Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Grandy Finally Gets Video

My dear friend Dens, over at Black Cats R Lucky has finally gotten off her ass posted up a meme. To honor the moment, she has tagged me back. I post this in fear that we will lose her from the blogosphere for-evah if I don't.

The Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you - Done
2. Post the rules on your blog - Done
3. List 6 random things about yourself - Really? Isn't this entire blog full of all Grandy Randomness??
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post - UGH! You're killing ME!!! Oh wait, it's doesn't say tag people and piss and moan in the process. I got it.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog - Ding Dong I come!!!

Hmmm...I can't be the only one thinking it's strange that the rules for 6 random things should have 6 rules. Right? I am the only one?

6 (more) Random things about Grandy:

1) Grandy has never watched an episode of Survivor. Ever. Never. Really. No intention to either.

2) Grandy can't wear just socks on her feet...not more than 5 minutes anyway. There is a strange obsession. I either have to wear slippers, shoes or NOTHING. Never just socks. It's a dry feet thing.

3) While we're on the subject, Grandy has a strange thing with dry skin and chapped lips. Too much of either of these will push me into homocidal OCD tendencies.

4) Grandy doesn't snore anymore.

5) Grandy gets a big kick out of this song on her CD (you will understand when you listen):

6) Speaking of COFFEE, Grandy just bought her first coffee maker 2 weeks ago. It took 1 week to figure out how to set the automatic start.

Now...for the tags.

Joyce-Anne - You're getting very good at playing along in the comments sweet cheeks! Share with us!!

phd in yogurtry - Step out of your sessions and enlighten us with your goodness.

BeeDancer - Alright lovely lady...tell us somethin' bout you in Florida!!

Simply Elegant Girl - This cutie patootie is going have some pretty good stuff I think.

LadyJava - Grandy's readers...Grandy's readers...MEET LJ!!

Dory - Tell us more about you, lady. What you can recall that is. ;)

Thanks everyone!!!

***EDIT: IT WORKED!! THE VIDEO THING WORKED!! There might be hope for Grandy YET!!!***

***P.S. EDIT: Grandy just keeps watching the dang video over and over because really...there are talking pictures on this blog!!!***


dkuroiwa said...

Oh My God! Am I the first?!?! That NEVER happens!! I just forgot my comment...think, debbie, think....
1. ME EITHER!! I canNOT relate AT ALL to anyone talking about that show! We should start a club!

That video is so funny...great song by a woman with an incredible voice! Will go and check out her other sorry about this, but you KNOW I'm going to borrow/steal that video.

Socks? me too. and here, my sons wear "toe sox" which totally drive me bonkers!! eww!
have a great Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

2. Me either! The survivors survive luxury maybe? Yuck.

Ditto on the socks. I wear clogs without all through the year. The feeling of socks on my feet drive me batty!

But, tell me Grandy, how did you stop snoring?????

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Survivor and I try to get into every season but I find I don't like any of the contestants so I don't want to waste an hour of my time with them. What's in it for me dammit? I do watch The Big Bang and laugh my geek ass off every time.

Congrats on getting a video on your page. I can't watch it because my browser sucks and I am too lazy to get the newest version. I'll come back it sounds really good.

Mrs. F said...

I used to weigh 130 pounds and I snored like a bear then, too. Imagine what I snore like now!

I don't think I ever watched survivor, either. Oh wait. I maybe caught a couple episodes about 6 years ago. You are NOT missing out on anything. (I think)


I loved that song. WTG on the video posting!

jess said...

kristen chenowith makes me smile.

i love socks. i hate shoes. and slippers are just chew fodder for me doggies.

Unknown said...

Loved the video!

shrink on the couch said...

I don't like "just socks" either because I hate the idea of dirty sock feet. But I also don't like barefoot b/c I have concrete floors and I feel every bit of grit. So I mainly wear slippers or sandals.

Thanks for tagging me... I think : )

Mariuca said...

Hola Grandy! I'm here! :)

Mariuca said...

Oh me too!! I've never watched a complete episode of Survivor, so i can't share the hype survivor fans seem to have he he! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Good luck with ur coffee maker. I have 2 sitting away at home, cause I don't know how to use them lol! :)

Mariuca said...

Okies, dropping off my EC for the day, see ya later alligator! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Grandy...did you know there is a talking picture in the middle of your blog? And it's giggly funny too?

I don't know what to make of this.

Momisodes said...

ROFL at the song! Oh I think I now think of you whenever I'm in Starcrack :)

p.s. I'm the same way with socks. It think it's because I grew up in Florida, always in flip-flops.

Joyce-Anne said...

Sorry, I've been a wee bit busy...

6 Random things about Joyce-Anne:

1. In August, 2009 I will be married to my husband, Tim for 10 years.

2. I color my hair, pretty close to my original color which is brown.

3. With 3 children (the oldest is 7 years old and the youngest is 2), I HAVE to do laundry every single day.

4. I have vacationed in California-twice. Once I took the drive down the coast from San Fran to LA. It was absolutely beautiful!

5. I have fallen into the trap of watching 2 reality tv shows. I must watch Dancing with the Stars and Project Runway.

6. I used to think I would never, ever drive a mini van, but now I drive a Honda Odyssey.

Thanks for letting me play along.

Grandy said...

DK~ It's not THAT rare to be the first for you, with the hours you keep. Borrow away m'lady. ;)

Theresa~ I lost 80 lbs. I actually stopped snoring 40lbs in.

Jen~ You are missing out!! :)

Mrs. F~ Oh hun...does hubby snore?

Jess~ Isn't Kristin a cutie? My son is a big sock person too. Ewww.

Grandy said...

Suzanne~ Thanks!!!

PhD~ I'm thinking current weather situations definitely require slippers. :)

Mariuca~ Hey there, girlie!! should try at least pulling out the intructions on one of those coffee makers!! ;)

Vixen~ I did know... Can you BELIEVE it??

Sandy~ So glad you think of Grandy, when you think Starcrack. I'm honored. :D

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Thank you so much for playing. My twin sister has 3 boys... 7, 4 1/2, and 3. Hang in gets better...but the laundry doesn't I'm afraid.