Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rewind in Time

I wanna go back....Back...BACK IN TIME!!!

Back to our time in MEXICO!!!

Since I can't...I'll just post some other pictures. It's that time, isn't it. We're getting snow, and I'm thinking of the beach in Mexico.

This was so nice and relaxing in this tub...Ty and I would put our swim suits on and let the jets go. Hmmmmmmm......

My boys snorkling in the water...brrrrrr...It wasn't until later I learned how many jelly fish there were in the water. Good thing it was much later.

One of these days I should post every picture I took of the sunset. There were about 20 shots with all the different settings on my camera, but boy was it beautiful in each one.

Me and my guy on Christmas day!! LOVE this kid!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How's My Driving?

We've all seen those bumper stickers on those company vehicles.

The first time I had one was when I worked for a national children's theatre group and we toured the country.

I used to always make jokes about it..."How's my driving? Call 1-800-Eat-SH**" Yes, I realize this may have reflected a negative attitude, that could have been misunderstood by the parents of these children we were casting in our show. So, they never heard my "joke".

I just thought it was silly to ask people to call and complain about our driving? Does it really work?

Oh yeah it does!! One of our other teams ended up getting seriously busted for weaving in and out're never going to guess...a funeral procession! Who does that?? She was weaving in and out of a funeral procession, with the children's theatre logo on the side, and her tattle tale sticker on the bumper.

I don't suffer from road rage, but I'll tell you, sometimes in my commute I want to call the numbers just for fun. Especially if they're driving like an idiot. "Yes, I'd like to report vehicle number 2369 because he thinks he's on American Idol and can't sing!" How fun would that be?

Ahem...the movie in my mind digresses a bit.

I'll tell you though, somehow that sticker saved my life about 13 years ago. When we had our serious car accident (I'll blog about it someday, I promise) the paramedics kept asking me how to call the owner of the truck. All I could do was repeat, "1-800-Eat-SH**". They thought I had a concussion for sure! They eventually got the point and were able to call the company, who called Mom and Dad.

All Hail the Tattle Tale!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Silly Random Blogthings

I tell ya, I crack myself up sometimes, and I can't even share it with anyone.

As I was planning my post for tonight, something quick and fun, I found myself over at the fun Blogthings. As I perused the multiple titles of quizzes, I found myself having to do a double take on the quiz titles.

Have you ever read something completely wrong, only to find out you were WAY off? Here's some of my titles I came up with:

Blogthings Quiz: Are you Emo?
What I saw: Are you Elmo?

Blogthings Quiz: Could you be Violent?
What I saw: Should you be violent?

Blogthings Quiz: What kind of sandal are you?
What I saw: What kind of scandal are you?

Blogthings Quiz: Are you a Fit Girl?
What I saw: Are you a Fat Girl?

Blogthings Quiz: Are you a Fake Girl?
What I saw...again: Are you a Fat Girl?

Has anyone ever really looked at some of these quizzes?

They ask the real hard questions that "Inquiring Minds" want to know. Tell me readers, aren't you dying to know what my peanut butter and jelly sandwich says about me? I'll give you a says I need a tall glass of milk.

In one question it asks, "Are you a Hot Chick?" and then shortly thereafter has a question, "Do you have low self esteem?" Oh, and let's make sure we understand the difference between how our "INTRAPERSONAL" relationships rate, versus our "INTERPERSONAL" relationships.

Fear not readers...I will be posting more of these quizzes, because I'm all about the occasional silliness. I just had to take a break from the regularly scheduled silliness to point out the obvious silliness.

While you ponder that, I'm going to have to check out the quiz: "Are you Destined to be Overweight?". (aka...Are you a Fat Girl?)


Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll Give You a Full Moon Alright!!

I tell you...this Grandy is THRILLED to see the end of this week.

I know many of you are not all that superstitious, but did anyone notice how FULL the moon was this week? Seriously? It was beautiful and yet daunting all the while.

For a few days before, and even a few days after, my life tends to be crazy for unexplained reasons. I don't even realize when it's supposed to be a full moon. If I'm just having a few days where strange things keep happening and I happen to look up and say...A HA!!! I'm always one to accept responsibility for MY actions but when the weird stuff is flyin'? NO WAY!!

Folks...Hubby had an accident in his semi yesterday. He's alright (THANK YOU LORD!!) and the truck doesn't seem that bad off so far (smaller thank you, Lord, because I realize what's truly important in this). Isn't it funny how things like that can totally rattle you? Not funny in a belly laugh kinda way, but funny in a get down and kiss the ground kinda way.

With what I do for a living, I'm very well aware of what CAN happen in these accidents. I don't think I have to tell you how completely relieved I am about the fact that none of those things DID happen yesterday.

So...I've decided to change my outlook on this whole full moon thing. I still think weird things are going to happen because...well...let's face it...I have no control over the crap. However, I'm going to try and find the positive in the weirdness.

For instance:
1. Accident happens...He's not HURT. :)
2. Have an unexplained "blood pressure episode"...Boss looks for ways to help with my workload.
3. Son has to be home sick with cold...I GET to take care of him (as he gets bigger I don't get to do that as much any more)

Now...if only this positive kharma could find it's way in to affecting my income flow? Let's think positive energy because Grandy's got a hefty deductible staring her in the face.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Writer Without Words??

Some of you know that freelance writing is a new adventure for me. I've secretly been working, and studying, on how to be a better writer. It had always been a "hobby" of mine before, but only recently has my light been lit to really actively pursue it further.

Through my research, I've been learning what I should and should not do. I've learned that the freelance writing community is truly a welcoming community. Every time I ask a question, the other writers are there to help, they offer suggestions, and generally embrace newcomers.

I have grown to truly respect so many of you, and have steadily been following, gathering your tips, and watching you grow. I'm usually pretty quick with a wit, but watch in awe at how much knowledge you all have, and am quietly your sponge.

Then it happened. I was reading Writing the Cyber Highway, the site of my dear blogging buddy Michele L. Tune, and discovered she had bestowed me with this honor...

This is not just any old meme, this is an AWARD!!

Michele blessed me with this award back on January 11, 2008 in I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar! and she said this about me:

And the award goes to... the following five talented people:

1. Grandy, at
Functional Schmunctional, who I'm so proud of for deciding to use her colorful talent with words and join the freelancing world.

ME??? The sight of seeing my name there made me tear up, and not in the irritating Sally Field way of "You LIKE me! You REALLY LIKE ME!!" kind of way either. I didn't know what to say. I graciously thanked her and promised I would get back to this.

Since then I have tried to write something about this EVERY DAY!! Should I be witty? Should I be honest? Definitely NOT sarcastic! I've wanted to be able to offer up something profound, and alas, I was speechless. Me, at a loss for words?? Did she mean to do that? Put Grandy in that spot? She didn't name me as a blogger, but as a writer. And you know what? That's what I am!!

I can't tell you how truly honored I am for this little lion.

Now I must comply with the "catch" that goes with this award. There's always a catch but I don't care. The Roar for Powerful Words Award page says I am to list "three things [I] believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful." Here goes nothing...

1. Remember who your readers are. I know it seems like I write about whatever random thoughts are in my blog, but I truly do keep in mind certain readers and what they like. If you're writing to a specific target audience, remember who that audience is. It may sound basic, but if you're writing an article about how to play chess, you might start out with explaining the different pieces and what they do.

2. Mistakes will happen...Learn from them. Holy moly, that fear of making a mistake is what had kept me from submitting for this long. Then some of you professionals out there reminded me that the more we do, the more we have to learn from.

3. HAVE FUN!! One of the coolest things about being a writer is you wouldn't do it if you didn't enjoy it. Why would we? That's how we all got here in the first place. Somewhere, I think that the enjoyment gets lost in deadlines, expectations, and clients. Take a step back and have fun with it.

Now, I'm apparantly supposed to bestow this gift on 5 other writers whose words are also powerful. There are SO many that I follow, this is VERY hard. Remember, to many this is just a me it's an AWARD! If any of you have already received this award, please forgive me:

Renie Burghard's World - Renie, you are truly an inspiration and I really do want to be like you when I grow up. I love reading your articles...and I LOVE YOUR SPUNK!!

Writer's Round-About - Rebecca Laffar-Smith - This writer has some great honest insight. No mincing words, and I like it!!

Derfwad Manor - Mrs. G. has a cult following like NO OTHER!! She's absolutely amazing in her ability to tell a story.

Momisodes - This lady has a way with words and with pictures. I'm sure I'll see this as one of her TwoFer Tuesdays.

On The Curb - Now I know this lady just had twins, and there is absolutely no rush on this. But I think this lady is amazing in both her writing style and her personality. It would be wrong for me NOT to award her with this.

Thank you to all who inspire me DAILY!!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Things You'd Hear at My Desk

True statements from me that make my job seem more interesting than it really is.
  • I'm sorry honey, I can't talk right now. I've gotta go make a call about a man, a restraining order, and a goat farm.
  • Yes Sir, but when was the last time you touched the unit?
  • What do you mean you're not liable for the hole? You DUG the hole!!
  • Okay, but you do understand...don't you...that the fact that you tripped over your bag that you placed on the floor doesn't make my client negligent...right??
  • There were HOW MANY children on the rock wall?
  • You probably should notify your staff, when we get a letter from an attorney about injuries, that it's NOT OKAY for them to send emails out asking, "What's the big deal? Everybody Drinks & Drives?"

I know you're jealous...

Come on, admit it!

Just a little??

Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Pick Just 7 is Difficult

I have been tagged for a couple meme's. Today I will devote to Suzanne who has tagged me for a meme "Tagged!" where I'm supposed to share 7 random and/or weird things about myself. Just 7? Is that all? How does Grandy narrow such a thing down?? Not sure...I'll give it a shot.

Here is how it works:
  1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. - Check
  2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself. - About to Check
  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. - 7? What if I have 7 people who are sick of doing meme's? I'll have to be creative about this.
  4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. - soon as I come up with the brain can think of 3 so far.

Here goes nothing...

1. I dig musicals!!
- Not sure this gets more random, but you asked. When my boys are gone and I have the house to myself (such as today) I turn on the XM channel on my satellite and listen to the "Broadway Channel". I dig how I can get random music from Pirates of Penzance, bounce over to Assassins, Cabaret, and then get an original recording from Oklahoma. Ethel Merman singing something from Gypsy never hurt anyone either.

2. PB&J on Crackers ROCKS!!
- Not sure if this fits in the category of weird or random...maybe both. Snacking on it right now...Yummy!!!

3. Like
Mrs. G., I have secret boyfriends - Without going into too many specifics, and in fear that some of you will steal, I will reveal one. Antonio does so much sexiness fit into one man?? And he SINGS!! See the musical thing above. Be still my beating heart!!!

4. I am a recently recovering carbonation addict
- I know there could be worse addictions, and it's not the sugary sodas I'm talking about. It's the diet sodas, sparkling waters, sugar-free energy drinks, etc. For health reasons, I've recently had to give up all things carbonated. SUCK!! I love me some sugar-free peach soda!! I had a pity party for a few days, binged, and got over myself. I'm now 10 days without carbonation. :D

5. I have funny nails
- Oh yea, people get their nails done and get them looking elegant and pretty. Mine are flashy and fun. I get the special powder that has all things glittery and sparkly, and have that put on my tips. Like a french manicure, but with (as they are now) blue sparkly tips. It's a weird thing I like to do because it's fun.

6. I once grabbed the wrong man's a$$
- Yep...I was at a restaurant with a salad bar. My then boyfriend had gone up to the salad bar, and when I went up there I smacked this hottie on the butt (oh yea, I grabbed hold). Of course I thought it was my boyfriend, who, at that exact moment called my name from the OTHER side of the salad bar. oops!! HI!!

7. My first job was working at Orange Julius
- Oh yea, the early smoothie rage began there. I ultimately left due to "creative differences", and something to do with the fact that they were afraid because their 20 year old son liked me...I was 15. Oh well!!

Now for the tagging! While trying to narrow my weirdness down to just 7 things, I've decided to tag 7 newbies. Yep, 7 people who are still relatively new to this blogging thing, and perhaps we could all stand to learn of these folks.

  1. Dens at Black cats R lucky - This is my girlfriend from high school who recently started her own blog. Go check her out...she's about as "random" as they come.
  2. Mike Golch at rambling stuff - The title of his site alone should lend for some interesting randomness.
  3. Melissa at Part Of Everything - This little lady started about the same time as I did, but I don't recall if she's had her meme on. I'd love to hear some random weirdness from her.
  4. - She is a great new blogger that I was introduced to recently. Her way with words will amuse you.
  5. krissy at either Firecracker Mom! or If I only had a brain!!!!! - If cracking up is a talent, this woman must be seen.
  6. Now this one may not be new, but new to you, but I have to tag beautiful faboo at faboo mama as she will have some great random comments.
  7. "Anonymous" - There are lots of you that lurk out there, stop and read, and don't let me know that you've been here. For those of you who have not yet "de-lurked" please be advised you have officially been tagged!!! Let me know where to find you at your meme.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Kinda Deserved This

See this picture? ---------------------------------------->>>>>>>

The one over there? ----------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, it's an image I've seen a little bit of this week.

Let's go back a little (insert Waynes World fantasy sequence here...Dooddleeedooot dooddlleeeeee doooo! **waving fingers)

I ordered my personalized license plates that read: SLVR BG
(Readers, please use your imagination to realize there is a heart on the left. Regrettably my technical inadequacies extend beyond the ability to get that inserted here)

Well, Hubby was recently able to pick up the plates (after waiting 2 1/2 months) for me on Wednesday (after spending 2 hours at the DMV...THANK YOU HUBBY!!).

Well, Thursday I had a lot of driving to do, and so very little time to do it. I had to travel 114 miles in under two hours. There was a whole lot of traffic and a toll bridge in between, so it was going to be a challenging feat, but I had to give it a shot.

We won't discuss how fast I was going then the officer stopped me, although I was now only 10 miles from my destination. Needless to say I got a fat ticket. We're talking FAT ticket, people!! Darn it, I would have made it to my 3:30 appointment on time. As it was, I was only about 5 minutes late.

What could I say? I made it those 114 miles, through the traffic and the toll bridge in about an hour and a half (is the math catching up to you?) and was cruising right along. The officer walked up to the window, and wouldn't you know...I had to go potty real bad too.

He says, "I clocked you going XX miles, ma'am." "Really? Well, alrighty...but could we make this fast? I gotta go potty!!" I handed him my stuff and he actually hurried for me!! Fastest ticket taker in the west, I am!!

I guess if I am looking on the bright side, I should see it as a gracious sign that my reminder to SLOW DOWN in driving, work, life, etc., came by way of a speeding ticket and not by way of an accident (Sorry Dens).

Wanna hear the kicker? I get a voicemail from hubby 15 minutes later telling me to watch out for that spot because there was an officer sitting there over the hill with his radar gun on. Little late, hun, but thanks for the heads up!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Color Crayons

Teehee...This is fun!!! It's funny how so much of it can ring true.

Share what your color would be!! Any Greens out there???

You Are a Red Crayon

Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.
You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.
Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming.
Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.

Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Got a Minute?

3 Words that send a shiver down my spine. Everyone has a phrase that gets them going. Mine is the "Got a Minute?" question that bosses and co-workers tend to ask. What is it about that phrase, you ask?

When I was 19 I worked for a guy who would ask that question, then I'd go into his office and he'd say the next phrase that took me years to get over, "Shut the door and have a seat." Then he would absolutely berate me for whatever his inadequacies were.

As we enter into that time of the ever popular "Performance Appraisals", I thought I'd give everyone something to think about. You see, I tend to have a sarcastic nature with everyone (is it a bad thing when you tell boss' boss to take their ADD medication?) and say what I think. Don't get me wrong...I'm way company oriented, a serious team player, and have jumped through many flaming hoops backwards on my head for many a client and co-worker. And I FULLY understand how my sarcasm will ultimately limit my potential for that "VP" title. However, I am of the belief that no one is "better" than anyone else, and sometimes people just have an elevated opinion and need a healthy dose of reality.

That said...I want you to think about this, the next time your boss asks you if you've "got a minute". What's the worse that can happen if you say, "I will in about 30 minutes, does that work for you?" You're not saying no, exactly. If they're will give them a chance to cool down. Let's face it, if they're that ticked, they'll let you know how many ways it doesn't work. But mostly, it will show a mutual respect of each other's time.

That has really helped for me because I do have a lot of different people I work with, and because I tend to be a "yes" person (see Cara's comments on previous post) it has helped. Since I've been back at work, it's slowly been getting away from me, but I need to focus on the fact that my time is important too.

Now...If only I could do something about the following phrase from my hubby, "Honey!! I've been THINKIN'!" It usually means he's found something he wants to buy. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Do you forgive me??

Dear Doctor:
I write you this letter as somewhat of a confession. You see, when you allowed me to return to work early, I had made promises that I would not overextend myself, work from home a bit more, and generally take care of myself.

I do think you should know that I've made many strides in my goals.

I would relax by playing with my puppy:

Remembered to slow down and appreciate some simple, beautiful things:

I even honed some of my sarcastic sense of humor skills:

I picked up a couple new hobbies:

**psst** This is a whole new meaning to "on-tap"


I ended 2007 by doing everything you asked. I even spent the holiday in Mexico. I returned to the office relaxed, rejuvinated and refreshed.


Then...the new year set in. Doc, I just don't know what to tell ya!! I feel my desk is starting to spiral out of control, I put in 14 hour days all week, have over 200 emails in my inbox that have to be "attached", and worst of all I haven't had a chance to BLOG!!


I didn't really make any resolutions, other than to keep my momentum.

Have I failed you Doctor??? NO!! Just a moment of temporary insanity. I hope to return to my regularly scheduled insanity by next week.

Well, call in the little men in the big white coats. And alright, I apparently need to take a couple valum and write more in the morning, but I'm going to try and catch-up on sleep, my family and with BLOGGING this weekend. In that order.

Thanks for sticking with me!!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Haven't Done This in a While

So, I thought I'd venture over to and see what they had in store for me. It's been a "Manic Monday" and I thought I'd have some fun because I DESERVE IT!!

I found a test for who I was in a previous life, and that bummed me out even more. I'm a diseased spice vendor?? Seriously? And how I died???? Oh yeah, decapitated! I'm feeling better ALREADY!!!

Needless to say, I immediately found one that referenced desert and I feel better already. Please share with me what desert you turn out to be!! It's far less calories if you become one with the desert, rather than eat all these deserts. COME PLAY!!!

You Are Smores

Unusual and unconventional, you make your strange ways work for you.
You've got personality - no one's denying that!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feeling Lucky??? Wanna Bet?

Now that my ranting and venting is done...and I've had the opportunity to re-read "Temporary Coolness" and love my child again, I can go back to my regularly scheduled post I had planned on for today.

As I was writing my 2007 Year in Review meme, I realized I was blessed with two trips to Vegas this year. I know this may disappoint many of you to learn that I might like to visit "Sin City" but hey, as a people watcher...why wouldn't I dig Vegas?

I like to dabble in the gambling. Not all the time, but I have to tell you there have been a few occassions where the bug has BIT! My best night ever was winning $4,700 at a black-jack table in Washington. When Hubby and I were married in Lake Tahoe, our entire wedding party went down to the casino that night and I won enough to pay off our open bar tab from the reception.

I've dabbled in some online gaming sites before, but never with real money because, well, it scares me sometimes. My twin will play online poker, and I had asked her, how do you know if the site is good?? Reputable? Safe??? She said to look around, so I did.

I stumbled upon online casino, the "Best Online Casinos" site at This site is NOT a gambling site, but a reference site that will tell you about all the different sites that are out there. They have reviews written on every game site you could imagine. It will tell you their origin, how they rate, and what people think about the site.

Want to play Bingo? Blackjack? Craps? Hey...what are you laughing at? Bingo is FUN!!

I didn't even know there was a game called "Carribean Stud" but rest assured...I'll be doing some further investigation on THAT!

They'll even give you a list of Online Casinos accepting US Players. Who knew that it could be limited?? Not me!

As a fan of research, even when playing a game, I'm grateful to have stumbled upon this site. If you are feeling like having some fun (give bingo a shot) but want to make sure you're going to a secure site, I encourage you to give online casino a shot and do your homework ahead of time. You never know, you might get lucky!!

In, On, Getting Into or UNDER the Bus

Bad weather's got nothing on this Grandy Family!! Ok...maybe just a little.

We just got power back in the house sometime late last night. If I judge it by the blinking alarm clock, it looks like it was about 11:30 last night. It's amazing how many times I wanted to walk over to my computer. It was like something was calling me.

"'re forgetting something...come here!!"

Alas, without power, I ignored my inner voice and urge to go to my desk. What would be the point? I can't sort my husbands receipts in the dark, can't use the shredder, can't post on my BLOG!! Must. Fight. The. URGE!!!

As I said, the power came on late last night. When I woke up this morning, my son was already at my desk. And there it was. Staring me in the face! In the middle of EVERYTHING!!! The spot where I put important reminders!!

Memo: Albert leaves for Iraq next week. Surprise party for him at the Johnson's house. 6pm SATURDAY!!!

Saturday? As in LAST NIGHT??

OMG!!! This is one of Hubby's old friends that he hasn't seen in a while. They called late Wednesday, while hubby was out of town (and already sleeping because we had talked an hour before when he said he would be). I made the note to tell him about the party the next day. Chaos ensued, and he wasn't home the next day. Then further chaos with the storm, no power and no phones (no brain apparently).

I FORGOT TO TELL HIM!!!! ACK!!! CRAP!!! (Insert appropriate expletives here***)

After a quick warning to my son that I goofed up on this, what it means, and that he may wish to make sure he is a model citizen today so he is not caught in the cross-fire, I started to plan how I would tell him when he woke. I considered the following:

Option A: RUN FAR...nah...that wouldn't work, I have to come home sometime.
Option B: Leave a note explaining, and tell him to call me when he's cooled off. Well, that wouldn't have worked for the obvious reasons.
Option C: See what kind of mood he's in when he wakes up (making sure to let him sleep as long as humanly possible) and gently own up to this horrible wrong. It was a complete oversight and there is NO excuse, but I have to own it. Let's face it, were the shoe on the other foot I'd be upset too.

Yep!! I would have to go with Option C. It's only the right thing to do...I'll tell him when I know he's good and awake...and I'm good and ready!

Readers...I should warn you that the following acts are real. I am still in shock over the betrayal, and am currently plotting my revenge as we speak.

Hubby: So, now that we have power, what is on our agenda for today? (sounds promising, does it not??)
Me: I don't know yet. (Knowing that what I tell him may affect his wanting to spend time with me)
Ty: Hey Mom!! Don't you have something you have to tell him?? (Gasp!!)

**The sound you are hearing is my son throwing me in front of the bus!! I'm torn between my anxiety for disappointing Hubby and the urge of beating my son to a pulp!!**

Me: Et tu, Brute?? (Oh yea, I've got your number now, you little turd!!)
Ty: Huh?? (as he recognizes the stink eye and begins to shrink)
Me: All those times you ask me..."Please don't tell HIM" and I help you work things out??
Hubby: Will someone please tell me what's going on?!?

Needless to say, when I did tell him, he was disappointed. Of coarse he was!! His longtime friend is leaving to fight in the war and I forgot to tell him about the going away party? What the hell kind of wife does that???? He was silent, and said he understands how things got crazy. He wasn't mad at me? I think I could feel less guilty if he were?? I almost cried. I could still cry!! focus I metaphorically declared war on my only offspring. It pains me to have to take my revenge, albeit only a little, but it has to be done. It is defining moments like these that draw that line. He knows the game is on now...just by the following statement.

Me: *Smiling like I've just lost my mind* Oh, and honey? Remember those earrings you bought that little girl in your class while we were in Mexico? (The ones you didn't want Dad knowing about because he would have teased you incessantly, you little adorable turd!) You might want to make sure those get into your backpack before school tomorrow, so you remember to give them to her.
Ty: (With a look that he now fully understands how deeply he wounded me, and fears that he will suffer for this choice for some time) Uh-huh...I will do that now.

Now would be one of those times where I must reflect back on happier moments with my son. Oh Wait!! I KNOW!! None of you had seen this post, because it was one of my first, but it's a good one to keep in my back pocket for just these moments. Temporary Coolness is highly recommended, along with deep breathing excersises, to maintain sanity.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I'll take a GO!!

Hello Readers!! I write this post to say happy WINDSDAY!!!

We're having quite the storm here. No worries...I didn't drive my cute little bug today...I drove the 1-ton truck (I smart lady). There are trees everywhere in the road, power lines are swaying, and I even had to go help my assistant get a tree off her car.

I do officially look like a drowned-wet-rat!!

I have had no power at my house all day, so I'm not sure when I will get to post or comment. It's only going to get worse, so the bosses are sending us home early.

**shhhh*** Ixnay on the Ostingpay from Orkway!!

I couldn't NOT tell you why I might be gone for a couple days!! What kind of friend would I be? You'd be all worried, and send out the search party, or be thinking that I left to go back to Mexico (hmmmmm).

Let's send our love to Dee, over at onthecurb, who is locked and loaded to have her twins TOMORROW!!!!! I'm crossing my fingers, toes and legs for you Dee!! You're beautiful and you're going to do fine!! Remember to BREATHE!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! And Happy WINDSDAY!!!! Let's go play in the rain...shall we?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

What's wrong with this letter??

What you are about to read is an actual true story of stupidity. The circumstances did take place, but the names have been changed to protect the not-so-intelligent. This recollection is not to be construed as a substitution for common sense, but merely a form of entertainment for blog readers everywhere.

I received a letter from an attorney client a couple years back, that read:


Please find the attached lawsuit served upon our firm today, from the Grumpy family's new counsel. Interestingly, they are suing us for libel and slander based on some comments I made about them at a recent mediation. Ironically, I did say they were incompentent, and now they have to prove they're not in order to make their case.

Please note that this matter has been assigned to Judge Suzy Sassypants. I hereby request that the Not-so-honorable Sassypants recuse herself from this case as she is not qualified, and a MORON.

Kindly refer this matter to the appropriate defense attorney, and contact me to discuss further.



Readers...can you tell me what's wrong with this letter?? My client "re-worded" his letter at my diplomatic urging, was not able to get the judge to recuse herself, but did win the case. Good thing!!! All in brings me back to HUH!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Adventures Part 1 - Blog for Money??

Well folks...I have been having so much fun with my blog, and meeting so many blogging buddies, that I've decided to venture out and try new things. 2008 is the year I'm going to try new adventures in writing.

What that means at this point, I have no idea. Maybe it just means that I'll learn how to put a "strikethrough" in my words. That would be kewl and somehow I would feel like I've made it...just a little.

My blog buddy, Michele at Writing the Cyber Highway, is usually a great resource for trying different things online. I like to follow her site, and Write-From-Home, where Amy Derby never ceases to amaze me with her vast resources and knowledge.

A while back, Michele mentioned she had started working with Smorty, a blog advertising service that connects advertisers with bloggers. You mean you can actually get paid to do this?? I'm not sure about the amount of traffic I have on my site, but I'd just love it if people stop and comment. ***Sigh...remembering the first time Mrs. G. stumbled into my site, and the fateful moment when Dee at On The Curb dared me to join that NaBloPoMo thingy, makes me just a bit verklempt.*** But Michele is happy with it, and so I'll give it a shot!

I've seen many advertisements on different blogs, and never really been sure on how that works. Poor Sandy at Momisodes had that episode where she blogged about potty training and somehow a link popped to adult diapers (I did say popped and not pooped, right? whew!)

So, here's the deal, you sign up and they pay you for posts. I'm still learning the specifics, but they have to review your site, approve your site, and then they start offering you opportunities you can blog about. You don't have to take everything that comes your way. I can't say that I'm a pro on most stuff. But it looks like their shopping for opinions, and who has more than me?? (Alright...I could name several of you, I know.)

So far I must be doing something right because I've been approved. Now...let the payments begin. If anyone is interested, you can find more information through this site (that I'm also posting on the side...over there...yep, to the right ------->).

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

I'll have to keep you all posted with how this works. But if I forget...feel free to ask!! Let me know if you decide to try it out. My reading population, all 15 or so of you, could take this blog advertising thing by storm!!!!

I'm off to go see what opportunities or "campaigns" they have to offer!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 - A year in review meme

My good blogging friend, Dee at onthecurb, posted a great meme about the end of the year, Happy New Year!. As I look forward with much excitement about 2008, I thought I would follow her lead and answer the same questions:

1. Where did you begin 2007? At the same place I ended it, at home. NICE!!!

2. Did you have to go to the hospital? Um...yes...several times for me and for family. But I don't think I was commited, er "admitted" at all?? Don't remember.

3. Did you have any encounters with the police? It wasn't can't prove it. Nope!! No encounters that count. ;)

4. Where did you go on vacation? 2007 I was blessed with multiple trips. We went to Oregon in July. I went to Vegas twice, once for "business". I went on a weekend cruise (Weekend Party Barge) with 30 women who don't drink...go figure. They were awesome ladies! Then...of course...the cous de gras...Mexico for Christmas.

5. What did you purchase that was over $500? Um...please see #3 & #4?

6. Did you know anyone who got married? My cousin...although no one knew about it til afterwards. GO ANG!!!

7. What sporting events did you attend? Football games, a couple pro baseball games, swim meets, a karate demonstration, supercross/motorcross/arenacross...something like that...and I think a soccer game??

8. What concerts/shows did you go to? Blue Man Group (Vegas), Penn & Teller (Vegas), Jersey Boys (on tour), On the cruise I saw the guy who originally sang the "Happy Days" song...don't ask me his name but yes, he's still alive.

9. Where do you live now? Northern Calif.

10. Describe your birthday. My hubby & son had to leave for a boy scout trip so they left my gifts for when I got home from work. New riding gear for my quad. Then I went out with friends. It was a good one!!

11. What's the one thing you thought you would never do, but did in 2007? Please see zipline photos from Back Safe & Sound. Enough said!

12. What's something you learned about yourself? Giving 110% of myself to my job is alright, if it's 110% of a reasonable number. I can still do a good job if I'm not giving 110% of 3,000,000.

13. Any new additions to your family? Regrettably, no.

14. What was your best month? I would have to say December...remember Mexico??

15. What music will you remember 2007 by? I bought my MP3 player in 2007. I will remember 2007 for this wonderful new addition! I use it when I work more than anything because it helps me focus and it tunes out noises around the office. :D

16. Made new friends? New blogging buddies, yes. There are some amazing people that blog...right Dee? ;) I've caught up with some old ones too.

17. Favorite Night Out - Christmas night. Spent it in central Puerto Vallarta with my boys and good friends.

18. Any regrets? No...just lessons.

19. What do you want to change in 2008? I want to keep the momentum going from 2007.

20. Overall, how would you rate this year? I would rate 2007 as a strong 8. There were issues, but nothing we couldn't get through.

21. Other than home, where did you spend most of your time? Probably more time than at home??

22. Change your hairstyle? Yep! The color went darker.

23. Buy a new car?? Yep again!! My VW Bug!! Love my car!!!! Guess this goes under question #5.

24. Any car accidents? Whew...No Yep for this one.

25. How old did you turn this year?? 35 years young.

26. Do you have a New Years resolution? Yes...not to make one.

27. Do anything embarassing? Almost daily!! No wait...Don't Tell Anyone

28. Be honest - Did you watch American Idol? NO WAY!!

29. Start a new hobby? BLOGGING!!!!

30. Will you be happy to see 2007 go? I just did...and I'm still happy. I guess that's a yes??

31. Been Naughty or Nice? Both!!! What the heck is the fun of being just one or the other?