Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turkeys at Work

I know by the title of this post you thought I was talking about my big boss. This time...for real... I wasn't.

As I waited for my carpooler in the parking lot the other day, I saw these turkeys in our parking lot. Remember...I work in SACRAMENTO!! Just up at the end of the road is the State Fair.

You think they escaped?

Or maybe they're just relatives waiting for my big boss?? (You knew I had to get that in there)


Anonymous said...

Probably anticipating the big event in a couple of months...LOL

Or it could be your Boss taking a break!

Anonymous said...


Suzanne said...

After some of your tales of your clueless clients, I suspect those are a few who wanted to speak to you in person!

Mike Golch said...

If I remember correctly there were wild turkeys in the West Sacramento area when I lived out ther in the 70's. first as a membet of the USAF at McClellland AFB that as a civilian befor my marriage fell apart and I moved back hoe to cleveland Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Man, we've got flocks of wild turkey prancing around in our neighbourhood, too!! In the middle of just outside downtown Ottawa. It's crazy. I was going to post a picture on my blog, too. Maybe they're related -- like the Jefferson turkeys or something who've all decided to "move on up" from the rural wild turkey fields to the big cities?

Mike Golch said...

I forgot to tell you i have an award for you. I love your blog is for you.

Anonymous said...

The planet's being taken over by turkeys! I've been seeing a lot of them here, too, not far outside of the big city, Birmingham. What the hey?

Melissa said...

I the escapees thought no one would notice them among the politicians. Perfect cover. :)

Mrs. F said...


Dud. Those are huge!!!!

Mrs. F said...

I meant to say 'dude', not 'dud'. Oops.

Grandy said...

Chris~ I think it could be both.

MP~ Does the thought make you hungry? ;)

Suzanne~ I think you're on to something with the client thing.

Mike~ You forgot to take your turkeys with you.

XUP~ To that deluxe apartment in the sky! :)

Mike~ Thanks so much!!

Dee~ They're trying to be incognito.

Melissa~ That is a good cover... I hadn't thought of that.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ I knew what you meant silly. :)