Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grandy-isms In Pictures

It's been a while since Grandy has had a chance to play over at Big Huge Labs and she thought it was time to create some new sarcasm for her daily dose of Grandy-isms.

Wanna play? Why not send Grandy a pic and she can give shall we say...UMPH!

My Grandy-isms + Your pics = Magic

Or at least it's good for a couple chuckles anyway.

See you all tomorrow!!


BeeDancer said...

OK, I sent you a picture...Looking forward to seeing what you do with it

onthecurb said...

Oh, this should be fun. Let me see what I can dig up. (smart cookie, getting your way through nablo)

Kirby3131 said...

Love it!

Joyce-Anne said...

Those were great. I'm not a techie, but if I can figure it out-a picture will come your way.

Regardiong yesterday's post...yes, I did sing in front of people but that was with a group. Some time during college I got brave enough and tried singing a solo. Obviously, I must have liked it because now, people hire me to sing (usually solo) and wonder if I never tried performing in college where and what I'd be doing now.

Momisodes said...

LOL! I love these shots and captions!

I may have to dig through some of my photo archives.

Bridge said...

I just sent you a picture, but then realized I may or may not have signed my name. HAHAHA. I am sure you can figure it out. I'll be the idiot holding the umbrella, the video camera, AND a beer.

Vixen said...

That second especially slew me! I shall have to see what I can find to send to you to grandy-ize

storyteller said...

These are hilarious! It’s a good thing I’ve got Photoshop Elements because try as I might, I can’t get Big Huge Labs to work for me … ever ;--(
Hugs and blessings,

Grandy said...

Bee~ I've sent it back. Hope you like!!

Curb~ I'm not posting them on my site...they're for posting on yours. :)

Kirby~ Thanks!!

Joyce-Anne~ Send me what you can. And on the other part...good for you for getting out there and singing...for money. ;)

Grandy said...

Sandy~ Your photo archives must be as big as my house. I'm sure you can come up with something. :)

Bridge~ I NEVER GOT THE PIC? I'm on my way to let you know on your site.

Vixen~ Oooohh...I like that... Grandy-Ize. :)

Storyteller~ Really? Never??