Sunday, November 9, 2008

D-Blog Day 2009

Grandy was 6 months pregnant when she got the call.

We need you to go straight to the endocrinologist.

From then on it was this:

Blah blah - Count Carbs - Blah - Insulin Shots- Blah blah
Only while you're pregnant - blah blah - "gestational" - blah blah
Blah blah - don't eat crap - blah blah

Well...that was bullsh!t!!

Then there was the ever popular:

Blah blah - you're too fat - blah blah - don't eat crap - blah blah
Just lose weight - blah blah - exercise - blah - don't eat crap - blah

Highest A1C 2007 - 13.4

Latest A1C - 7.7

Grandy is 80 pounds lighter than she was 18 months ago, but guess what?

She's still a diabetic.

So here you go...

Blah blah - I am stronger than this - blah blah - still take insulin shots - blah
gotta take a pill - blah blah - exercise - blah - can't eat crap - blah blah

November 9, 2008 is the 4th annual D-Blog Day.
A day for diabetic bloggers to send a shout out to all other diabetics out there.
If you are diabetic, or know someone who is, let's give a shout out.

You can post this logo on your blog too.
Let's just raise awareness about this disease.
And if you haven't done so, please click the widget over there. --->
Sign the petition to get Google to do their Doodle for World Diabetes Day.

Thanks so much!!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My daughter's boyfriend has been diabetic since he was 15--he wears a pump and is doing well, but it is always a worry.

I'm sorry the weight loss didn't help.

Mike Golch said...

My Bh has been a type 1 since she was 14. here sister develpoed thyp one during her first pregnancy 27 years ago.

Mike Golch said...


Renie Burghardt said...

Hey there, Funny Lady!

Since I am and have been your follower for a while now, even though you are not a follower of mine, (for shame!) I just saw this on my updates. Well, guess what? If you guessed that I am going to say I am a diabetic as well, you guessed right. A type 2, diagnosed 5 years ago, although I have a feeling I've had it much longer.

And yep, I lost 30 pounds, and have to watch my carbs, and can't eat anything yummy without doing some damage to my body (!) and do exercise, and take a pill for it, daily (not on insulin, yet, so far) but my A1C has been at 5.9 for some time, thank the Good Lord.

I guess I missed out the D Blog Day on November 9th. You know, I have been kind of not into announcing it to the world. I just do my thing, to control it, and keep it mostly my secret. Well, the cats out of the bag now, I guess. Maybe I'll get one of thos blue dot thingies up on my blog.

Anyway, it's a pain in the tush to be a diabetic, but we gotta make the best of things, don't we?

Take good care of yourself!


Renie (your follower!)

Vixen said...

I had gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy, which then resolved. But then 5 years later I was diagnosed with type II. My mother, brother and my son are also type II.

I wish I had internet connection over the weekend so I could have blogged this!

ArmyWife said...

I signed the petition. I think.

Momisodes said...

Good for you for losing 80 pounds! that is awesome. I'm very sorry it wasn't the solution though.

I was borderline diabetic while pregnant. It was awful.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ No worries. The weight loss has helped in so many other ways.

Mike~ Bummer indeed.

Renie~ Oh you are sweet for stopping by. I think I was at your site the same time you were here. I don't "follow" anyone's blog because I don't know how. I only recently set up a google reader thing. Thank you for sharing your story here.

Vixen~ No worries! There's still time to sign the petition, if you haven't done so already.

Army Wife~ YAY YOU!!

Sandy~ There are far more fun things I can think of...this isn't one of them. ;)

Mrs. F said...

I am so glad that my gestational diabetes was truly there *only* during gestation.

I get all queasy around shots.


Kirby3131 said...

Goodness, I missed this. I was just diagnosed with T2 Diabetes September 26th. Insulin injections from the first day of diagnosis. Don't eat crap, yep. Exercise, lose weight, count carbs - same stuff.

Congrats on your weight loss. That's awesome!

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ You'd be suprised what you are capable of when you have no other choice.

Kirby~ Oh my!! Come join the tudiabetes club...there's all sorts of info there, and support!!