Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Threaten My Dogs

Have I introduced you to Grandy's dogs?

This is Sierra...She's our "Puppy".

This is K.C.... he's our old boy.

For the record these pics are the first two I took with my new camera beck in December of last year. So' I was still learning the whole focus thing, m'kay?

Now, the Grandy family has a wireless gate system. Those collars send off a beep that tells the docs when they get close to the perimeter on our property., in the event that they don't see the flags on the perimeter.

This invisible gate can sometimes be a bit problematic, when people go running by our property. They walk their dogs, or just walk each other, and usually my dogs ignore them. There is the occasional time, however, that the dog or the jogger will get my puppy excited and want to play. How does she communicate this? She barks.

Well quite often we are outside with the dogs when this happens, and either me or my son explain, We have the fence. Not to worry. She just wants to play. Don't worry, she can't get off the property.

Some of the responses have ranged quite differently.

Oh, it's alright. She's cute!!
Oh good to know! She startled me for a moment.

On one occasion, however, Grandy heard her son out playing with the dogs as she was going to the restroom (there's a window in the bathroom on the side of the house where he was playing). Some b!tch actually cursed at my son, and threatened to call the cops and have the dogs taken... and put down. WTF?

UGH...My son was instantly in tears. I couldn't finish my "business" fast enough (and washing my hands) to run out there and hunt that b!tch down. Ty was so panicked, there was just no calming him down after that.

I got in the car and even drove. I couldn't find her. Oooohhh I was so angry!!

This morning, I'm outside letting my dogs do their thing, and a man walks by. I smile at him and he keeps walking. The "puppy" starts barking and runs to the end of the perimeter, which is a good 20 feet from the perimeter of the property.

This man, for whatever reason, starts yelling at me that I need to chain my dog up! He's a hazard and a danger. What? She barked twice to say, "let's play". I do my typical bs with, she's behind the invisible fence, it's alright.

That wasn't enough for him. He is still yelling at me and the DOG.

Oh, Grandy is walking real slow right now, hurts more when she's emotional, and was pissed. I started to explain further as I walked towards the edge of the property, and he just jogged away saying he would call the sheriff.


Oh this man was so lucky he was jogging and Grandy could not. I'm afraid what this liquid crack-takin' girl would have done to him. All I can say is, the sheriffs would have been called alright.

Why is it when little yippy dogs bark, people are fine? It's not like Grandy's dogs are all that scary. Why are people so nasty??

I tell ya this...we take very good care of our dogs. Old boy is getting up there (he's 14). I don't know what we'll do when his time comes. To threaten to hurt someone's dog is like threatening their children.

So you...Mr. Jogger...and Ms. B! yourselves.

Grandy will be off her meds soon...and she'll be ready for you.


Joyce-Anne said...

Oh that's sooooo rude! Just tell Ty there's just no reasoning with stupid people. Even if a sheriff came, he would obviously see the monitors and the fact these cute, little dogs couldn't "attack" anyone walking by. Not for nothing, can't these nut jobs cross the street if they're bothered by a barking dog!

Mrs. F said...

They look like my Aunt Moira's dogs. So cute and harmless. How could anyone hate those dogs? Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Next time, tell the dog to "Sick 'em" and see how fast they run away. No time to be mouthy that way.

I have 4 dogs I let run. They visit the neighbor all the time for the treats he always has. My pasture fence has road on two sides, and some of the locals drive by and try to spook my horse into running around. He's onto them and ignores them. But, if anything comes close to his fence, he runs at it like he'll charge through it and get whoever or whatever is on the other side. My German Shepherd, who is dumber than a doornail, stays right with the horse and no one ever, ever dares to come on my property. I get a kick out of watching my security system from afar.

Momisodes said...

I would have reacted the same way. I can't believe that woman cursed at your son! You are so right. Anyone who threatens a pet is like threatening their child. So wrong.

Unknown said...

Olla grandy,

Happy saturday.. And Happy winning at Mariuca's

I dont own a dog but i do have cats - 4 actually. Though as a muslim i cant have dos as a pet, i dont hate dogs. In fact, my neighbour does own one (angel) and he would bark woof! woof! everytime i get home from work. Funny!! ( coz i like to treat Angel a piece of drumstick when ever i go buying myself KFC, hehe, or course, i just slip that food secretly. So, the dog now is kinda fond of me)

I cant stand seeing people being rude to animals, let alone do nasty stuffs.

I hope things are getting better with you over there ya.. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How rude. We had a UPS driver threaten to run over our Beagle when he got out once. My kids were terrified. I spent a long time on the phone with his supervisor.

Anonymous said...

The whole dang world has gone plumb loco. Everyone's ragin' on everyone else. Threatening folks and their dogies... I did never see the like

Mariuca said...

WOOFIES! I'm afraid of doggies Grandy, but love seeing cute pics of cute ones like yours! I left u another explanation on the TC widget at MPG, hope it helps! :):):)

Cat said...

Get a yard sign that says "INVISIBLE FENCE - DOGS CONTAINED". I know people 'round these here drought parts that have signs in their yards that say well water or grey water, that gets the righteous off their backs when it's a no-watering day.

Your dogs are cute. People are dumb.

Dens said...

You totally know what kind of dog person I am...I'd so kick those people's a$$e$!! They'd be going home in a doggie bag..uh body bag...hehehe.
They have no right. The puppies are on THEIR own property, in THEIR own yard.
Then to speak that way to Ty, or any kid for that matter....that's a verbal "attack", they should be the one's to be put down...friggin dog haters!!
You know how steamed I can get about this, Mar...and I have the doggie connections...I'll sick the whole damn dog show on em', they'll be licked to death for sure!!!and maybe even peed on!!!

bonoriau said...

Thank you very much for dropping by. No harm trying to be my top 10. I like your header.

bonoriau said...

Wht don't you add top commenter widget...I'm sure it will add some excitement.

LadyJava said...

The nerve of some people Grandy.. Makes me mad.. Your dogs looks so cute and harmless..WTF is right..

Have a great weekend and happy commenting over at MPG.. I see you toppled me and Emila..lolzz!!

Unknown said...

Hey there Grandy, Sounds like you have unusually rude neighbors!
We have a glass front door and everything and anything that sets foot or paw on our front porch gets barked at... with tails awaggin' The papergirl, the mailman, the UPS dude and our friends all know its just a loud boisterous greeting. So far, no ones complained or far...

Travis Cody said...

Well, if either one of those people actually follows through on calling the authorities you'll easily be able to prove that you have an electric fence. And you are certainly within your rights to file a counter complaint against the person who intimidated your son.

That person needs a time out and a lesson in being a grown up.

Kelly O said...

Catherine's suggestion is brilliant. A sign would probably cut down on the remarks. Some people are desperately afraid of dogs, often because they were attacked by one at some point, and they interpret barking as aggression. But there's never an excuse for cursing at a kid or making him cry. That's just EVIL.

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ I feel bad if they are afraid and feel they have to cross the street though. Is that bad?

Mrs. F.~ I know.

Theresa~ What a wonderful security system indeed. :)

Sandy~ Oh I was TICKED!!

Rizal~ I didn't know that about the not having dogs thing. Thanks for the little education. Interesting. And funny you spoil the neighbors dog. :)

Grandy said...

Jenn~ A Beagle? What the heck was he going to do to anyone???

XUP~ I agree!!

Mariuca~ Afraid of dogs? I'm sorry. When Ty was very little he was too.

Catherine~ That is a GREAT IDEA!!

Dens~ Seriously hoping to get out to see you at this weekend's dog show...If all goes well on Friday that is.

Grandy said...

Bono~ Thank you sir. :) Don't know about the top commenter thing here. I'll have to see.

LJ~ You will regain your throne soon enough...oh commenting queen.

Lala~ Hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. :)

Travis~ If I do find that person, she will get far more than a time-out from me. ;)

Kelly~ I know...I like the sign idea too. I truly do try to be considerate. :)

Unknown said...

You are a model of restraint...I would have been very very tempted to go up and just kick the idiot...

Funny thing is that I had a somewhat similar experience a couple months old boy, now gone, wandered across the street to the walking path while I was taking out the trash...He walked up to a jogger to say hello...realize that, by then, Bruno could barely walk without limping and posed no threat to anything...this guy actually kicked my dog...I saw red, had steam coming out my ears and was ready to clobber him...Lucky for me another jogger immediately came to my defense, went up to the a-hole and read him the riot act while I just held my dog...That guy is not only my hero, he probably saved me from an assault arrest...Nobody kicks my dog

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave you a comment yesterday, and I got an error and lost everything I had typed, so I decided to try again later, LOL. Then just now as I started again, my wireless keyboard batteries died!!!

Anyway, wanted to let you know you've received an award. I can't remember if you've received this one before, but if so, oh well, you're getting it again! See here:

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hello grandy! there are peoples who love dogs and there are peoples who hate dogs. Those who react rudely to our doggies are those who hate dogs.

just recently, my dog ran out from my house and into my neighbor's house. bear in mind, that my dog is just in his porch. Do you know what he did to my dog? He use a wooden stick and beat my dog up. I was out at the moment, but my maid was there. She told me that our neighbor has beaten Ariel (my dog) so badly that she kept yelling in pain. My neighbor was also shouting, "I want to kill u!" to my dog. I was so angry when i heard this from my maid that i wanted to scold my neighbor. But at that moment, my neighbor was out of town. Now, 2 weeks after the incident, i still havent gt the chance to see him. ><

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

i just dont understand how peoples can be so heartless towards animals. It is not like our doggies have cause them hurts or something. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

f'ing sob and witch w/ a b!!