Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Nicknames

What is the funniest nickname you've ever had?

In Grandy's comment section from yesterday (still licking her lips with all the desserts), Suzanne mentioned that one of her nicknames as a kids was Suzy Cream Cheese.

For whatever reason, Grandy thought this was funny. Not because there was something wrong with that, but because while people had cute nicknames, Grandy had some rather interesting nicknames as a kid but none were "cute".

I was fortunate to inherit my father's gift for nicknames. He had a nickname for everyone! He could never remember any one's real name, but rather associated them with their nickname, or made it one that he would be sure to remember. Even when angry with us, he would hollar for us by yelling our nicknames.


The Horror...

Playing outside with your friends, so unassumingly climbing a tree and experimenting with swear words (oh yea, it started young for Grandy), when her dad would call her from down the street to get her home.

My nickname had two parts...the first one was HARMLESS and sounded like tinkerbell. If Dad was in a good mood, he would just call me twink. "How's it going, Twink?"

The last part? This is where anyone who was humorously challenged might start to get a complex and then grow up to blame her parents for anything that ever went wrong in her life.


Good thing Grandy never cared.

Grandy's nickname as a child... are you ready for this?... was TWINKLE TURD.

Funny...all this talk of my son's belly-ache, and now I'm talking turds.

Yep! You read that right. Not sure what about me was twinkle, but I can sure tell you which part of me was (or is) a turd.

Now, Grandy had her share of mean nicknames from jerk kids growing up, but this one never bothered her. Why? It was all I knew. It took me a while to realize what the nickname was and when I did, I never thought of it as a bad thing.

So...when you're done laughing at my honesty and openness...tell me what your funniest nickname you have ever had is.


Debbie said...

my grandfather called me Sunshine Cookie, I loved that. However, because of my loooooong last name that sounded sort of like this, as a kid friends tormented me with Ruffleseater!

Matthew S. Urdan said...


It was given to me by raft guides on the New and Gauley in West Virginia after they started noticing I was rafting with them 15 times a year or more in 2001 as a tribute because I obviously couldn't get enough whitewater.

PS, I need your email address to send you the code for the FCDL!


Sandy C. said...

OMG! That is hilarious :) Sorry, but if makes you feel better, you can laugh at mine.

When I was in my late teens, my BFF at the time loved to call me "SPANKY" No clue why.

Yea, we're not friends anymore.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sadly, we were not a nickname family.

My daughter has had loads of nicknames, though--they get bestowed from every quarter. And they're all cute ones.

Bridge said...

There was a guy in high school that used to call me Miss Yeast Infection. Apparently he had a crush on me and this is how he showed it.

I also had the nickname Bird Shit.


I made everyone start calling me Bridge to get these other ones to dissapear and they eventually did. Still use it to this day.


Anonymous said...

I do not remember mine,but my youngest sister had a good one a firecraker with out a fuse.(had to do with her birthday 07/04/xx)

Hugs and blessings.

XUP said...

My parents never called me by my real name. They only ever called me “Lange”, which in German means Tall One. Because all my siblings were much younger than me and, consequently much shorter. All but one of them are now taller than me.

Hasta pasta said...

OK I didn't know about that one. Makes me wonder what your sister's nick name was. Anyhow i didn't have any funny nicknames growing up my dad called me "sister" every once in a while but that was because i was the only girl, therefore the "sister". I recall your father always stating loudly " it smells like a bunch of French whores". I remeber asking you if I should be offended because I didn't know what he was talking about. But he did say this often to the bunch of us, as we were getting ready to strut our stuff on the town. Is this a nickname?

Joyce-Anne said...

My father called me pie face. I think that one started when I was in college. However, when I was in grammar school my friends called me Sprout. I was always shorter than them and I reminded them of the Little Green Sprout--you know, the Jolly Green Giant's friend/nephew or whatever.

Suzanne said...

Cool, I inspired a post.

That isn't the craziest nickname I had. My first job in college, I had a great boss who gave everyone in our department a nickname.

I started out being called Suzanne Suzannadanna, then it was Suzannadanna, then Danna, then the final incarnation was Dannaface. Mainly because I smiled a lot. I miss Rob, he cracked us all up...

Anonymous said...

Sherry Berry Boo. invented by my beloved middle brother to torture me thousands of years ago.

what's even better: my brother still calls me this. sometimes Boo for short. and now my kids, upon hearing this, will call me this. just to tease.

the gift that keeps on giving ;-)

Grandy said...

Debbie~ Ruffleseater? Did you like Ruffles?

Matthew~ Aquamatt...sounds like a superhero name.

Sandy~ Spanky? Too funny.

Jenn~ Cute ones are good.

Bridge~ Whew indeed. Bridge is WAY better than Bird Shit.

Mike~ That is fitting.

XUP~ What's the German word for "short one"?

Hasta~ You almost made water shoot out my nose with that. FUNNY! Dad was allergic to perfumes and what was it about us at that age that thought we needed more of that and hair spray to hit the town? :)

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne ~ Sprout is CUTE

Suzannesuzannadanna~ That is totally something I would do.

Wreke~ It could be worse...Boo is better than Poo.

Linda said...

There is an old scandinavian proverb that says "A child who is loved has many names." I call my son Bearly There, my daughter Tessie Wee, and I still call my grown son BeeBop! What's that? My Nickname? Pork Chop.

Tina Coruth said...

I had little hands according to my younger brother. He thought my hands were hilarious and they reminded him of an animal - a woodchuck. Yep, he called me woodchuck. Curiously that was better than Tina the Ballerina or Tina Bean. LOL

storyteller said...

Funny you should ask. Lightening has a cool ‘name finder’ at Smiley Saturday today (link is at Small Reflections if you’re interested) … and mine came out Fluffy Snickle Brains. Weird, eh? As for in the ‘real world,’ I don’t recall any ‘cute’ nicknames at all.
Hugs and blessings,

Travis said...

My sister called my Twavvy when she was little. It wasn't really a nickname, because she couldn't say her "r" sounds for so long. But it was cute and I didn't mind it, even when my family used it.

I don't really remember any other nicknames though, unless shortening my own name is a nickname. Most people called me Trav, and lots still do.

Michele said...

Oh, this is FUNNY! Guess since you were SO VERY OPEN and all, I'll share mine: Shelly Belly. Yep, that's right. I was chubby.


Michele said...

Oh, and I stumbled this post!!


Grandy said...

Linda~ Pork Chop? UGH!!!

Tina~ Better than a ballerina? How much wood would you chuck? Oh my...I've lost it now.

Storyteller~ I may have to go check this link out of yours.

Trav~ I think I've even called you that a few times.

Dee~ ::Holding your hair back while you're gagging::

Michele~ I would NOT get that you were chubby from Shelly Belly, just that it rhymed.

Now I'll have to go read what you did when you stumbled. :)

Anonymous said...

Mean Boys called me Million Poud Gorilla...
Other than that: MP, Marpy, BB, Most Precious, Matricia

Grandy said...

MP~ Mean boys suck

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at that emo boy hair on this blog:

Anonymous said...

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