Monday, November 17, 2008

Minor Ranting Ahead

I'm afraid for those of you who came over to check in on how Grandy's first day back at work went might have to come back after day two.

The fact that I'm currently posting means I have survived.

However, I have a quick little note I'd like to write to someone while I'm still really pissed reeling from it.

Pull up a could get interesting. Grandy is about to get... UN-EDITED.


Dear Coach;

You have coached my son in Basketball for 2 years as a head coach. You coached him one year as an assistant coach. You even coached him in T-Ball for 2 years when he was a wee lad and still picking the daisies in the outfield.

So please tell wait...ENLIGHTEN me as to how I am to explain to my son why you decided that this year he was not good enough for the team. Why you chose to cut 3 of the 7th graders on the 7th grade team, in order to put 3 of the 6th graders on the team? What the hell is this crap about you wanting to start a "core" team for next year?

I am about to sound like a disgruntled parent who whines when her son doesn't get his way. Well for once I am going to say HELL YEAH I'M PISSED!! Grandy is inserting no flippin' diplomacy tonight.

How is it that you promised a spot to a boy (who I will grant you is very talented) who broke his collar bone 2 days before try-outs and can't even play for 4-6 weeks?

YOU explain to my boy why you chose a kid who has NEVER played basketball before over these kids. Living in this small town, I get how you grow to know so many of them.

What about thanking him for begging his mom to take him to try-outs even though he's sick and sounds like a seal in heat. He busts his sick little a$$ for you and where is your own son tonight? Home...with the sniffles...but on the team.

Parents of boys who made the team were outraged at the way you've handled this thing, but Grandy is not going to complain to you in person. She would love to have her molotov moment with you, but will refrain. Grandy is not about to turn this into some sort of thing that would have a negative reflection on her son.

I'm all for competition, and have never been a big fan of equality for every kid because frankly some are better than others. But I will tell you this here...GET OVER YOURSELF!! THEY'RE EFFING 7TH GRADERS!!

As I comforted my broken-hearted 12 year old tonight, who has no voice but wanted nothing more than to just be a part of your team again, my maternal protection surfaced in my throat like vomit in a pregnant woman.

I will see you in town...I will be polite...but know this...I want to kick you hard.




BeeDancer said...

Seems like there's a big division in kids' sports these days...Either they're highly competitive, eg. the coach of your son's team, which seems to have more to do with the coach's ego than the kids or they hand out "participation trophies" to every kid so no one's feelings get hurt...I don't think the latter is a very good idea, but neither do I believe in a coach boosting his own self-esteem at the expense of the kids he's coaching

You have every right to be pissed...Go get him!

PS I love what you did with Gizmo's picture...Thanks! It'll be posted today

Dan Brantley said...

I agree with beedancer. There is a middle ground. Kids know who is better,and they know when it's not fair. Most kids should be playing for the fun and a coach who sacrifices that to win is doing them a disservice. That being said. Use this as "teachable moment" with your kid. Life can be unfair sometimes, always try your best anyway, automatic weapons never solve anything..., blah blah blah

Tricia said...

Oh NO! The coach does suck. WTF! This is one more reason I want to keep my little guy at four. I'm not sure I could handle 12-year-old broken hearts. And Grandy, I don't think you have to be polite all the time when you see this schmuck around town.

songbird's crazy world said...

been there, done that. not with basketball, with the high school dance team. the coach handed me a load of BS when she cut my daughter after two years of being on the team. the child was devastated....but the silver lining is we no longer have to deal with the coach's "win at any cost" mentality or the daily dose of shenanigans from the divas and drama queens on that team. hugs to your son, and I hope you find your silver lining in this.

Suzanne said...

Oh NO! Core team for next year? What about getting through this year, buddy?!

Ya know, I think this may very well bite him in the butt, because the parents whose kids *did* make the team may not be happy with him and choose not to have the boys try out next year.

Christina said...

Oh! ooooooo...that letter sounds awfully familiar! I had to make it private on my blog in case of local snoopers, but boy did I go OFF earlier this summer on our travel baseball club. Oh, man do I know the heartache and anger - I literally cried HOT tears over it. I actually did make a bit of a squeak about it since I carry a *little* weight being on the board, but it was more to point out what a horrible message they were sending out to the community as a whole by cutting 3 kids who'd been together for 6 years and totally changing the philosophy as published to the parents. And I knew the other two families would be loudly angry. 2 of the kids were reinstated right away before anything was publicized and the 3rd was right after the team was announced. The kids are non the wiser and it's all worked out, but boy was I a white hot mess over it!

Joyce-Anne said...

Go get 'em Grandy!!!

Mike Golch said...

give him 40 lashes with 2 donzen wet noodles with razor blades attached I say!!

Persnickety Ticker said...

I would say that a nice batch of "it's OK, really, we're over it" Ex-Lax brownies would be a nice touch at this point.

I admire your restraint.

Mrs. F said...

Ewwww, that is something I am NOT looking forward to in my childrens sports! Poor Ty. I'm sorry!

Kelly O said...

WTF?!! That's so effing lame. I kind of want to kick him in the shins, too. What a tool.

hasta pasta said...

You are a bigger person than me. i would have done it in person and had a Molotov moment for sure. Can you hear me clapping and hollering over here. You rock and just like a mother lion protecting her young cub. Unfortunaltey it hurts and like I always say it was just not meant to be, therefore there will be something better waiting around the corner. Believe.

Grandy said...

Bee~ Glad you like the pic. It's totally about that ego.

Dan~ No automatic weapons? DANG!

Tricia~ I will be civil...but cool.

Songbird~ We will find one. We always do.

Suzanne~ I doubt that because let's face it. The parents are just as competative.

Christina~ Sounds like yours worked out for the best. :)

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Thanks girl!

Mike~ You've done this before?

Persnickety~ Ooohh...I like the way you think!!

Mrs. F~ Usually it's not that bad.

Kelly~ Thank you for single handedly reminding me of the proper use of the word TOOL. I used to use it a lot and you made me laugh. :)

Hasta~ I secretly hoped you would see this post. I <3 you!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow--I'm out of commission for a few days with all my baking and schoolwork and all hell breaks loose.

All I can say about this is that we all know that sometimes in life it is the times that our hearts are broken that help us grow.

I've always had that same feeling about the 6th graders on the 7th grade team thing. WTF?

Grandy said...

Jenn~ I know...where were you when I needed you? ;) Bring some of those baking goodies up this way.