Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bless His Heart - The ongoing saga

See this handsome devil here in this pic?

Yep! That's my hubs.

We don't have THAT many pics taken together, simply because I usually take the pictures. But world...this is hubby. Hubby...ah hell, you don't even read this dang blog. I happen to secretly suspect you hate this blog because you don't get why blogging is fun for me. But alas, I love you anyway.

Many of you were first introduced to Grandy's hubby in one of her early posts: You bought WHAT??. If you haven't seen this post, might I suggest you take a peak at it because it really will explain A LOT of history.

Yesterday was my darling hubby's birthday. Hard to believe it has been a whole year since I posted this crazy theory, 3 + 8 = 11. And for the still applies.

In honor of Hubby's birthday (and to spare a royal nagging) I snuck in and posted while I was at work, so I could focus my evening on him.
Grandy picked him up a pie...

...some vanilla ice cream...

...had the little guy make him a sign...

...had some cards...

...and settled in for a nice family evening (after a dang scout committee meeting that made my head want to split open).

It was nice. I am a little embarrassed to tell you that I had to give Hubby an I.O.U for his birthday. He wants cash so he can put it towards parts for his Jeep that he is rebuilding. Grandy is a little low on the cash flow at the moment due to her more recent "medically induced sabbatical", so an I.O.U. is going to have to do for now. But he liked it.

Tonight, Grandy came home to find a new tool thingy in her garage.

It's not like it was a new screw driver, Grandy's not that observant. Hubby had bought new tires and wheels for his truck and was driving on them for 3 months before a friend of Grandy said, "Wow! Those are nice new wheels on his truck." WTF?!?

No, this new thingy was holding an engine. I believe it's called a cherry picker? I noticed it last week, but rarely pay attention to things in the Man Cave. Tonight for some reason it peeked my interest.

I sent a text to Hubby's friend because I know he sometimes borrows thingys from him.

Hey...there's a new tool thingy in our garage. Is it urs? Did he borrow or buy?

The response?

What do you want to hear?

Well folks, I had my answer in that one question. I did call said friend and clarified some details with him. The night that Hubby told me he was going over to give him cash two weeks ago for the "windshield wiper blades" that he picked up for him (oh he got those too) was the night he also paid said friend for this cherry-ass-nose-whatever-the-hell-you-call-it picker.

It's not that he bought it. It's that he doesn't tell me these things, and hopes I won't find out.
Go that early post. It will all make sense.

This is where we must insert, Bless his heart comment here. He's lucky I love him.

Grandy is tired...and promises to post about all the excitement since she's been back at work soon. But a word was introduced to Grandy today that she's having to wrap her brain around: A-C-Q-U-I-S-I-T-I-O-N.

Did I mention I'm tired??

See you all tomorrow!! NaBloMeMo is kicking my a$$.


Mike Golch said...

My Bh does not get the blogging thing either.

Bridge said...

I am hoping it wasn't an expensive purchase...

If it was just say Happy Birthday. You bought yourself a gift from me!

Christina said...

Love it! Since I did not start reading here until December? or was fun to read those flash backs. are a saint! Happy Birthday to hubby and I hope he enjoys his cherry picker birthday present :-)

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday to hubs.

mysecondjournal said...

My mom used to hide things from my dad and I never got that.. I get it now.

Vixen said...

Well do you have an cherries that need picking? Can you sub-contract him out?

Argh, husbands: you can't live without 'em and you can't kill 'em.

Mariuca said...

Grandy!! Is that u Grandy?? YAY! We finally see Grandy here and your hubby too, what a treat! Happy Birthday to ur hubby and here's to many more birthdays! :):):)

Momisodes said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Perhaps you should surprise him and place a gift tag on the Cherry thing-a-ma-jiggy and say "Happy birthday, From Me" :)

Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to yourself in the third person? Actually you seem to go back and forth - third person, first person - I vs. Grandy is very confusing, bad writing - not at all clever...

NJDecorator said...

I enjoy your writing...and Bless your heart. I would have been ready to murder my DH by now were I you.

Grandy said...

Mike~ It's a good hobby to have, I'm glad you do.

Bridge~ I so wanted to.

Christina~ I'm NO saint lady.

Mrs. G~ Thanks hun!

MP~ I still don't really get it. But my Dad hid his beer under the house.

Grandy said...

Vixen~ The dang thing doesn't even pick cherries. It holds engines.

Mariuca~ Yep! That's me!!

Sandy~ Good call! I should try that.

Anonymous~ I appreciate your honesty.

NJ~ Thanks! He knows I wanted to.

Joyce-Anne said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!! I'm very practical, so I hope he will actually use that thingy.

dkuroiwa said...

Happy Birthday...a few days late, but still incredibly the very cute hubby!! And really...I do that love picture of you two!!

My hub. doesn't really understand the blogging thing either, but...on the other hand, I don't get his fascination with guitars, keyboards, more guitars, the Beatles and Pink Floyd (okay, maybe I get the Pink Floyd thing) I guess we're even!!

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Thanks so much for the positive thinking.

DK~ Even steven indeed. :)

onthecurb said...

Onthecurb wishes Grandy's hubby a belated happy birthday! I hope the cherry-picker picks a lot of cherries for him or whatever it's supposed to do. OTC notices you look like you're punching him there in the photo.


phd in yogurtry said...

My dh occasionally reads my blog .. when I prop laptop under his nose and say "it's about you". Otherwise, nada.

Happy Birthday, Mr Shmunctional!

Grandy said...

Curb~ Oh Yeah! You're that good for catching that. ;)

Phd~ Mr. Shmunctional thanks you.