Sunday, November 2, 2008

Does Yours Look Like THIS?

The Grandy family is not what you would call...domestically inclined.

It's not that our house is filthy, nor would it qualify for an episode of How Clean Is Your House? but I must say that even this Grandy has had her limit.

I saw the surgeon for a follow-up on Friday, and although he hasn't released me to go back to work, he has said I can start going back to certain activities. As much as I hate to say it, the home in Grandy-land is needing some serious attention.

The boys have really done their best to try and step up (insert "bless their hearts" comment here) and help out. They have washed their own clothes for about a month...with only minor incident. Ty has been faithfully doing the dishes, dusting, and getting the mail at least once a week. I couldn't even recreate the happy dance he did when he realized the belt on the vacuum was less chore.

But last weekend (the first days I could start driving) I had decided it was time to prepare for the battle. I have GOT to do something! I knew I was going to see the doc this week and was hopefully going to be allowed to get my clean on.

Well...I've been given the green light (in moderation of course) and am going to commence this today. I will try to tackle a room every day.

But today?

Today I must start HERE:

I took this pic on Monday...when I was having my nervous frickin' breakdown epiphony. Some of this has already resolved itself.

  • 2 big bags of candy - Donated to the church for their Harvest Festival.
  • Target bags - They housed the other random cleaning supplies that Grandy decided she must have.
  • Purse - It's been moved...I promise.
  • Big hefty bags in the back - Those are clothes that no longer fit me (since I've lost tons) and they've been delivered to the thrift store.
  • Curio cabinet - It was delivered a while ago (it was Gramma's) but now has a home. Please don't ask why it was placed there...and NO I didn't move it myself. They just needed my direction.

Can you find the object that slays me the most? Really? Look REAL HARD.

How many of you can claim to have an Elvis Hound Dog on their dining room table. How about an Elvis Hound Dog NEXT to a camping lantern?

No? Just the Grandys? Really??

Oh...those Lysol Gloves and I are SO going to be friends today.

Unless you want to come see what's at the bottom of this pile...Grandy will see you all tomorrow!!

OH! And I promise to announce the winner of my 200th Post - Another Grandy-Ose Contest tomorrow.


Jennifer H said...

You should see, in my house, what my daughter lovingly refers to as "The Messy Mommy Counter." 'Nuff said?

Good luck. I have a few spots to tackle today, too.

Lala said...

I'll be thinking of you - and just remember, it doesn't bother others as much as you think it does. At least thats what "others" tell me!

phd in yogurtry said...

Could give me the specifics on your surgery? And symptoms leading up to? I need a weight loss tool cuz nothin's workin' here.

Mrs. G. said...

This looks totally normal. I'm not even kidding.

dkuroiwa said...

Oh My Gosh! I have a room that looks JUST LIKE THAT!! (I have a Gromit sitting in the place of honor, but no houndog!)
Can't wait for the "after" hoping it will be inspiring 'cause right now, I got nothing! Go Grandy Go!

Joyce-Anne said...

Yeah, I can relate too. I am a clutter bug. If I don't put whatever it is away immediately the item ends up on my dining room table or a desk or my nightstand. For me, it's a bad habit that I have to break.

Dens said...

my spare room is very is known as the "room of doom". It gets all nice and tidy for a while, and then it tends to suck everything in and get next task is to clean this room...again!!

Tricia said...

My bedroom closet looks like that. The reason? I'm so tired of picking up other people's stuff, I rarely take time to organize my own.

Glad to hear your on the mend!!

Grandy said...

Jennifer~ At least you just have a counter.

Lala~ Can those "others" come over with my aunt & uncle who have advised they are coming for a visit next week?

phd~ Someday I might...

Mrs. G~ Which is why I <3 you!!

DK~ YAY YOU my kindred spirit!!

Joyce-Anne~ Oh I have so many.

Dens~ When you're done...come on up.

Tricia~ Thanks!!

ceemee said...

Yep! Our house looks like this, but in small scattered areas. I tend to feel guilty just by looking at them, and I keep promising I will clean them when I get a long vacation. He he!

Mrs. F said...

Yes, I think this actually *might* qualify you for that TV show...

What? I said MIGHT.


Grandy said...

Ceemee~ Let me know how that promise works out for ya. :)

Mrs. F~ How did I know YOU would say that??