Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Sarcasm

Recently Grandy had to answer some very difficult questions that will be seen by TONS of people in my "day job". We refer to the type of questions as "World Peace" questions. You know the ones I'm referring to, right? The types of questions that are asked to Miss America contestants. The kind of question that usually prompts at least one "World Peace" response.

Grandy was so proud. She limited her snarky comments to a minimum. It's for the best, really. I'll be able to share with you what this is for in another month or so, but trust was TOUGH. Regretably, this recent struggle with these questions (did I mention the questions were all surrounded around Grandy?) has created a bit of a "back up", if you will, of sarcasm. I can only be uber politically correct and diplomatic for so long, before I ooze sarcasm out of my pores.

Subconsciously my mind must have been reaching out. As I was surfing the net, I found myself googling sarcastic images and comments. Suddenly, I found myself staring at an image that simply had the words:

sarcastic comment Pictures, Images and Photos

Teehee... As I looked further, there were several others that seemed to recharge the Grandy mojo. Here are some of the better ones: “If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you.” - Groucho Marx

The weather today is somewhat sarcastic.
Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic.

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” - Drew Carey Hehehe...

Grandy feels MUCH better now. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The lil' man Grandy had a birthday last week. He turned 15. It's hard to believe. In this picture he is sitting on a stool, and he is STILL bigger than me.

It seems as though we cannot stop the aging process of these kids. DANG IT!! I'm not asking to slow things down for myself. Really. But could we do something about keeping our kids young? No? DANG IT!!

This year is bound to bring more grey hair to Grandy-Land. Lil Man will be getting his learner's permit this year, working on his Eagle Project, and oh yeah...working on his grades.

This will be a big year for him indeed. I of course shared my birthday wishes with him both at home, and on the blessed Facebook, but it has become a ritual to put at least a little something on this blog for him. Someday he may look back at all his mom's rantings and maybe laugh. Until then, we'll just laugh for him.

I Love You Little Man!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


There are some movie lines that just jump into Grandy's head. Usually there's an event or thought that triggers it, but that's only in my head. It's all part of my RANDOMNESS!!

Unfortunately, I apparently need to update my material. You know, expand my movie quotes to ones that happened AFTER the 80's. Methinks that my material is making me look or sound older than I am (or want to be). Lately, I've been getting a lot of blank stares, or silence on the phone. Is it the age of my material? Perhaps some of you can tell me you know EXACTLY what movies these quotes are from, and that might make me feel better.

At work if I'm trying to get someone to send me the documents I need I will say, "I want my two dollars."

If I walk into a room and I see someone I know sitting in the corner, I can't help but say, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Any time I have a cold and have trouble breathing I usually exclaim, "I can't breathe in this thing."

Grandy never just says good-bye, or farewell to someone off on an adventure. No, that would be too simple. Instead, people are sent off with, "Have fun storming the castle."

When someone's just not getting what I'm saying they usually get, "Hello...McFly!"

If I walk into a friend's house as we're getting ready to leave and it rarely fails that I say, "What's a-happenin Hot Stuff?"

Whenever something good comes my way I usually say, "It's good to be the King."

So...Is Grandy showing just her age? Or is there someone else out there that can name all the movies this crazy randomness comes from?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

baby steps

extra extra

this is grandy with a new phone.

while i am thrilled that the new phone will let me peak in on you all here, i will be thrilled when i can figure out how to capitalize in the body of this post. oh...and use more punctuation.


my struggles with technology are ever apparent yet again.

baby steps, grandy. baby steps.