Monday, June 2, 2008

A Long-Awaited Biased Review

Sorry folks...There were two performances of the play and Grandy doesn't have a camcorder. I did take some pictures of the little Grandy during the show...but not all of them turned out so great. I'm still learning about the settings on the camera, and am trying to learn even more about editing pictures.

Without further is my completely biased take on the play.

Ty played the part of Deputy Dudley DooWrong. What a dolt indeed. He really played it with conviction, having tons-o-fun playing silly (far stretch I know).

This picture is a scene where he walks in on two bank robbers holding up the bank, and doesn't even realize it.

Here he is onstage with the hero of the story, Sherriff Wayne John. See him on the ground there? He does this a lot in the play. He's a regular "Jack Tripper" with his prat-falls. He seems to have fun with it.

I was really pretty impressed with the entire cast. It's amazing to see these kids now, having watched so many of them grow over the years. I was so proud...of all of them.

It took the first 5-10 minutes for them all to settle down and speak at a pace slower than Speedy Gonzales, and about that long for me to realize I was watching it as a MOM and to let go of technical things, and it was smooth sailing from there.

So, then here I am, I logged on to my laptop to write a wonderful review for you all, and somehow the photo program is different. I permanently changed one of the better pictures of the curtain call, by trying to clean up a red-eye. That scared me from doing anything further.

Just know that my little guy kicked some bad-guys' butts. Okay, Sherriff Wayne John did, for the love of his Polly Wanda Cracker (go ahead, say it out loud, it really does sound like that).

Thanks for your well wishes and support!!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have seen it! It sounds like it was adorable!

Gandy you will have to get one of those cameras that does both still photos and short videos. They are lots of fun!

Please pass along my congratulations on the successful play to little Gandy.


Debbie said...

Oh how fun! Thank you for sharing this. I miss those days with my sons, look forward to more with grandchildren. (No pressure on the kids yet though, lol!)

dkuroiwa said...

I am so living vicariously through, kids don't get into "theater" until maybe Junior High or High School...and even then, I'm not sure I would understand what all is being said.
I miss 'kids' plays' in school...they have such an energy and excitement that is contagious for all that are watching!!

Congratulations to 'lil Grandy...and to his "support system"!! :-D

Mrs. F said...

Oh how fun. I can't wait for my kids to start doing exciting things like this [but then again, I really want them to stay young, so maybe I CAN wait...]


Anonymous said...

These are the times when all the stress and heartaches become worth it.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the pics and sweet post, Grandy! Give little Grandy a thumbs up for us! :-) How proud you must be!!

Thanks for letting us 'attend' via your great pics and loving descriptions.

*hugs and smiles*

Momisodes said...

What a great time! Congrats to all :)

It looks like he did a great job up there on stage :)

LOVE the character names ;)

Anonymous said...

Thant must have been fun to see,I think I would have been LMAO.
I hope everybody is haveing a great day,that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Good times.

XUP said...

It sure beats sitting through 3 hours of first year piano, violin and drum recitals.

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

Awe, sounds like it was a fun time! Theater is so much fun!

Travis Cody said...

That sounds like fun.

I learned a couple of things today about my photo program. I'm such a tech idjit, but sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and play around.

Grandy said...

Margaret~ It was. :)

Debbie~ No pressure at all.

dk~ You can live vicariously through me any time beautiful!!

Mrs. F~ *sigh* is right.

Chris~ This is why I still sneak in and check on him while he sleeps. Something about that peace has always taken away my day.

Michele~ Very PROUD indeed. Thanks for your support.

Grandy said...

Sandy~ I do too. I just had to share the Polly Wnada Cracker thing. ;)

Mike~ Fun was had by all.

Jenn~ good times indeed.

XUP~ You're beats all that.

Diva~ It's way fun, and I miss it.

Travis~ Yes, but I must play with the pics I don't like much...then I'm not screwing with the good ones.

Tina Coruth said...


This is a wonderful review, wonderful photos! My congratulations to Little Grandy!


Unknown said...

Friday was a lot better than Thursday. They all seemed relaxed and all spoke loud and slow. Kelsey ended up enjoying herself and looks forward to recruiting more 8th graders next year.

Grandy said...

Tina~ Thanks lovely lady.

Malone!~ I agree...WAY better on Friday. :)