Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Song for Chinchi

When I was 9 my big sister was 18 and moving off to college. That was the worst day of my 9 year existence when we drove her to college (and not just because I was again stuck in the far back of the station wagon with the luggage).

I call my sister Chinchi. I'm not sure why, maybe because my Dad always did and so it stuck. Maybe it has something to do with a chinchilla? Nahh...Dad never needed a reason to make up a nickname.

Chinchi was always my hero growing up. I have vivid memories of us having our own special moments, some of which I'm not even sure why or how I remember. For instance, when I was 4 and in the hospital (she would have been 13), I remember the nurses sending her away so they could give me my shots. I screamed silly for her...ok maybe a little because they were going to give me multiple shots...but mostly for her!

Chinchi always used to babysit us if Mom and Dad had somewhere to go. There were so many hours she would play airplane with me and my twin. We played and played and PLAYED!! Looking back now, I don't know how she tolerated it so much. She was SO GOOD!! Chinchi was my HERO!!!! I looked up to everything she did.

Chinchi became a very skilled nurse (no surprise to anyone), married a mild mannered man (who's a great guy) and has a wild firecracker daughter (she swears our kids were switched at birth because Kay is the spitting image of me in more ways than one). When I watch Kay grow, I realize that Chinchi is the only one who has the patience for such energy and spirit. And who trained her???? Yep, you guessed it!!

Chinchi is going in for open heart surgery this week. She's strong and has always been known as "the healthy one". I'm sure she will pull through just fine, but I can't help but be worried for her. Am I being so Polyanna like that I'm assuming the sun will be out "tomorrow"? Perhaps, but Chinchi works in ICU and sees the worst case of all scenarios. Maybe she could use a bit more Polyanna in her life.

I can offer her no consolation in medical terms but I can give her the one thing I've never gotten by without...MUSIC!! I'm downloading a bunch of songs onto her MP3 for her so she can listen to them through her recovery. I promised her I would only mix in a "little" hip hop, just to make sure the ticker is still working. Can you imagine if the machines started pinging to some Gwen Stefani? AWESOME!!!

Dear Lord, please grant me the strength to not enter into every situation with a joke at the end of my tongue. Please shut me up when my nerves approach that level when I feel like I must spew sarcasm or flee. I will be strong enough for Chinchi, Mom, Mike, Kay, and the others.


Michele said...

Aw, Grandy, what a lovely walk down memory lane and sincere post for your sis!

I'm a praying kind of gal, so I'll say a prayer for Chinchi :-)

Blessings for health and speedy recovery...


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Grandy,
Thanks for stopping by. That was such a sweet story of you and your sister. She sounded like she was the "ultimate big Sister". I will be praying for your sister as she has heart surgery. My Mom had heart surgery in 19933 and came thru it just fine. I'm no nurse by any means, but after my Mom came home, I was there to take care of her and tend to her every needs. Sometimes we have to laugh a little just to keep from breaking down ourselves. I will lift you and your whole family up as well. Well, take care my friend and keep us updated on your sister. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Michele said...

One more thing... I gave you a little link love in today's post :-)


Melissa said...

Thanks a lot Grandy. 11:30 am and now I'm crying! :P

I will be keeping your sister in my thoughts.

FYI, patients can almost always get permission in advance to have their music WITH them during surgery. They just have to clear it with their surgeon. The MP3 player can hang on a pole with their IV (make sure you attach it to a lanyard or string in advance), and they can use earphones (or headphones) so that even subconsciously, they'll hear nothing but their own music while their surgery is taking place.

I learned about this from a book called "Prepare for Surgery: Heal Faster" and had no real trouble getting permission when I needed it. A little bit of a runaround from people saying "well I don't know..." but in the end it was always ok.

Just something to think about since you're doing the whole "music thing" :)

Best of luck to you, your sister, and your family this week.

Mrs. G. said...

Oh this is so sweet I feel a bit teary. Chinchi is in my thoughts and prayers this week. Even big sisters need support now and then. I love your idea of the gift of music...these are the kind of personal gifts that I love the most. Hang in there.

Grandy said...

Michele~ Thanks for the blessings and for the link love. You are very thoughtful.

Karen~ She truly is the "ultimate". Thank you for your warm thoughts.

Melissa~ I told my sister about this and she got excited. I'm going to have this done tonight for her. :) Thank you for the idea of having the music during surgery!!

Mrs. G.~ Thoughts and prayers from my favorite Derfwad is much appreciated.

Thank you all for your gracious comments and support!!

faboo mama said...

Oh what a beautiful salute to your sister. I hope her surgery goes well too. Hugs to you and your family.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Grandy, I never had a sister and always wished I had one. Chinchi would be the kind of sister I would want. Prayers will be said on her behalf.



Grandy said...

Faboo & Renie;

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words.