Saturday, June 7, 2008

EntreCard Top Droppers

Some of you may remember that I participate in EntreCard which is a community that introduces you to something like a gazillion other blogs. People put their ad in my little spot over there, and I put my ad out there on other blogs too.

Grandy's ad looks like this:

Well, people come and drop their cards on my site. Whether they stay to read, I don't know. I know I've met some new bloggers out there, and am grateful for that.

Well, I thought I would link to my "top droppers". You can only drop once a day, and these people are the top people that have come to drop their cards on me in the last 30 days.

Dropper: # of drops
Obscure History: 26
Aakaash Ganga: 25
Delta's Dark Den of Destruction: 24
CONQUER the universe: 24
Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta.: 23
Found Shit: 21
nofaceberg: 21
Modern Glam: 20
tenForty: 17
First Door on the Left: 17

Thanks readers... and welcome newbies. :)

p.s. When you dropped your card... did you click my button over there? You really should. :)


Crista said...

Awww I was hoping to be on that list...well, maybe next month! ;)

eastcoastlife said...

I want to be on that list too. :)

I clicked.

Mike Golch said...

I tried to get one of these and could not.I must have done something wrong.but that again that's me.bassackwards.
that's my story and I'm sticking to it. guess what I'm really gonna throw you a curve ball.mjgolch@wordpress said that

Anonymous said...

I've had a few drops a day on my blog, but I don't think I get any readers from it. Except for those people I comment on when I'm dropping. I've had at least one of them comment back.

Momisodes said...

I just joined entrecard, and I'm still trying to figure it all out...I think I'm a bit...s-l-o-w :(

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Just popped over, dropped a card, read your blog, LIKED what I saw & am aprroving your ad for my blog! Woo-hoo!!! :)

Mike Golch said...

Oh hell yes it is much better to make fun of a situation than wigging out I can attest to that the wigging out get you in a lot of scalding hot water.I know been there done that.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage! :)

Melissa said...

I like your card. I'd click on it :)

Tina Coruth said...


Looks like it is working out well for you. I think my traffic is too slow for this to work on my blog.

I will be back to check your top card-droppers! Congratulations!


Grandy said...

Goddess~ Next time indeed.

ECL~ Come on down!! You can too!

Mike~ I'm bassackwards all the time.

Nona~ It really has been a great way for me to find other blogs. I find that I don't drop as much as some because I am busy reading and commenting on others.

Sandy~ It's not just you girly. It's taken me a while.

Olga~ WOOHOO is right! Your site is a HOOT!!

Mike~ Huh?

Deltap~ You're most welcome.

Melissa~ Thanks! I can't take credit for making it.

Tina~ Thanks lady! How's the tennis??

Melissa said...

Who the heck made it? It's very cute (and to the point! :) )