Sunday, October 31, 2010

He has done it again...

Grandy had a sad morning. She has a "friend" who is going through some things and decided to take it out on her this morning. Because Grandy is a sensitive shmuck, she fought the urge to take it personally, but quickly lost that battle.

As I sat there, eyes filling silently with tears, my son looked over at me. Without saying a word, he reached over, gave me a hug, stood up and walked out of the room. I thought to myself, "I am so blessed with him...HE is a good boy."

In that time, he returned to the room with his hands behind his back. He had a smile on his face.

I looked at him with a perplexed "what have you done" look. And he did he did 12 years ago. He handed me one square of toilet paper.

He knows how I love the story about how he was not quite 3 and I was having a particularly difficult time. I sat there and cried, and he waddled his diaper butt down the hall. He came out with his hands behind his back then, and handed me the one square. "It okay Mama," he said.

This morning that same sweet boy, who towers a good 5 inches taller than me now, reached in and pulled me out of my moment of sadness, as he has done for so many years without even knowing.

Thank you, Tyler, for being one thing I have done right in this world. Thank you for being the boy where people stop me to tell me how truly good you are. Thank you for being the kind of boy who opens the door for the girl he likes. Thank you for being the boy that detects a change in your mom's voice, and instantly knows when there is something wrong. Thank you for being YOU!!

I am hard on you with your grades, because you CAN do so well. I may remind you of your manners because you CAN be good. I ride you to do your chores because you CAN do better. Frankly, you have yet to understand that I don't think there is anything you CANNOT do.

What I do not do enough is remind you how much I love you, how proud you make me feel, or how truly blessed I am to have you and call you MY SON.

I love you buddy!!
This picture was taken only 3 years ago. We both look so different now, but it is still my favorite picture of US. It is the sweetness in this hug that reminds me of the sweetness in your heart.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

WTF Wednesday - A Day or So Late

Since the Grandy Wednesdays have been a bit more crazy (and I suppose it's not just Wednesdays), I've been remiss in sharing some funny tidbits that I've stumbled upon.

You may know that my dear husband (insert "bless his heart" comment here) has a nickname. The nickname I came up with for him is "FUBBY". He's always been HUBBY on this blog, but there are moments he is just a F***N HUBBY!!

Well, we have never gone this far in our disagreements...but I like the way these people think.