Saturday, May 26, 2012

If Grandy falls in the forest...

We all recognize that Grandy's frequency of posting here on this blog has been sporadic over the last year or so. It might be even longer, if you're keeping track like some of my friends and family.

See this picture?  It symbolizes more than just a tree falling (albeit I do recognize it is not actually "in a forest" but you get the point).  This picture is almost what I envision what I look like after the last few months.  Grandy's head has blown completely off.  Whew!!  It's the pressure leading up to the explosion that makes it tough though.  Now I feel much better.

So...have you missed me??  Did you notice Grandy missing at all? 

Just to recap what's up in Grandy-land.
  • Grandy has turned 40 years old - WHAT?  I failed to commemorate the occasion here?  Next post will be about THAT.  
  • Grandy was on a 3 week criminal jury trial - DEFINITELY some blog-worthy material in that experience.
  • Lil Man Grandy got his driver's license - Still in shock and fear.
  • Grandy threw the EVENT OF THE YEAR for the construction industry...and NAILED IT.
  • Lil Man Grandy is almost done with his Eagle project and application - nail biting and hard to not help.
That pretty much sums up what's new in Grandy-land.

What have you all been up to??  Hmmmmmm???