Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolve to get a NEW LOOK

Yes Ladies & Gentlemen,

I've been so excited about my camera and the pictures, and playing with my computer, I've learned how to make some changes to my site. Your pages all look so very cool.

I hope you like???

As a New Years resolution, I resolve to keep this site looking fresh and new regularly.

This one I can do!!

I'm so excited about 2008...are you??

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Beauty of Mexico through the Camera

These aren't necessarily in chronological order, but I wanted to post some of the beauty we found in Mexico. I hope I was able to do it some justice through the lens of my new camera.

This is the first night at the Resort. I was sitting by the pool, watching Tyler swim, and playing with my new camera. I'm no photo expert...but I kinda liked how this one turned out.

This one was a few moments later...I was playing with the different settings on the camera. I'm completely a novice at this, but this is how we learn...right??

This one was taken near the film "Night of the Iguana" was filmed. On the tour, they stopped us at all these little places to spend our money. I mostly walked around and looked at the beauty that surrounded me.

This is a picture of the oldest church in Puerto Vallarta. It started construction in the 40's and finished in the 80's. It's beautiful inside and out.
See what I mean???

This picture was taken of the same church, but a few days later, and from the water. It had rained the night before, and was still relatively early in the morning.

While we were out on the ship, during one of our excursions, we came across a large school of dolphins, who had fun riding in the waves we made when we made a circle with the boat. There was about 100 of them and they were beautiful!!

And what kind of Christmas in the center of Puerto Vallarta would it be without a Santa Claus??

Spending Christmas day in town with the locals was a wonderful experience. It was a beautiful night, they truly celebrated the holiday. Here is a picture of the landscape from the port, overlooking where we were staying.

I'm still learning how to transfer the photos, but I wanted to share some of the beauty we saw. I'll post the "funny" pictures another day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back Safe & Sound

Hola!! Como Estas?

Hemos vuelto de nuestro viaje del día de fiesta a México.


Yep, we've just returned from our holiday trip to Mexico. We finally walked through our door at about 2am this morning. It was an ab-so-friggin-lute-ly awesome!!!

The weather was beautiful, the people were gracious, the food was plentiful, and the tequila flowed freely. I could not have asked for a better holiday. It was good for us to go, and so fun to watch Ty try to speak their language and learn about their culture. We spent Christmas in down town Puerto Vallarta, where the locals were out and celebrating and having a glorious time. It wasn't about presents that evening, but about being with family and enjoying the true meaning of the holiday.

I did get to take some glorious pictures with my new camera. I can't wait to share some with you, but I did work today, and am feeling pretty tired. I promise to get some on the computer in the next few days. I learned all about taking the I have to figure out how to get them here. ;)

In the meantime, for those of you concerned about my shooting through the air and repelling down a waterfall, we did it ALL!! Everyone had so much fun and made it look so easy!! Me? Not so much. I didn't get hurt mind you, but I can PROUDLY say I did it and I'm DONE!!

Here's my little guy...he was so awesome!!

I got to the top of the first zip line, after riding a mule up the side of the mountain, and started to panic. It was HIGH and LONG. Breathe Grandy!! Then they asked for volunteers to go first and my son jumped up. Whaoaha??? I didn't say a word as I started to cry quietly, watching him get hooked up. I couldn't speak...why would I try and ruin it for him? At the same time I knew that he was only doing it to show me I didn't have to be so scared.

Well, for his sake...I did it. I was scared crazy stupid, but I did it. Here's a pic to prove it. Somehow I didn't look as comfortable up there as everyone else did...but I did it. Who cares...I can be comfy on my couch.

Will I do it again?? Probably not...but I can definitely say, "Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt". We rode about 10 zip lines that day, but I didn't bother with 10 t-shirts.

I'll post more about the "repelling down a waterfall" another day.

p.s. Did anyone notice how hot I look in a harness? No??? Maybe it's just me.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I will need a DRINK for this one!!!

Did I mention my fear of heights? Perhaps some of you may remember I had previously mentioned my fear of going downhill on my ATV?

Why must my friends and family insist on testing my bravery??

As you read this, today we are to participate in our "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure". For two months now I have been mentally preparing myself for this:

Then I get an email that confirms the trip, and reminds me to wear the appropriate shoes for this:

What???? Are these people friggin nuts??? WHY???? They ARE trying to kill me...aren't they?? What's that saying...with friends like these...???

***Please note that this post is supposed to be posted on 12/22/07. If it posts at any other time, then I really screwed up somewhere and I apologize. But please pray I make it back alive...I know I am!!***

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What is your Christmas most like??

I love these guys anyway...

Your Christmas is Most Like: The Muppet Christmas Carol

You tend to reflect on Christmas past, present, and future...
And you also do a little singing.

***Please be advised that Grandy intends for this post to show on 12/20/07. If it shows at any other time, then please be patient with her as she truly is a technological idiot and screwed something up in the advance post thing.***

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nature v. Nurture

Alright, this is my first official pre-written post.I'm going to see if I do this right, and schedule it to post at noon on Tuesday. If it works right...I'll be spacing in some other posts while I'm gone for the holiday (hopefully providing some sort of entertainment but making no promises).

As I sat at dinner with my boys last night, yes I'm including Hubby, I was stopped dead in my tracks about their similarities. Never mind they were both wearing the same sweatshirt (Go Placer) and hats. Their mannerisms were amazingly similar. I watch them and they are SO MUCH ALIKE!!!

Now, back when I only had 2 readers I may have mentioned that Hubby adopted Ty when we had been married 6 months. We had been together quite some time before that, but Hubby is the only Dad that Ty has ever known. I may vent from time to time, but I wouldn't have it any other way, let me tell you.

We started dating when Ty was 3 1/2, we actually met through this little guy. At the time, Hubby worked as a maintenance man at the same large company I worked at. The facility had an on-site day care, and when this company thought it would be brilliant to offer "extended hours", I was forced to have Ty in the day care until 8:30 pm. It wasn't all that bad, mind you. He was the ONLY kid there!! Well, that's when Hubby would make his rounds and rescue Snoopy from the toilet and fix whatever the kids broke that day, later in the evening. He used to let Ty follow him around and ask the perpetual "Whatchya doin? Why?? What for?? Why? Huh? Why??" ***Pssst*** Don't tell anyone, but years later I learned that Hubby had told the ladies at this day care that if he ever had a kid, he'd want one like Ty.

Well one day I'm dropping Ty off at the day care, Hubby comes walking up and says, "Hi Tyler, is this your Mom??" "Yep, this is my Mommy...Her name is Mawy" (yes, he had issues with his "r"s) "Mawy...I mean Mommy...this is aawon". That's my favorite quote ever!!!We didn't start dating right away. Shortly after meeting, Ty got pretty sick and was in and out of the hospital for a short time. I was new to my job and couldn't afford to miss too much. I would spend hours at the hospital and then go to work. Thank goodness for my sister, who at the time didn't work and lived 2 doors down from me. Every time I saw hubby during that time he would ask me, "Hey, Tyler's Mom! Is Tyler ok?" How nice is that? There were 1200 people in these buildings, 12 maintenance men, and he would ask about MY SON.

When the dust settled...about six months later...I asked him out. I remember the day I realized I should vividly. It was a Saturday (yes the company thought that would be "brilliant" also) and he came running by me by the elevators. Helmet under his arm and leather jacket in the other. "Hey Tyler's Mom!! Is he here today??" he asked. "He sure is!" I replied. "Great! I'll have to go see him." As he ran through the security doors, I watched him and thought to myself, "I will be with that man".

Now, you have to know me to understand that at that moment I didn't fully understand to what capacity I would be with him...just that I would. I asked him out a week later...and the rest is, know...destiny.

Monday, December 17, 2007

How do I work this??

I don't think I ever explained that the reason I don't post many pics on this site is because I don't have an actual camera. Any pics I've posted I've confiscated off the internet, or taken with my cell phone. The cell phone does pretty well, I think. you all are asking me for glorious pics of our holiday...I have to share with you my Christmas present. It's actually for both of us though, although Hubby will swear he's still "entitled" to a gift he's the one that REALLY wanted this.

I'm just the kind of person that likes to "aim and shoot" but he is all into the lenses and stuff. Now I'll get to take some glorious pics of our trip to soon as I learn how to work it. Guess there will be time to read the owner's manual on the plane.

I'm not going to want to come do realize that, right??

All you people that post beautiful out!! I'm not promising beauty...but always a story behind each one. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Christmas Adventures

Holy Canoli Batman!! Is it the end of the day already? End of the weekend? I can't believe it, only a few more days before we leave for our holiday adventure. My DSL was down the other day, and I've spent all weekend getting last minute things done for our trip.

I know I've hinted at this wonderful trip we're taking. I suppose it's time to share...are you ready?? Feast your eyes on where the Grandy family is spending Christmas!!

Palm Trees...Pools...Beaches...Beautiful Weather...Santa's sending us to Vallarta Palace in Nuevo Vallarta (just outside of Puerto Vallarta).

Not jealous enough?? Take a look at this pic!

Last year for Christmas we hosted all families and had almost 20 people in our home. At the end of the night we jokingly asked ourselves if there was a place we could go this year and just get away (not really recognizing we could). Then our dear friends told us where they were going, round about September. I didn't think the Hubby would want to go because he always says he won't go where he can't drink the water...always trying to get my goat that guy.

Well...low and behold, back in October he agreed we could go. We all got our passports and had the trip paid for by November. We leave WEDNESDAY!!! We're going to be in Mexico from 12/19 thru 12/26/07. I can't wait!!!!!

Ty is counting the hours, our friends are all set (they also have just one son close to Ty's age) and we are off to our all inclusive resort. Talk about working on that work/life balance thing!!

That being said, I am going to try and pre-write some posts, so you won't have to go SO LONG without me. I know it sounds weird, but I'm certain you all know I'll be coming back with PLENTY of blog stories too. :)

Now, I just have to make sure my son remembers how to say, "Donde esta el bano?" and we'll be alright. When in always have to know where the potty is.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Sweaters

I was all primed to post about a lovely time I had yesterday, seated at a table near 7 elderly women, all wearing holiday sweaters, and exchanging gifts.

It just made me think...I hope I get to grow old. I don't know if I necessarily want to wear a holiday sweater, but I want to be able to talk to my girlfriends about the way things used to be and the good old days, and mean it. These women were so sweet and appreciative of their little handmade gifts from eachother. It really made me feel good, and as I left, I went to their table and wished them all a Merry Christmas. I explained that although I was seated by myself, I thoroughly enjoyed their gift exchange vicariously through them.

All festive with the holiday spirit, I ventured into Blogthings and thought it would be fun to post another quiz. Of course, being my sarcastic self, I thought I would see what Crappy gift I would be (still reeling from Mrs. G's post about her white elephant gift) and look what crappy gift I am...can you believe it?? Oh well...

You Are a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.
You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

Mystery Solved...I found Das Boot

Thank you to all of you for your suggestions.

WOW!! I posted a message to Urban on her BloMo page and she's responded back.

She's fine, but had to shut it down as blogging was taking over... Boy can I relate!!

Thanks to everyone for your ideas. You truly are AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have you seen these boots?

Missing: Cute Pink Boots
Last Seen: November 30th
Aliases: Urban Pedestrian

These boots were not made for walking, they belonged to a great blogger, URBAN PEDESTRIAN, who seems to have disappeared. She had a great site and for BLOMO she answered a question every day. She always had great posts, a quick wit, and I was always thrilled when there was a comment from her. I remember there was a line on her blog that said something like "I think therefore I am, I am therefore I think, and sometimes I stop and tie my shoes". She is AWESOME!!

**Sniff** she was one of my BLOMO "friends"...have you seen her??

For a few days now I've gone looking for her but alas, to no avail. Her site is no longer there? I'm new enough to blogging to not quite understand what happens when someone just disappears. Do they start up another blog somewhere else? Do they just follow blogs for fun? Did I miss something in the site address? I know she had some computer issues for a few days in November.

If you happen to find this post, Urban, we miss you!! If I'm an idiot and you've somehow changed the site, please let me know how to find you! If this makes me a blog stalker, I don't mean to be. I know I'm not the most organized person in the world, but how do I misplace a website??

I wonder if the "Without a Trace" FBI people would take this case and assign an entire team to search for the Pink Boots...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fifty is NIFTY

Last night I learned something about hubby...he's getting jealous of my new hobby. He says that during NaBlo, he tried to spend some time with me, but I was at my computer blogging (said with such contempt that it made me giggle). HUH!!!

After the week I had, last night I thought it would be nice to sit next to Hubby and just unwind. After all, it was the first night all week I had been home before midnight, if at home at all. I didn't care what was on the TV, I just wanted to exist peacefully, with him next to me. I had Ty leaning on my other bliss. THIS is what family is...being together.

When Ty went to bed, Hubby and I were talking and he said we hadn't just sat like that in "SO LONG...MONTHS" he said. "Not since before I started blogging." I carefully reminded him I only started blogging in October, and November was a "special month" (but not like little yellow school bus special or anything), but he was having none of my excuses. (Alright...I really hadn't thought about how much time I spend on the computer, or how he felt about it.) I told him that if I had a laptop, I could sit next to him AND blog! How cool would that be?? Oh yea, the rolling of the eyes marathon shortly followed. **He Loves me...he loves me NOT... :)

So as I logged in today, to try and catch up on some other blogs, I realized this post was #50. That may not seem like such a huge milestone, but I gotta tell's neat. Amy Derby has reminded me that milestones should be celebrated. I like her 100 Posts and Articles I've Dubbed Worthy of a Little Link Love post she did for her 100th post. Maybe I'll have to come up with something like that when I hit 100.

Until then...I'll be happy with a subdued "YEAH ME!" for now.

How many posts do you have? Do I have far to catch up?? Should I bother??

Sunday, December 9, 2007

I C more of U

No, I have not been gone as a result of the writer's strike (just in case you were wondering).

I am pleased to report that my sister has made it through her surgery and is doing quite well. She's absolutely AMAZING!! It's been a long week all the way around, and I am sorry I have had no time, energy, or mental capacity to post on my blog. I have thought about so many of you, though...not much else to do while sitting in ICU waiting. I could have used some of my Mrs. G, my dee/otc, and Michele. My Funny, Crazy and Inspirational blogging buds (in that order I might add).

And so many of you other awesome bloggers. Thank you!! I have had some new visitors to this sight, and feel remiss that I have not been able to visit. I will catch up, I promise!!! :)

That being said, I thought I would share with you a few anecdotes about the hospital that I experienced this week...Enjoy...

1) For the first couple of days, it's probably not safe to leave large bread crumbs on the floor so you can find your way back to the parking garage. Rather, just strategically place stickies on the one will notice...really! (Not that I tried this myself)

2) Go potty BEFORE you go into the ICU. See, if you have to go while you're there (which I had to do frequently) then you have to ring to get back in. My favorite was at 3am on Friday/Saturday when I got up to go, no one else is around really as it's not one of the heavy traffic times, and when I rang to get back in, the lady says, "I'm sorry, who are you??" Seriously? I just walked by your desk going to the bathroom, and have been here ALL NIGHT!! I'm the one who complimented YOUR HAIR!! But alas, it was 3am...I refrained from sarcasm and explained who I was...again.

3) Tripping over stuff CAN be hazardous to your health AND your pride. I'm a bit clumsy (I think I've mentioned this) and was the joke of the unit because it seemed like whenever I turned, I was kicking a ventilator machine, tripping on a cath tube, or something stupid. I never hurt my sister, other than causing her, the unit, and any family member in the room to laugh at me again. Laughing is healthy though, so I am glad I could help with that.

4) You can learn a lot from the families in the ICU waiting room. There were some wonderful people in there. What is it about being in there, having somewhat of a common bond, that people are so open?? We helped one young lady melt at the idea that her mom would not make it out, prayed with her, and saw her released from ICU by morning. There was another amazing woman there with her son, we cried together as she received the news he would not make it.

5) Nurses are more important than Doctors!!!! I know the doctors come in, wave their magic wand pens, and give orders to help heal you. But it's the nurses that CARE for the patients. They answer questions, give you the meds, bring your meals, hold your hand and hand you a tissue when you cry. They push you out of bed to get you strong, and help you back to get you rest. They help the family understand and help the patients cope.

Thank you to ALL nurses!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

What IS It About that Brown Guy??

Today was a "Manic Monday"...
Of course it was!! It was Monday!!
Has anyone even heard of a "Manic Tuesday"? I think not!

I was really starting to feel bah-humbug like. Not feeling very much in the holiday spirit. Maybe I needed a nap? Nope...just a reminder.

I came home to witness my first boyfriend on TV. Yep, that's right, me and Charlie go WAY BACK!! Ladies, don't try to fight me on this one. He's all mine!!!

Have you seen him lately? His sarcasm is GLORIOUS!! It's been years since I've seen his specials, but as I rushed home to hang out with my son (Hubby is out of town) A Charlie Brown Christmas was on. This was truly the treat I needed to get into the spirit. Why? Because it reminds you of what Christmas is about!!!

I wonder if I could take a quiz (or make one) that would tell me what kind of Charlie Brown character I could be?? Can you guess which one I would be? I'd probably be Peppermint Patti. :)

Thanks, Charlie Brown, for giving me the down time with Ty and for reminding me what the holiday season is about. Charles Schultz is pure genius!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Song for Chinchi

When I was 9 my big sister was 18 and moving off to college. That was the worst day of my 9 year existence when we drove her to college (and not just because I was again stuck in the far back of the station wagon with the luggage).

I call my sister Chinchi. I'm not sure why, maybe because my Dad always did and so it stuck. Maybe it has something to do with a chinchilla? Nahh...Dad never needed a reason to make up a nickname.

Chinchi was always my hero growing up. I have vivid memories of us having our own special moments, some of which I'm not even sure why or how I remember. For instance, when I was 4 and in the hospital (she would have been 13), I remember the nurses sending her away so they could give me my shots. I screamed silly for her...ok maybe a little because they were going to give me multiple shots...but mostly for her!

Chinchi always used to babysit us if Mom and Dad had somewhere to go. There were so many hours she would play airplane with me and my twin. We played and played and PLAYED!! Looking back now, I don't know how she tolerated it so much. She was SO GOOD!! Chinchi was my HERO!!!! I looked up to everything she did.

Chinchi became a very skilled nurse (no surprise to anyone), married a mild mannered man (who's a great guy) and has a wild firecracker daughter (she swears our kids were switched at birth because Kay is the spitting image of me in more ways than one). When I watch Kay grow, I realize that Chinchi is the only one who has the patience for such energy and spirit. And who trained her???? Yep, you guessed it!!

Chinchi is going in for open heart surgery this week. She's strong and has always been known as "the healthy one". I'm sure she will pull through just fine, but I can't help but be worried for her. Am I being so Polyanna like that I'm assuming the sun will be out "tomorrow"? Perhaps, but Chinchi works in ICU and sees the worst case of all scenarios. Maybe she could use a bit more Polyanna in her life.

I can offer her no consolation in medical terms but I can give her the one thing I've never gotten by without...MUSIC!! I'm downloading a bunch of songs onto her MP3 for her so she can listen to them through her recovery. I promised her I would only mix in a "little" hip hop, just to make sure the ticker is still working. Can you imagine if the machines started pinging to some Gwen Stefani? AWESOME!!!

Dear Lord, please grant me the strength to not enter into every situation with a joke at the end of my tongue. Please shut me up when my nerves approach that level when I feel like I must spew sarcasm or flee. I will be strong enough for Chinchi, Mom, Mike, Kay, and the others.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bonus Post...Because I CAN!!

Alright, so hubby will be watching to see if I can go a day without posting. It's not that I CAN'T, it's just that I don't know if I want to. I have to ease out of this 30 day commitment thing early.

I found myself reading all my blogger buds' posts until after midnite so I thought I would post an extra one. This way...hubby doesn't even have to know. I do no longer feel compelled to copy the post over to the NoMoPoMo site, but YOU are still stuck with me.


So...just a quick little dialogue to crack you up before I go to bed. This is an actual conversation I had with one of our consultants over the phone the other day. It's been 3 days and I'm still playing it over and over again.

Consultant: Alright, read back to me the three questions I told you to ask.
Me: Alrighty, "When was the last time you touched 'The Unit'?"
---Pregnant Pause---
Consultant: Mary, are you still there?
Me: Yes, but I'm stuck on that question.
Consultant: Why?
Me: When you said it, it was no problem. But when I say it, I somehow feel a
Consultant: HA!! You know I wondered if the question would faze you.
Me: Oh, I'm fazed...and now I need a bath.

Thank you folks...I'm here all week!! Give or take...G'Nite!!!