Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Recap...

Today Grandy took a bold step in the office. She's prepared to take her career to that next level, and isn't going to let little petty insecure people try to manipulate her.

Step 1: Grandy participated in a great class that explained a lot last week. - WIN

Step 2: Grandy had some words with one of the more "seasoned" professionals (and when I say "seasoned" I definitely mean he has more salt mixed in with his pepper on the hair he has left). Rather than play the old Grandy, and curse him out, there was a diplomatic response and I walked away.

Step 3: Grandy followed up later in the week with same putz seasoned man via email and said, "Perhaps we should discuss this further".

Step 4: Grandy scheduled an appointment with said putz.

Step 5: Grandy met with same putz and had a frank discussion about his a-hole-ness. He tries to justify his actions by exclaiming that he's just an ass, and that's what I should be used to. I explained that although I'm quite familiar with his ass-ness, that was merely a character flaw as opposed to an excuse to treat people like crap.

Step 6: Grandy expresses her appreciation for agreeing to have the meeting. It's important to clear the air, if you're going to grow and be able to work together. I explained to him that now that we're both on the same page, I will feel far better the next time he acts like a turd and I have to tell him to F-OFF!!

Oh yes, Grandy is growing up...but not all the way. ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Computer Issues

Grandy has been working LIKE A DOG lately.

When Grandy is on a roll, there are few things that irritate her more than computer issues. Good Grief!!

Every day, for the last 2 weeks, it has taken about 30 minutes to get logged into the computer. Each time I try to log in, there is an error message with the network.

Rather than try to FIGHT the system, why can't my system just give me this message?