Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time Sure Flies

While on my hiatus, I neglected to share all the wonderful and exciting things that were taking place in Grandy-land.  My proudest moment of the year was the night that little-man-Grandy achieved his Eagle Rank designation for Boy Scouts. 

Some of you who may follow this blog (if you're still around) know that we have been scout nerds for many years.  Grandy is in the process of planning his Eagle Awards ceremony as we speak.  As I go through all these things, and try to get his scrapbook together, I ask myself...

How...or WHEN did my boy go from this???

To this????

 *sniff. sniff*

I want my rewind button!!  I want my baby back!!! 

Back to the invitations I suppose.  *sniff*  I'll let you know all about the event, and have more pictures...but much to do.