother Mucker.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kickin' "it" in the Comments

Last night I finally lost my mind. I've been teetering on the edge for a while, but good grief.

I posted a comment while nodding off at the computer. It's a good thing I did it on my blog, and not another, or that blogger would think I was smoking some "stink weed".

Here's how it went down:

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...
When did people become so rude?!

Grandy said...
Jenn~ I don't know, I'll bite. Close your eyeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss.


Now...I know what I meant to say was, "I don't know, I'll bite, when? (Sorry Jenn)

But brain typed something else and full on clicked post. I thought about deleting my comment and fixing it, but then...well why bother? I can laugh at myself and my readers know that I normally make relative comments in response to my readers. Hopefully other bloggers know that I try to leave relevant comments on their sites too.

In fact, I have been bestowed another Kick Ass award! The lovely Dirty Laundry Diva has selected Grandy as an honoree of this award in Kick ass comments love (first edition). How exciting that I get to say ASS two weeks in a row? (Really reader, I say it all the time, but just don't do it here...this is truly a treat for me.)

Anyway, Diva bestowed it on me because in I am a Kick Ass Blogger and Oops, the AmyOops Award! she started her post with:

Opps, I accidentally wrote Lick Ass Blogger- that is NOT the same thing huh? Oh well, I caught the mistake just in time to laugh about it here!

Then she gave us a blah blah about how she kicks ass (which she truly does).

My winning comment?
Grandy Said:
Congrats Diva!! You do lick ass…er…I mean kick ass! You deserve these.

Thank you, Diva, for the award. Only you would create a picture of a llama (or is that an alpaca?) and link it to comments. Is it the spitting? The spitting wit??

Now, don't get all crazy. There were other comments that won her award, but you have to go there to see them because...well lets face it...tonight, it's all about the Grandy.

Now I'm going to bed before I make the same mistake again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey Cranky Pants!

Yeah you...

That's right, you know I'm talking to you.

I am sorry that it is 7:00 and you have to be here, in the lab, and you are fasting.

Guess what...So am I!

I am sorry that you see 3 people walking up to the counter all at the same time and you decide your 75 year old a$$ has suddenly entered the Olympics and you feel you must full on sprint to the counter to get ahead of the little old lady in front of me. I would have let you go in front of me, if you needed the needle that much sooner.

Your smugness as you turned, having "beat" us to the sign in desk was amazingly awesome. I wish I could have somehow replicated that.

Oh, and the exact moment I realized today's blog post was going to be dedicated to you?

It was either when I sat 2 seats away from sneezed...I said bless OR when the next elderly lady came in, there was nowhere to sit, and I gave up my seat. You instantly puffed your chest up to kind of look like you were taking two seats, when the seat between us was empty.

It was not just your sheer, unadulterated rudeness that made me want to draw your blood myself caught my attention. It did.

It actually gave me a different kind of reaction that I hadn't considered, and I'm actually quite grateful for.

You made me laugh!!

I'm quite certain this was not your goal when you snorted at your name being called before mine and the other very sweet lady who was wearing all yellow, like a banana. (Let's face it, if someones dressed like a banana, they must have a sunny disposition, right?) I honor you, Mr. Cranky Pants, with this blog post specially dedicated to you. Congratulations for your victory over us this morning. I'm quite certain the men at the Legion will hear about your acts of brave heroism. I'm pleased I could bring you such joy...and let's face it...some exercise, in what otherwise could have possibly been a mundane day.

Oh, and by the way. If you want a little piece of advice... The pants you wear are truly meant to stop BEFORE your man boobs. The "at the armpits" look just isn't workin' for ya.

I'm just sayin'!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Spirit

Ya know? I am really trying to keep up with making sure you are all entertained on a regular basis and post regularly. However, I currently have a really good excuse for falling behind in my duties. It's not a permanent one, but a GOOD one.

Anyone following this guy?

What an amazing athlete!! And he is such a TEAM PLAYER.

Grandy has always been a big fan of the Olympics. I'm a big sports fan anyway, so how awesome to have it going on everywhere.

Yep, so the whole Grandy family has been a bit obsessed pre-occupied with all things Olympics this week.

We continue to struggle with Belly Watch 2008 Continues. I have to frankly tell you...I'm really getting concerned. We saw a specialist this week and have been going through some processes that don't seem to be helping. UGH!! More to follow on that...when I know more that is.

Anyway, in keeping with the Olympic spirit, I thought I would post a Blogthings quiz. Mine came out funny, but it was the question about the fight that I think did it for me. What? Grandy can't be the only one that's ever gotten in a fight. Am I???

You Are Boxing

You are assertive, strong, and downright aggressive.

You have the power to demolish your opponent...

And you have the endurance to make sure the job is finished.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kickin' It Grandy Style

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Normally Grandy tries to limit the swearing she shows on her blog. I don't verbally limit it, mind you. Oh no...I could only be so lucky.

Well...Today Grandy is proud to say she "KICKS ASS". Yep...I said ASS on my blog. Quick! Someone come help me find out what search terms someone uses to find that one. (Secretly, I feel bad because I have had 3 very sweet bloggers try to explain this to me...and...I still don't get it.)

Wait...I'm digressing again. I feel so liberated! Like I could slip the word ASS anywhere throughout this post. Wait! (ASS) I think I will!!

Theresa Komor over at A Bumpy Path earned a most righteous award, that originated with Mamma Dawg (she made it herself).

In the risk of sounding like I'm now signing a (ASS) yearbook, Theresa is a real cool chick I met in math class Entrecard. No really, she's bright and funny, and I'm (ASS) thrilled to have found her.

What did she say about Grandy??? Functional Shmunctional Grandy has a way of turning the mundane into so much more!

Really? RIGHT ON Theresa...Ditto!! Have a great summer! K.I.T. (wait...back to the yearbook thing again, huh?)

Now I get to pass this on. Mamma Dawg set this up right, I just have to make sure I do this (ASS) right. I MUST do it justice.

Her rules are simple enough..."LOVE ON 'EM"

***Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
***Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
***Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to Mamma Dawg
***Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

What a kickin' award!!

I now bestow it on to some KICK ASS blogs I'm not afraid to swear at:

Trees Flowers Birds - slay me!
See Hear Speak No Evil - My b!tches over there ROCK!
Firecracker Momma!! - Oh the new Dr. Ruth is Kickin' Ass and taking names in the process.
Thoughts In My Tumultuous Brain - She's a cutie patootie...and kicks it with her new hubs.
XUP - I loved this lady when she was just a pretty pair of boots, and now she's back and she's BRILLIANT!!!

There are so many of you that I want to bestow this (ASS)on...and I'm sorry I could only pick 5. I think you should go check MammaDawg out yourself and get it. :) Some of you already have this (ASS).

I think it's safe to say that Grandy is not inclined to KISS ASS, but oh yeah...she has been known to KICK ASS!! (Can you tell Grandy is working on confidence issues?)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Note to 18 Year-Old Self

This post comes to you via inspiration from Shamelessly Sassy who wrote Letter to Myself at 18.

What a GREAT IDEA!! I am now 36, I've officially been 18 twice now. In fact, hubby keeps teasing me that he's going to trade me in on two 18 year old models with warranties. Sorry Hubs! You bought this babe as is.

Dear Self~

I know you think you've got everything under control, but listen here...YOU DON'T. Whatever you do...DO NOT decide to stay at home and go to a Junior College, so you can stay behind with your uninspired "fiancee". You don't believe me now, but the loser will leave in 6 months to go live with his Mommy in Texas. Then you're stuck.

You're not going to listen to me, I know. But try and pay attention to these things. They may not make sense now...but they will.

- When you're at that that little wagon wheel hotel...the cops are NOT there for you. Do NOT let everyone jump out the bathroom window, and dump all that beer. It will be a waste, and you will sprain your ankle.

- Yes, the boy at that fraternity party IS that into you...and he IS fun. Go for it!!

- DO NOT let David drive you to New York!!! Don't! Follow.your.gut!!

- Yes...there IS a way to have a baby without the man being involved. You can and WILL do it. You will kick a$$ and take many names in the process too.

Remember what's important to you...Your family.

They will make you crazy, make you sick, and make you proud. You will not understand why your parents do what they do, but ask yourself this, "Does it matter?" You know how they stood by you when you really needed them.

As a parent now, I know how difficult it difficult I was...on them. and respect yourself FIRST!! I'm counting on you!!



Sunday, August 10, 2008


This week Grandy played the saint good aunt and headed to her twin sister's house to watch her 3 boys. Yep, you read that right, 3 BOYS. Ages? 7, 4 and 3.

Why would Grandy do such a thing, you ask? No, don't worry, Grandy wasn't smoking that funny stuff. Grandy LOVES these little guys!! It was their 10th wedding anniversary, and they NEEDED some time together.

Thursday through Sunday...a full weekend.

These are some SWEET boys. They are ALL boy...and ALL individual. This isn't my first time watching them for an overnight trip, but a full weekend. Whew. Did I mention I only have ONE? And he's 12?!

Grandy is a little out of practice on some things. What? I'm supposed to ask if the 3 year old has to go potty? Shoot! We went through a few changes before I got the hang of that. Then he got pull-ups the rest of the weekend. Screw the Transformer underwear this weekend...there are so many loads of laundry one can do in a day.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to do this. I got to witness each of them with their individual personality, their quirks, and their craziness.

3 Year Old - The Dancer, Stubborn, Hellyun...He is awesome but you tell him to do something and he full on says and does the opposite.

4 Year Old - Cute, Charming, Cunning...He's the tattler of the group (that's about right for the middle child, right?)

7 Year Old - Smart, Spastic, Sweet...He has some social challenges, and I'm pretty sure sis was most concerned with how he would do. I'm here to tell you, he was NUTHIN'.

I'm very grateful to Mom, who came and helped me this weekend. I'm pretty certain they would have me still tied up, flinging poo, if it weren't for her. I hope she's ok with all the times she fell in the dang toilet over the weekend. She lives by herself now, and isn't used to boys herself.

So, what are some of the statements I'll keep with me from this weekend?

---> "If you have poo...fling it now!" - Oh yeah, Madagascar is a cute film. And 4 y.o. loved this line.
---> "Change ME!!" - 3 y.o. translation for, "I just crapped in my transformers."
---> "Tan I det up yet?" - 3 y.o. chant as soon as his butt hit the time out chair.
---> "Um...Aunt Mary...Can you come watch Indiana Jones with me again?" - 7 y.o. is obsessed with this trilogy...needless to say the films are now hidden in with the cereal boxes.
---> "I not tauting to you gramma, I tauting to Aunt Mawy." - Oh yeah, who's the favorite now gramma??
---> 3 y.o.: "Sorry B"...4 y.o. (looking at me): "Now what am I supposed to supposed to say?"
Overall, it was some great bonding time with these little guys.

Hubby is always glad when I agree to these things. Why? Instant BIRTH CONTROL.

Okay honey, you're off the hook...for now.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Crue Review


::Pic taken by Grandy's phone::

Can Grandy get an Ooh Yeah???

::Pic NOT taken by Grandy's phone::

Well, the Grandy family had a blast at Cruefest on Tuesday night!!

I won't lie to you, I'm pretty sure I will be scarred for life by some of the images I witnessed with my son. Not because I witnessed them, mind you, but because he witnessed them in front of me. When we got there, I instantly started to feel better because there were LOTS of kids there, many were much younger than my guy. When we left, I was feeling...well stunned.

It was a great crowd. Beach balls bouncing in the air, people enjoying their friends, their music, and their beer. Yes, some even enjoyed their herbal treats.

Hubby asked me after the concert, "What did you expect? They're called Motley Crue. What do you think "Motley" means?" At that moment, I didn't have an answer. But says it's one of these:

1.exhibiting great diversity of elements; heterogeneous: a motley crowd.
2.being of different colors combined; parti-colored: a motley flower border.
3.wearing a parti-colored garment: a motley fool.

I had never been to a Motley Crue concert, but he had. He could have warned me...that's all I can say. It was only AFTER the concert that he told me they had the absolute worst reputation for being nasty on stage.

I can't go into specific detail with you all because you'll efing call CPS on me I don't want to brag, or ruin it for the rest of you.

What I will do, is share a short list of things I will have some splainin' to do later:

5. Other uses for leather...It's not just for jackets ya know.

4. What IS that funny smell? - I was honest and told him what the smell was, I just didn't have an answer for why it smelled "so funny". Any advice parents?

3. No, that's NOT fighting they're doing in the Mosh Pit.

2. Why too much liquor can cause you to kiss too many people...and in public.

And last...certainly not least...the one that requires no explanation but will help you know my horror...

1. T!T-E-CAM

All I can say, despite the pornographic videos slightly disturbing images on the screens, it was a good show. Papa Roach, Buck Cherry, Trapt, Sixx-AM. A good show indeed.

Now, according to hubby, it only gets cleaner from here. I frankly don't have any interest in seeing Marilyn Manson anyway.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Employee Handbook

(This email has come through Grandy's email several times over. It cracks me up, and I hope you like it too. I HAVE worked for a company like this, and am still amazed at how much it resembles other companies I've encountered.)

Dress Code:

You are advised to come to work dressed according to your salary. If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we will assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise.

If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a raise.

If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a raise.

Sick Days:

We will no longer accept a doctor's statement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor; you are able to come to work.

Personal Days:

Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturdays & Sundays.

Bereavement Leave:

This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend the funeral arrangements. In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary; the funeral should be scheduled in The late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.

Bathroom Breaks:

Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet. There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the stalls. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the stall door will open, and a picture will be taken.

After your second offense, your picture will be posted on the company bulletin board under The "Chronic Offenders" category. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sectioned under the company's mental health policy.

Lunch Break:

Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more, so that they can look healthy.

Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.

Above average people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that's all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.

**Thank you for your loyalty to our company. We are here to provide a positive employment experience. Therefore, all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations, contemplation's, consternation and input should be directed elsewhere.

Your Manager

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rockin' Family

Tonight is the night.

Hubby is very excited.

Ty is very excited.

Grandy is loading up on caffeine very excited.

What says family bonding more than a trip to see Vince, Nicki, Tommy and Mick? Did I see a saying somewhere that says, a family that rocks together stays together? No? Well, there should be one, and there is now. Grandy has spoken.

I've never been to a rock concert with my son. I've taken him to "Country in the Park" and know that those festivals are a lot more family friendly. I will admit...I'm a little nervous. I will be on my BEST behavior (no really), and am prepared to thoroughly enjoy watching him rock out to the songs.

It was funny hearing him explain who will be there to his friends the other day,

Ty: Dude, it's going to be SO COOL! It has Motley Crue, Sixx AM, Buck Roach and Papa Cherry!!

Me: Excuse me, did you just say Pop-a-cherry?

Ty: ::giggling:: Yeah, I meant to say Buck Cherry and Papa Roach.

Me: ::LMAO::

Ty: Why Mom? What's so funny?

Me: Oh nothing...

How awesome when the most innocent comment comes out so wrong and they don't even know it. I was NOT about to explain what his statement meant. I know it will be a matter of weeks before he learns but please, let me enjoy his innocence a little longer.

Tickets? Check

Cute Outfit? Check

Extra Caffeine to get me through the long day, and even longer night? (feeling older as I type this) Make that a DOUBLE Check.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fight BACK!!

See this picture?

I took this picture with my cell phone at about 10:00 last night, 12 hours into our 24-hour fundraiser for RELAY FOR LIFE this weekend.

This year we were at a different location, and it seemed a little more disconnected as we were farther spread out, but it was a success. Our little community raised about $58,000 towards cancer research, and assistance.

This year's message, "FIGHT BACK!"

We all wrote personal pledges to do something to "FIGHT BACK!" against Cancer. The pledges were no more than a personal commitment to make. Simple or grand, the choice was yours. Some wrote pledges like:

- Help my Grandma quit smoking.
- Drive a cancer patient to treatment.
- Wear sunblock
- Get a mammogram

Ty's personal pledge cracked me up. Maybe it was the fact that he told me at the end, and I was feeling a bit punchy, but his pledge: Not to smoke. Great pledge for a 12 year old, don't you think?
The purpose of taking this pledge is that you...that's right YOU can make a difference in saving someones life, saving your own, and making a difference.

What was Grandy's personal pledge?

To raise awareness... and do more.

I don't know how yet, but I'm hoping I can use my blog to help with that. I will commit to doing more to raise awareness. As I think back, I have been trying to do more to raise awareness already...May was Race for the Cure, June had Click My Button for Cancer, and of course last week's RELAY FOR LIFE.

I was trying to do this without even realizing it...raise awareness that is. If I can get everyone of you to be more active and aware of what you can do, and what is out there, then I'm meeting my goal. Hey, your clicks helped raise enough to grant a free mammogram to one lucky woman. See how easy it can be to do more?

It was an emotional weekend indeed. After several years of trying to get my dear friend's mother to come...she did. Her husband battled cancer for several years, before it took him 2 1/2 years ago. Then this last year she battled it herself. She is a survivor.

In the evening we all got together and had our Luminaria ceremony. People wrote messages on bags to honor their survivors, or remember those they've lost. They lit the track and we had a ceremony and silent walk in honor of them all. It is always an emotional walk, but she came in time for this. She began to cry... heavily.

By the time we had made it around the track, she felt emotionally drained, but charged at the same time. She has always kept her pain to herself, but by being surrounded by so many survivors, and family, and caregivers, she realized she was not alone.

As we hugged at the end of our lap, and cried, she thanked me. She thanked me for all my efforts, and for asking her to come every year. She thanked me for the connection she had made that night, and the support she felt. She cried as I reminded her that we are all in this fight together, and she need not feel alone. We cried together...and it was beautiful.

Grandy is a bit tired. She was visiting with Hubby, after taking a shower, and didn't realize she was falling asleep as he filled her in on his weekend. Sorry Sweetie!! After about a 4 hour nap, I figured I would come back and let you all know how it went.

I also want to ask you...what will be your pledge to "FIGHT BACK"? Can you commit to one thing? Something for yourself? I know this is a personal thing for everyone, so if you want to share your commitment in the comments, you can. If you are not comfortable sharing what your pledge is, please just drop a line to tell me you've made one.

Come on everyone... FIGHT BACK!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Weekend Fun & Games

First...some exciting news.

Grandy drove by a gas station today and the fuel was marked as...are you ready for this...$3.95/gallon.


It's officially hit under $4.00/gallon. I was really beginning to panic that it might actually hit $7/gallon. With Grandy's hubby being a self-employed truck driver, let me tell you, that hurts.

Since I'll be off to my relay all weekend, my access to the internet could be interrupted (or delayed) and I thought I'd leave you all with some online fun.

Blogthings - Who is your 80's Hunk? Courtesy of Mariuca.

Your 80s Hunk Is

Kirk Cameron

Some Riddles can be fun too.

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't hit anything, there is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it?

Two students are sitting on opposite sides of the same desk. There is nothing in between them but the desk. Why can't they see each other?

Have a great weekend everybody!! Let me know if any of you want to play? Put your answers to the riddles here and I'll let you know the answers when I'm home.