Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Do This!

Several months ago Grandy got a calling to make a difference in a family's life. She hitched up her pants and gathered a group together, and threw a fundraiser for a young boy who was battling yet another round of cancer.

This event was the most amazing experience ever. Our small community came out in droves, and we were able to raise A LOT of money in two very short weeks. We were connected with this family, and Grandy cried daily. It was humbling to see a renewed sense of caring in the hearts of others.

WHAT?!? People are GOOD?!? This totally goes against everything that Grandy knows about society.

Ok...perhaps we should recap. If there are any readers left, or any new ones out there with nothing better to do, you might need a cliff-notes version of this 4 year blog. Grandy is jaded. Grandy uses sarcasm to mask the fact that she cares too much, but knows that people aren't always capable of doing that.

This event...scratch that...THIS BOY changed things for Grandy. Here is this 9 year old boy, fighting his FOURTH (yes you read that right) FOURTH round of cancer, and he came to the event playing with light sabers. He approached his illness with such bravery.

Grandy reached out to her equally jaded professional community, and the money and support came flooding in. THIS would be why Grandy was crying. The event was AMAZING!!!! The community was AMAZING!! THIS FAMILY IS AMAZING!!!

Last week, our boy lost his battle, and passed. It has rocked me to my shoes!!

As I took lil man Grandy to the prayer service that night, we learned of his brave final moments. As Dad explained what was about to happen to him, he intitially did what would be expected. He asked, "What about my sister? My brother? My friends? My baseball team??" When Dad bravely explained the next step for him, our boy (and believe me this boy belongs to this community) replied, "Alright. Let's do this!!"


Folks, this phrase will never have the same meaning for this girl again. Grandy has survived a lot in her life... Stroke. Broken Back. Multiple Surgeries. You name it, Grandy has overcome many freakish issues. My favorite quote has always been Neitzche, "That which does not kill me, makes me strong." It will be the quote that goes on my tombstone...of course with the tag line...OOPS!!

Despite all that Grandy has had to overcome, it still feels like not enough. This 9 year old touched many lives. Grandy has more to do.

Grandy's perspective is different now. Not sure what this means, actually. All I can tell you is we should face each day with my new motto...LET'S DO THIS!!!

Are YOU ready??

Miss you Max!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We make you eat your vegetables, only so you'll stay healthy.
We give you chores, to teach you a work ethic.
We ask that you keep your grades up, because we know you can.
We ask you to clean your rooms, because we frankly don't want to hurt ourselves or end up gagging over a plate of food that's 3 weeks old.

What you may not realize is...

When you are nervous about a test, so are we.
When you are heartbroken with your first "break-up", so are we.
When you feel joy at finishing that project, so do we.

Being a mom is the best job in the whole world. We wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank goodness this is a job we never get to retire from.

I learned what I know about being a mom, from my Mom and doing what I thought made sense. What makes sense to me doesn't always make sense to you, but I hope it might someday.

Thank you to all my moms who have influenced my life, and is playing a role in my son's life. It truly does take a village, and I have the best village around.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom...and THANK YOU for giving me a GREAT gig to my son!! LOVE YOU!!