Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Grandy has never considered this blog to be political. Far from it.

However, I have voiced my enthusiasm in the past that regardless of the outcome, this was a history making night. What a fight...what significant propositions we were faced with.

Congratulations to President-Elect Obama.

Yay to everyone who voted!! Congratulations to you all for celebrating that freedom we have!


This is my first big election as a blogger. I have watched so many blogs take one direction or another. Some have evolved into completely political blogs, while some have just voiced their rants concerns on one candidate or proposition, or the other. I think that the bloggy world took on a whole new realm during this election.

I now envision everyone in bloggy-dom lounging around the couch, Al Bundy style, as if they have eaten too much turkey at Thanksgiving. I picture everyone being just a bit hung over from all the data we've been processing.

I am so grateful to everyone because I consider myself more well-informed this year. I did more research, on my own, that really helped me in my own convictions. I don't go into those convictions here, because I also celebrate the freedom of keeping those convictions to myself.

I have nothing wonderfully superb to contribute to this history-making night. So I will not try to compete.

I am just thrilled to have been a witness to it...and to do so with my family.

And Grandy is Ding-Dong-Done!!

See you all tomorrow!!


bonoriau said...

Congrats to you and to all American for your new Elected President Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Suzanne said...

I ventured into waters I never thought I would this election year. My opinion with people who know me casually is so closely held that I had coworkers think I was aligned 180 degrees from where I actually fell!

You know what? I'm glad I did get vocal this campaign. If given the chance to do it over, I would not change one single thing!

It's been an exciting few months, but like you, I am glad for the end!

Mariuca said...

Hiya Grandy! A big congratulations tr u on ur newly elected President! He is a hottie too he he! Have fun today Roxy and thanks so much for visiting my blogs woot! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Dropping EC here today Grandy! :)

Tricia said...

I'm sitting back and feeling so happy that the election is over, and hoping we'll all move forward united, in and out of the blog world. It was quite an adventure though, that's for sure.

Bridge said...

I cried again yesterday after hearing a comment from ANOTHER family member. My family is sooooo uneducated. It just makes me mad. I have no idea why I turned out the way I did. They believe all the stupid rumors they have heard on the internet.


storyteller said...

Like you, I try not to make political posts … but this morning I’m filled with hope for the future and I’m fully aware how challenging the next few years will be for Obama and all of us.
Hugs and blessings,

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm glad this election is over. Somehow I knew it would be a landslide for Obama. If nothing else happens with his presidency, what a wonderful step we've taken to unite all Americans no matter what color or religion you are.

Kelly O said...

I think it's okay to voice your opinions. Our country needs to be better about voicing them respectfully, but freely holding opinions is a cornerstone of our country.

At the same time, I'm glad it's over, too!

Lala said...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I feel relieved on many counts. Having it over is certainly one of them.

Mrs. F said...

On the right hand side of your page you have your "League of Extraordinary Wives" button. It has a picture of you, but only...it does not look like you. Really, at all. Heh.

Travis said...

I discovered that I remained silent for reasons that were not my own. It was an odd feeling.


Grandy said...

Bono~ Thanks so much!!

Suzanne~ It's good to step outside your comfort zone. Good for you!!

Mariuca~ A hottie?? HUH? ;)

Tricia~ DITTO!!

Bridge~ It is that ignorance that scares me so.

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ Hope is good...we have to have that. :)

KellyO~ I liked your take on things, and agree that sharing opinions respectfully is key.

Lala~ Yep! :)

Jenn~ What did you do with all those signs? ;)

Paloma~ You should see my driver's license.