Friday, November 21, 2008

Grandy-isms in YOUR Pictures - Round 1

Remember Grandy's offer to frame your pic for you?

Here's my first creation for BeeDancer. Have you seen BeeDancer's site? She has some great pics of Florida on her site.

Her little Gizmo is adorable!! He looks very smart too.

I'm glad she liked the pic.
Now where are your pics? Email them to me people!! It will be fun!! I can even change the color of the frame to suit your liking.

It's FRIDAY readers!!

I don't subscribe to a ha-choo or a Fun-Friday thingy.

But I'm all about wishing you all a fun one...and bless you!!

See you all tomorrow.


xup said...

What kind of dog is that? I love that dog. Can I have him?

storyteller said...

What a GREAT poster of a cute little dog ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Christina said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Momisodes said...

ROFL! I just love the caption you've placed below :)

What a cutie pie!

Grandy said...

Xup~ You will have to check with BeeDancer.

Storyteller~ Glad you like. :)

Christina~ Yep!!

Sandy~ Yeah...I had fun with it.

BeeDancer said...

Gizmo loves all the publicity he's getting and tells me to send you all a slurpy doggy kiss...

Best as we can tell, he's some part miniature schnauzer and some part some kind of terrier, maybe Yorkie..

He's younger than I'd thought and at 12# he's quite a change from my 110# Bruno...But he's great fun and eager to learn...I feel lucky to have found him

Grandy said...

Beedancer~ You are lucky to have him...except I'd watch out for XUP if I were you.