Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandy is better now

WOW! I'm re-reading yesterday's post and all I can say is...WOW!

Grandy has always been pretty careful about what she writes here because she tries to keep it fun or meaningful (rarely both). The blog is here to entertain the few that stumble across this blog, and sometimes just crack myself up in the process.

Even on my few rants, I have never felt so welled up with venom and not edited it. Damn that NaBloPoMo and the fact that I was really tired, running out of time, and feeling venomous. I had to get the post in, and it was all I could think about.

You know, Grandy has never taken down a post. This morning when she woke up, she still felt sick about the heartbreak, so she definitely considered it. Little Grandy reads this blog...what was her rant going to show him?

Well time got the better of me today, and I didn't get a chance to edit or delete the post. First thing when I logged in at work this morning, I saw there was already 4 comments (WOW YOU GUYS ARE FAST) to it.

Grandy decided not to delete the post. If there's one thing about this blog that my son has learned about me, is that I'm human. He's seen my posts that have made me laugh and cry. He sometimes doesn't even tell me he's read my post for weeks.

This creative outlet is exactly what it is...an outlet. It can be a healthy one, and sometimes feel cleansing to vent it out. And even if someone from my town were to read this...so be it. Grandy has never been one to say anything about anyone that she is not fully prepared to say TO them (or hasn't already done so already). Need I remind you of my new nickname?

What about you, reader?

Have you ever deleted a post? Thought about it?

What prevented (or pushed) you to take your action?


Deanna said...

Nope, never deleted. I've considered it maybe once, half-heartedly, when an extremely sarcastic friend of mine told me I was "vicious" when I posted about the Osteens. UGH!! I can not begin to describe how much I can't stand the Osteens! But, I decided not to delete, because given the opportunity, I just might actually say similar things to their face. So I didn't delete it.
I must say too, that all my kids read my blog, so there's just some things I can't say. Like how I really feel about some family members! Darn!
And for the record, I'd have a hard time not kicking the coach. ;)

Mrs. F said...

I have never deleted a post, but there was one that I certainly had second thoughts about even posting. I had to post it though, for myself. I had to get it off my chest...Leave your post up!

Christina said...

I've password protected some either from the start or after the fact. Last year I was BUSTED after a rant about a local coach that HE READ!!! Oh help me lord it still makes me all red faced.

But no, I have never deleted one.

Suzanne said...

Deleted? No. Modified? Yes. I posted about a subject that still ticks me off. I don't like putting Ed in the line of fire for a topic that he and I agree on, but the party involved doesn't know this. I started a Live Journal blog that I post to when the party frustrates me to the point that I need to vent, without compromising the 'no deleting' I've got for myself.

BeeDancer said...

Since I think of my blog as a kind of diary I don't delete posts...If I'm in a mood, be it angry or depressed, then someday i can look back and see it, and then see how I dealt with it...I'm human & I don't expect to always feel upbeat and my blog reveals that, but it also gives me a place to work through those feelings

Kelly O said...

I have never deleted nor taken down a post, because I've never written anything I wouldn't say to someone's face. I don't think you've over-stepped that boundary, either. That coach was wrong, and I think he'll realize it eventually.

Mrs. G. said...

I deleted a post once about a conversation with my boss. I didn't say anything inappropriate. I just felt that I shouldn't be writing about her without her knowledge,

Vixen said...

Oh Grandy, I have been busy and unable to read till now, but I want you to know you are my hero! Work wise, mommy wise and blogger wise! You kick ass. Keep it up.

Grandy said...

Deanna~ Oh I do try to be careful about family members also.

Mrs. F~ I remember that post, and was touched by it. I'm glad you shared it.

Christina~ OUCH!!

Suzanne~ I've seen some of your venting. ;)

Grandy said...

Bee~ I like to look back on them too.

Kelly~ I hope so.

Mrs. G~ But I write about all sorts of people without their knowledge. OOPS!!

Vixen~ You are so sweet! Thank you!!!

Travis said...

I don't think I've deleted a post. Sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind.

I hope that Ty is able to put this behind him and try out again next year.

Grandy said...

Travis~ Ty is doing great, thanks!!