Friday, November 7, 2008

B U I - Blogging Under the Influence

Grandy has been known to do some stupid things.

All you have to do is read here and of course HERE to remember that.

Today my fine readers, Grandy did the UBER stupid thing.

No...I didn't drive my car into a tree (this week).

Nope...No keys in the trash (again, not this week).

I didn't even drive off with something on the roof (crap, I did do that this week but that's not it).

It's been 5 weeks since Grandy's most recent surgery. She's getting stronger every day but sometimes has a setback. It's been two weeks since she's needed pain meds.

Today Grandy's boys were having an overnight planning meeting with the Boy Scouts and, being that she's a rockin' mom AND the committee chair for the scouts, she decided to treat the scouts and leaders with some snacky foods through the night. She's also getting up at the butt-crack of dawn really early to meet a couple moms to make them all a yummy breakfast.

So...Grandy is going through her list when she remembers, "Oh! I need to get them a flat of water." Grandy...without even thinging about it...picks up a flat.of.water.

It wasn't until I was launching it into the cart that I realized, "WTF GRANDY?"

Temporary stupidity blinded me that this wasn't even a normal flat of felt like the heaviest flat of flippin' water ever made by man.

CRAP!! Grandy is NOT supposed to be lifting anything OVER TEN POUNDS!

I knew right away I was going to be hosed, and could barely get the darn cart pushed around the wharehouse store. I could have cried. You can't imagine my panic as I tried to figure out how I was to get my items to my car now.

I prayed, "Lord, please forgive my stupidity in thinking I could do this by myself. Please get me out of here NOW and give me the strength to have NOT done some permanent damage." miracle happened.

I rounded the corner and saw a friend of mine who lives up the road, is a nurse, and even came to visit me in the hospital whenever she could on her shift. I don't know if you would understand the magnitude of this, but this Costco is 30 miles from our home. The odds of running into ANYONE I know at this store is slim, but to run into someone that knows me, and knows my health issue without even having to say anything...I then could have really cried.

She saw my face, looked at my cart and sent her son to push my cart. He and his friend, who are both only 10, had no idea why they were helping this woman with her groceries but were thrilled when I paid them each a $1 ( was all I had on me in cash) to unload everything into my car.

It was all I could do to get home and take some meds. Ty ran out to unload the car, and Hubby got home in time to both laugh at me, and help me. I feel bruised in a way that I can't explain.

Please don't tell my Mom. She WILL kill me!! And really...let's face it...I know I screwed up.

Dang IT! I just wish I slowed down sometimes.

No worries...Grandy will be fine...but I might be a little embarassed when I read this tomorrow to see if it makes any sense. I probably shouldn't even be blogging about this. But liquid crack and valium have been the muse for this BUI episode.

Hey! I could start a theme with this. Maybe next time I'll see what I can do about the theory of bottle goggles, and see how we can tie this into a blog post.

I'm going to go take some more meds, get some rest before my breakfast adventure in the morning, and will see you all again tomorrow.


Joyce-Anne said...

We all over do it sometimes. If it helps any--I started bleeding from my stitches after my third c-section all because I carried a (medium size) load of laundry downstairs.

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm glad someone was in teh store to help you. I think you had an angel looking out for you. Take it easy!!

xup said...'re okay, right? Physically anyway??

Mrs. F said...

OMG, I cringed thinking of you picking up that case of bottled water. No more doing crazy shit like that.

Travis said...

No harm done. Just take it easy for the next couple of days. It's easy to forget when you're starting to feel better.

Hang in there!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I hope you didn't set yourself back too far--that water is heavy and unwieldy.

Bridge said...

I agree with Travis... it is easy to forget when you start to feel better.

Make sure you relax though.

Oh, and I love to BUI just so you know.

songbird's crazy world said...

oy grandy...I just pictured myself, right afte rmy hysterectomy, trying to lift something...I am so glad you were able to find someone to help you, small miracles like that ....ell, it's wonderful.

Suzanne said...

I'm happy you had a guardian angel hiding in the aisle of Costco.

Please promise you won't over do it again? The liquid meds are no fun!

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Thank you for making me feel a little normal. I did have an angel, didn't I?

XUP~ I think so...but I do have to call the doc tomorrow.

Mrs. F~ No MORE!! Hubby told my mom on me too, the a$$.

Travis~ Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Jenn~ Me too!!

Bridge~ Thanks!! Trying to take it easy...not easy to do ya know.

Songbird~ I'm thankful for small miracles every day.

Suzanne~ Promising as we speak.