Sunday, July 27, 2008


Grandy is very sorry she's been out for so long.

Where does the time go? There's always a cause that Grandy is working towards.


So, what's Grandy's cause for this month?? Actually it's an all year project, just this year it snuck up on me. Usually we do this event in the end of August, and this year it's in the beginning.

Every year, Grandy and son participate in RELAY FOR LIFE with some very dear friends.

What is the RELAY FOR LIFE? It's a 24-hour Relay to raise money for cancer research. My son and I started this years ago, and have only missed it once...The year my father passed...and that was ONLY because the funeral was on the same day 3 hours away. We originally started to do this for his honor as a survivor. 4 years ago, that all changed and we do it in his memory now.

I even published an article over at Associated Content about the Relay HERE. Grandy is still getting her feet a little wet in the publishing her writing content, so she tried it. Go take a look...I'm not worried about the number of views, but you will see Grandy published somewhere other than when she struggles to be functional.

So...have you followed the link to my website for the RELAY FOR LIFE? Did I do the link correctly? If you go to my team pic, you'll see all my friends. This pic was taken a couple years ago.

Our team? The Marrow Menders

Our Mission? To raise awareness about the importance of Bone Marrow Donation, against the Leukemia fight. My dear friends lost their daughter to Leukemia years ago, and we just love them so, we wanted to be part of this. When Dad got sick with Leukemia, it only made it that much more important.

Our team color? Hot Pink...because that was Danielle's favorite color.

What's cool about this event? The money we raise stays local. They have this event all over the place, and the money stays and helps treatment in local areas.

Where else can you go take your children to learn the importance of doing for others, and fighting a cause together?

Well...the RELAY FOR LIFE of course!!

So...Have you ever Relayed?? Do you want to?? Take a look and see what's in your area.

If you can't support Grandy at this time (trying desperately to NOT sound like a feed the children commercial) we ask that you keep us in your minds, hearts, and prayers on August 2nd & 3rd as we do our part for this worthy cause.



storyteller said...

Congratulations on your on-going participation in this worthy cause … and thanks for sharing the information, links, and encouragement for us to get involved in something like this in our area.
Hugs and blessings,

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's a great thing.

Mike Golch said...

You are doing a grand thing that you are! Hugs and God's blessings my friend. Mike G. said that! (its an A.A. thing)

Sandy C. said...

Wow! Congratulations on getting you writing published. What a noble cause. Thank you for posting all the links and encouraging your readers to get involved :)

chris said...

You are making your life count!

mysecondjournal said...

You make me so proud..and I feel guilty for being so lazy...
Lisa at Midwestern Mommy was diagnosed w/ cancer yesterday..please say special prayers.

Travis said...

I haven't ever done one of these events. I do make sure I put a check in the mail twice a year though. Cancer research is important to me.

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ Thanks so much. I do enjoy it.

Jenn~ It is. :)

Mike~ That's me, Grandy Grandy!!

Sandy~ I try...bummer is I don't know if it makes a difference.

Chris~ Thanks! Where have you been?

MP~ Sending them there.

Travis~ Every little bit helps! Thank you.