Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mother of the Year - 2 Points Scored

Grandy ROCKS the HOUSE!!!

See... It's not very often that Grandy does something right.

4:00 pm on Thursday, Grandy gets word that the boy scout camp that our troop was scheduled to attend on Sunday (today) was now cancelled because of the fires. I could not face the disappointment in the boys for this trip.

So, what does Grandy do? She scrambles, scatters, and basically pulls a rabbit out of her a$$. That's what she does. After hours of research, and several phone calls. Grandy found a new camp for the boys to land, for the exact same week and leaving today.

Oh yeah...there were a few glitches in the paperwork but the boys shipped out today at 8:00. When I'm losing my mind with the chaos of work, and my volunteer projects, seeing the excitement in the boys' faces as they couldn't believe they would still get to go somewhere made it all worth it.

So, while I'm basking in a quiet week without Ty, and feeling like I scored some serious "Mother of the Year" points, I thought I would thank all my faithful Entercard Droppers.

This month's top droppers are:

Dropper # of drops
Modern Glam 28
MamaFlo's Place 27
Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. 26
The Creative Nerd 25
Juuust a Bit Outside 24
Lucent Dusk 23
Beaker's 3 Dimensions 21
Inspire Emotion 21
Random Ramblings 19
Frugal Fergie 17

Thanks to everyone. Thank you to the NEW camp group that squeezed in my 13 boys to their group so they wouldn't have to go without.

I'm SO grateful!!


mysecondjournal said...

OK what is an entercard?? Is this something else I need to do?

Yes..and you are one rawking mom..what motivation to get rid of a kid :-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Sandy C. said...

Woohoo! You are amazing :) Hope the boys have a great time at camp!

Okay, I joined Entrecard, but I SO don't get it :(

Joyce-Anne said...

It's amazing what moms will do for their children. Way to go Grandy! I know Ty will remember this trip for years to come.

Mrs. G. said...

You get a star in your mother crown for this one!

Bridge said...

My son would have been sooooo sad if he couldn't go. Glad you saved the day!

Travis said...

You so rock! That's big time bonus points.

Grandy said...

MP~ That's what the kid said. :)

Jenn~ Whew! I need a drink now.

Sandy~ See my email. I'll help you as best I can. :)

Joyce-Anne~ I hope so. If not, I'll send him back to this post to read it and remember as punishment. ;)

Mrs. G~ There's a crown somewhere? DANG!

Bridge~ Your son's pics at camp are CUTE!!

Travis~ Thanks!! I did gooooood. :)

Debbie said...

Congrats on the camp. Now quick, take a breath before they call you about the early dismissal! (Just kidding, I hope.)

April said...

You know sometimes things JUST work out! Awesome!

Jennifer H said...

You get so many mother points for that one! Well done.

Tina Coruth said...

Wow! Congratulations, Grandy!

Grandy said...

Debbie~ I'm knocking wood as we speak / or read.

April~ They DO don't they?

Jennifer~ I'm going to need them when he's older, I just know it.

Tina~ Thanks lady!!

storyteller said...

Yea you to the rescue!!! Well done ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Grandy said...

storyteller~ Yeah me!! :)