Thursday, March 27, 2008

100th Post with 100 Linky Lovin'

WHEW!!! I'd like to thank all the little people!! No seriously...I'm even off my pain meds now...this post was some work. What lofty ideas I have (and to think that I originally thought I would post 100 comments in one day). Who the heck was I kidding??

Without further ado...I have officially left 100 comments on DIFFERENT blogs. I do want to thank some of my blogging homies for multiple posts. I didn't realize what 100 comments would mean. I know it seemed like I was stalking some of you and I was but now you maybe understand why. And for those of you taking a day off...DAMN! You were killing me already!! No really...Did anyone notice I've finally acquired a new skill? Oh's officially taken me 100 posts to learn strikethrough skillz baby!!

So...on with it already. Sorry this is going to be a long post...but hell, it's taken me this long to write it. I'm thinkin' you can sit a couple extra minutes and read it.

OH, and by the way, these are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER.

Kelly O. got to de-stress in front of her new fish tank with I'm obsessed with my little ecosystem. Her hubby is a great guy and her kids are TOO CUTE!! She's also quite domestic with Eggs, bunny cupcakes, and Guinness cake.

Dee at On the Curb with I sometimes brush my hair. So quirky. this lady has a way with making you laugh at bodily functions. She even finds a way to tie them in to movie watching with If I only had a heart.. I'm wishing her some seriously needed rest at Hop Hop Flop. And because I'm a huge stalker fan I went back and left comments on Say cheese and crackers AND Zen (not) and the art of lawnmower maintenance. I just love this squirrel head.

We have this friend, Wreke, who likes to use her words, rather than do math. DIY and guilty pleasure monday: what’s he got by the producers

OHMommy openly shared her first memories with Coming To America: Part 1. What a great story! I can't wait to read the rest of the story from this classy lady. She also takes great pics of her kids, you can see some at "The Easter Bunny isn't HUMAN", and if you need a chuckle read Oh... pickles!!!

Speaking of classy ladies, am I the only one that has recently discovered Mrs. Fussypants? She is funny and a wiz with photoshop. You must check out Fight the Frump: Celebrities without Stylists or Fussy's Secret for a Miserable Existence Apparantly there are many people who "Fight the Frump" because funny lady Dre has her Fight the Frump by Getting Jiggy. I like the way this woman thinks with Tag from One of My Favorite Crazy Ladies

Trees flowers birds with her Snapdragon!. And of course I had to comment on her political update at Back on the political track. Still breathing and Move 2008 - Week 12 update and Dedication.

I do have a couple male readers. Mike Golch also recently hit the milestone with I managed to hit 100 make he is a strong supporter of our troops, as many of us do but he often posts about it, as he does in with thanks to those who have served. Thanks Mike!

Travis at Trav's Thoughts had his "Mo's Manic Monday - Egg" and "The Sweet 16 is Set".

Silly Melissa at Part of Everything, asks the questions that people want to know; Do You Know Where Your Children Are?. And cute stories about Bunny Hats, You Ae The Best and Holiday Disclaimer. (don't ask me why I can't get this to say "Jenn" like it's supposed to) opens up in Food for My Thoughts and fills us in on a mother's worst nightmare with In Which Social Butterfly was Shaken NOT Stirred

BipolarLawyerCook talks about the importance of "friends" in Love Thursday. And of course I had to wish her a blessed Easter, after she shared a great poem at Happy Easter, Happy Weekend, Happy Love.

I discovered this Blog through research for this post, and am so glad I did. Five Years Ago from
Tipp Talk, is a moving honest post indeed. I even learned something about Google Calendar by reading her A Great Find. I'll have to give it a shot. Don't hold your breath though...this could take a while. Need I remind you of the strikethrough thing??

I of course had to go back and thank MP at her post Brilliant Writing.. I even volunteered to guest post for her while she's on vacation with The Easter Post - Still not ready for vacation.... She very thoughtfully left instructions with Dear Guest Bloggers but had some last minute emotions with Power of the Internet . This is going to be a hoot because I'm sharing duties with some silly people like Biddy, who wrote y'all don't mind me....

Speaking of volunteering to guest post, I'm fortunate that I can help out dawn at Alex Year One and had to thank her in the comments at Haiku Crazy and Weekly Winners - Great Deals. I also met one of her other guest bloggers, Planet of Janet, via Pillow talk, or romance isn’t dead — it’s just very, very sick (very funny).

Some relatively new bloggers Nanci's Foibles (who happens to be a personal friend) and she's been helping another friend deal with a horrible tragedy. I've been leaving my thoughts with her all week but a promising sign indeed with Good Medicine and Memorial & Celebration. It's nice to see that things seem to be lightening up with Easter Eggs, Undies and Socks and Photo Opp.

Another beautiful blogger, that I don't go say "Hi" to nearly enough, mama milton, had some sadness and reflection of her own in speechless, I of course had to follow up with her on her happy easter post.

Sandy, over at Momisodes, dared to share the story Hai’jacked. She's usually good for quite a laugh with her beautiful daughter stories, like this one 13 Signs of Parenting Gone Wrong. She also takes great photos and I'm lucky she shares them at Easter Bunny Sighting and PhotoHunt: Metal. Wielding Sticks and The Egg Aftermath (shoot...maybe I stalk her too?)

I have a new blogging friend April. I went and left two comments on her site tonight but I'm afraid I can't link to the posts...something about there not being titles? You'll have to just take my word for it. :)

Have you met these three funny ladies? See Hear Speak No Evil is a fun site shared by three friends. I got to leave several comments because they're all writing about different things; O! a winner!, This week’s fridge poetry, Haiku I Love You!

Suzanne at So You Don't Get Calls from me... posts a repeat and a recall story to share with us: Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday and Scrolling Saturdays .

Krissy at is nuts! She cracks me up withy her Guess what happens when I get tired attitude and More adventures of tar-jay.

No list would be complete without the lovely Mrs. G. with her Jane Eyre and the Linen Closet, Things Mrs. G tried that didn't work, and Superbness.

I had fun sneaking into other people's blog roll and seeing what treasures they had:
jennifer h at Thursday Drive with How Babies Are Made.
Cheri at Blog This Mom! with List Day Twenty-Two: Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
stephanie has two blogs? One at A-Lister with because you might care and another at bad mom with math and stuff. I also HAD to post on full freaking moon because you know how I feel about those.
katydidnot with miscalculation and like totally photoshopped. She's a funny lady indeed.
Pamela at You're Doing It Wrong had a couple of fun posts (although there weren't specific titles I could link to...I really need a blogging / linking class) so I commented on March 19th and 20th posts.
might I add...? with organizing tips from Ikea (or how to keep your pie)
Rhea with Rebel with a Cause and It's Alive! Easter barf and a bride.
Huse Blog is it Anyway? with I stayed up late for this
Dens with gum-me fun (dang it girl, you're in my own blog roll and I checked several times a day to get a comment over...I had to send you my love even though I re-commented)
dkuroiwa at Etc.,Etc., Etc. with My Computer.....March,2008...*R*I*P* (this is truly a bummer)
Mrs. F with Numero Dos and 100 Things and Shoulda Known Better
Karen with Thankful Thursday
philfree with his Happy Anniversary post.
Renie Burghardt with On Flooding in Our Area
Cynical Dad with Things I Learned While Spending Eight Hours In The Emergency Room On A Saturday Night
Freaked-Out Fathers with Teacher v. Parent

Because I'm working on my writing, I MUST have some writing resources in here!

Lorelle VanFossen at The Blog Herald with How to Talk to a Blogger
David Peralty, also at The Blog Herald, with Creating Barriers Between You and Your Readers
The lovely Michele at Writing the Cyber Highway with The New View. She also wrote a guest post on Giving Back to Your Blogging Community over at Writer’s Round-About.
Amy Derby at Write From Home and her 10 Steps to Freelanceaholic Recovery and Networking For Freelance Success: Make Friends, But Choose Wisely.
Steven Snell posted at PureBlogging with 99 Ways to Improve Your Blog (boy was Grandy taking some notes)
Sharon at Get Paid to Write Online with Posts On Writing March 2008. ( much learning to be done!!)
Brian Clark at Coppyblogger with Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?
Darren Rowse had a post at problogger, apparently posted by a guest blogger, Easton Ellsworth from Visionary Blogging, The Greatest Blogging Skill.
Then I had to go check out Easton Ellsworth directly and found Welcome, Dear Problogger Reader - Who Are You?

Whew...I'm going to need to make some changes to my blogroll...after some aspirin and a nap. I hope all of the wonderful bloggers listed here are feeling my linky lovin'!!



Anonymous said...

What a project! Well done, thanks for referencing me (I'm famous!) and for referring me to some great blogs out there...

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am certainly if I only had the time to check out each and every link! I will have to come back a few times for that!!! Congrats on reaching 100.

anonymous said...

Grandy, I'm grateful you squeezed me in at the end. What a great project! Thanks for inspiring me with your example of diligence.

I'm directionally challenged, too - without the mountains to the west here in Northern Colorado, I don't know what I'd do!

Anonymous said...

Job well done, my dear. And, thank you for recognizing me and my mad bodily function descriptive skillz. ;-)

No particular order? Come on, you know I'm number 1 in your blog world, baby. :-)

Now, go get a foot rub. You deserve it. (you do type with your feet, right? hey, who's a walking zombie who has no business commenting with only 2 brain cells barely communicating with one another in her head?!? yours truly.)

I should have stopped at 'job well done.' JOB WELL DONE. there.

Anonymous said...

GIRL! sorry my illness is keeping me from posting more this week. but i have a funny feeling no one really wants to hear about the cod in my nod.

but sheesh! 100! you go!!!

(and i go. for kleenex ;-)

Huse Yo Mama said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Girl.

First of all, great post! That took a LOT of work, I'm sure. I get exhausted just linking two or things. Phew.

Secondly, thanks for mentioning me. I am with Pete - I'm FAMOUS! :-)

Thirdly (is that a word?) thanks for giving me another 100 people to add to my google reader! As if I don't spend 15 hours a day on here anyway! I'll tell my hubby it's your fault.

Momisodes said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!! Whoa, what an undertaking. That was some serious linky love. I had a great time clicking around with some of these and reading some of your readers posts'. Thanks so much for including me and all the linkage :) I'm so glad to have you on my blogroll and my reader!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! What an accomplishment Grandy! I am duly impressed and appreciative. I am also glad to hear you are off your meds and mending away nicely. Congrats on #100!!

Mrs. F said...

Wow! You have been soooooooooo busy!

Thanks for the linky love!!

Great 100th post! Congrats!

Cheers to 100 more. And then 100 more. And then a thousand more.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

OMG! That had to be a lot of work. Now I have to check it all out! Good thing I have spring break coming up.

Thanks for the linky love and Congratulations on #100!

Grandy said...

Pete~ Quick, name that movie... "I'll make ya famous!" Get it? The movie might, doubting that Grandy will.

Queenie~ Goodness...I'm going to have to go back and re-read some of these too. ;) Thanks!!

Easton~ **Blushing** Inspiring? Diligence?? Thanks for your kind words. I may just be crazy is all.

Dee~ You are way up there on my list baby. Good thing my blog roll is alphabetical...then people might get hurt. Take a NAP!!

wreke~ Thanks for stopping by, in your condition. Now get me some hand sanitizer...STAT!! Feel better soon.

Grandy said...

Huse~ Isn't your hubby military? If you blame me, he could kick my a$$. Um...ok're pleasure in reading is worth it. ;)

Sandy~ I am the one that's honored. Without you I'd forget what day of the week it is. :D

trees~ Thanks!! I am feeling stronger every day.

Mrs. F~ I'm glad I found your blog! Thanks for the wish of thousands. ;)

Jenn~ Spring break is next week for you? We'll be down not too far from you this weekend. My sis and I are going to Palm Springs to tend to a sick family member. I'll be thinkin' of ya. :)

Dens said...

Wow, that was a lot to read!! Loved it...even if I'm a lagger and didn't get anything posted recently for you to comment about. But thanks for the re-comment, just the same. I PROMISE I will do better, as Bob as my witness...I mean God as my witness..hehehe..

Congrats on the 100th post!!!

I plan to visit some of your new friends and hopefully make some new blog friends myself.

Take care my friend...

can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!

Tipp said...

So glad you enjoyed! What an undertaking! Congrats!

Mrs. Fussy Fussypants said...

Mwah! I love you right back!

Thanks so much.

Love, Fussy

Brigitte Ballard said...



Congrats on your 100th post!!! I can't believe you left 100 comments in one day. I probably do that in a month. Amazing.

Oh, and thanks for thinking I am funny. I usually just feel stupid so funny is a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and mwah, right back atcha!

Suzanne said...

Woohoo! What a great idea for your 100th post. Now we all get to check out some other bloggers. If you're reading them, then I know that they pass the *fun* test.

I am so glad you decided to join NaBloPoMo, otherwise, I wouldn't be enjoying your blog. (I'm just going to be a pain like people used to be with me and bug you to write more)

Keep them coming, because you keep us laughing! :)

Grandy said...

Dens~ Yeah, you were killing me with your hiatus because I so wanted to share the linky love. You were the only one I cheated for.

Tipp~ Thanks so much for stopping by!! I'll be back to your site when I've recouped. ;)

Mrs. Fussypants~ Thanks for the lovin'! I'm truly honored

Bridge~ NOT in one day...I can't believe I thought I could in one day. It took several days. Thanks though!!

LawyerCook~ Thanks for the kisses. :D

Suzanne~ Go ahead and remind me all you want...I'll try to keep up. ;)

Jennifer S said...

No, YOU rock! Congratulations on your 100th post.

And, yes, I felt the linky love...thank you so much for including me!

Now that I have this list you've compiled, I will never lack for good reading material. Excellent stuff.

Michele said...

Hey there, girl! You did such a fantabulous job on this post. I'm soooooooo proud of you! Thanks so much for the links to my post and guest post. You're too sweet! Love you, Mary, I just haven't been online much lately. Lots going on around here..... I've missed you, though!

Smiles (always),

Travis Cody said...

Wow. Now that's a milestone post.

**tosses confetti and flaming walnuts while juggling leprechauns and singing in the snow**

I usually sing in the rain, but this was a special post and it's currently snowing in my neck of the woods.

Congrats on 100 posts!

Unknown said...

I bow to you, Wise and CREATIVE friend! clap, clap, clap, clap!!! Teach me! Teach me!

Unknown said...

hey, be famous, check out Table for Five on my blog- YOU have the talent!

Grandy said...

Jennifer h~ Glad you're feelin the love your way. ;) I follow some good peeps.

Michele~ I've missed you too...but hope that the "lots going on" means that good things are happening!!

Travis~ Still snowing?? WHAT? I appreciate your confetti concoction.

Malone~ What are you up to now? I'll come check it out.

Biddy said...

dang girl! and i just THOUGHT i was a linky freak...

you totally win

Tina Coruth said...

Wow - Grandy! This is impressive. I don't know how you managed to do all this. Congratulations!!


Mike Golch said...

Grandy,thank you so kindly for the pat one the will see a thankyou posting on my blog.this is a new thing I just started doing.I decided to pay homage to mt fellow bloggers and in the spitit of being a good blog neighbor.

Mike Golch said...

Oh I forgot to say congrats on the 100th.oh well,gess I got one two many scrambled brain cells up there.

Anonymous said...

OMG I made your list! I feel really special! I'm sorry about the stupid titles...I do most of my posts at work and I can't figure out where to leave the title. Grr! Thank you for sharing all of these looks like I have LOT of reading to do! LOL

krissy said...

Good Lord lady.....have you slept at all???? Have you ate, drank, peed????

I'm impressed! Thanks for the loving though! I love when someone loves me enough to give me some linkage love.

Now I have to try to check out all the links! Gee, poor me, more blogging! I don't think I will complain too much!!!!

Love ya Grandy!

Grandy said...

Biddy~ This doesn't mean you're NOT a freak ya know. ;)

Mike~ Congratulations on your milestone as well.

April~ I made it work...I just couldn't link to your posts.

Krissy~ Lovin' ya back girlie!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great links post, Grandy, and thanks for including me. I now have an equally long list of reading material :)

Kelly O said...

Oh dude, thanks for the link, and congrats on 100 posts!

MP said...

MY goodness that is alot of links!

krissy said...

Oh, thank you sweet lady! I love that you think I am nuts and that I amuse you!

You were truly my first friend on my blog and how happy I am to have you!!!!