Thursday, July 31, 2008

There's always ONE

Growing up in school, Grandy was blessed with a twin sister and some good friends.

Grandy grew up playing year round sports and was pretty outgoing. Not shy at all. (What? You're not surprised?)

There was one girl...we'll call her Kelly. Why? Because that was her name (I'm original that way).

This girl had some sort of power over me. She was mean. When she was around, Grandy couldn't do anything right. Try as she would to be accepted by her...Kelly made sure Grandy knew she did not like her.

She scared the SH!T out of me. Why? I don't get it? When she was around, I was afraid to speak around her. What made it worse...I liked some of her friends. They were nice...she was just e.v.i.l. (or at least that's what I thought).

Freshman year, Grandy was goalie for the field hockey team. She only tried field hockey because as good as she was in basketball defense, she couldn't sink a basket to save her life. Twin got the basketball skillz. So, field hockey it was.

I only asked to be goalie because in my very first game, I lost my skirt. That was a horrifying experience...and I noticed the goalie didn't have to wear a skirt. Kelly played field hockey too, along with some girls I'd played softball with, and thought we might work through it. They were on Varsity and I was on JV why would there be any problems? I could be just the freshman and hide. Can you believe this? Kelly made Grandy want to hide.

Well, apparently Grandy had some serious aggression skillz to work out and didn't fear girls coming at her with hockey sticks. I totally dug it! I was pretty good at it too. So good that in my freshman year, the coach decided to trade me up to the Varsity team. What about the Junior that was already the goalie for the Varsity team? Good friend of Kelly and sister of Kelly's best friend? She was bumped down to JV, in my spot.

Oh yeah...wince away readers. There was no way around the awkwardness. Grandy could not hide. There were moments I'm pretty sure Kelly came at me with her hockey stick.

As I look back, I can't give you any one specific thing that happened now. What was it she had over me? She would make snide comments and tell me to shut up, and I would. Why? Was it me? Just me?

It's been almost 20 years since I've had to see her. She was a year ahead of me so we don't have to worry about reunion stuff...normally.

Grandy's school is doing something different. In 2009 it will be the school's 50th anniversary, and so they're doing a combined reunion with several years, to combine the anniversary too. It's been kinda cool to watch as people update their pics, and those of their kids, on their little sites. I can send messages to people I've lost track of, and I get emails from people that...for the life of me I can't remember.

Tonight I went on to see my messages and see who updated their profile. There she was. She's updated her site.

::tummy flip flops::

I go in to her page and see her. She actually looks good... happy. Good for her!

Was I hoping she was fat? Sure. But why? It's been 20 years...WHY?

Now I find myself asking, "Self, why the hell does she have a power over you...still?" Would she be considered a bully by today's standards?

Tell me readers, do you have someone from high school that made you feel small? I know that High School can do that to anyone and I was very fortunate to thoroughly enjoy these years.

Admit it... share... you had at least ONE from your past...

Share something that will make Grandy feel a little bit more normal. I'm not asking for miracles, but come on...


Suzanne said...

That's weird, I was the 25th graduating class from my school, so 2009 is their 50th, too.

There was one girl who made me feel insignificant. Mind you, I'd been the kid everyone picked on for years. She just had a way of cutting to the quick.

Enter the internet. We both belonged to the Delphi group that Classmates ran back then. We became friendly. We both live in Florida.

There are occasional emails back and forth and a mutual respect. Amazing what time can do...

Anonymous said...

I have a million stories, wanna sit and chat sometime? LOL..I have a feeling we could spend a week together.

Our bully..who I was friends with, so she didn't bully or be mean to me.. is now 40 years old, divorced a mom a recovering alcoholic...I hadn't seen her in years and she called me out of the blue for being such an asswhole when we were kids.. for calling Holly Frog Eyes and putting frog pics on her locker... for calling Tracy Truck Face and for putting maxipads (with wings) on girls lockers w/ red marker down the middle. She did all this stuff for attention and would get pissed if we didn't laugh at her.

Interesting, huh?

Mrs. F said...

Huh! 1959 must have been a huge year for building high schools, because I am pretty sure that we did not go to the same school, but my school is having their 50th next year, too!

Anyway...there was this boy. His name was Darren. He was always so loud about being so mean to me. Then one day in our Senior year he stopped. I think it was because he needed my help in getting one of my girl friends to go out with him. I don't really remember.

Kelly O said...

On behalf of Kellys everywhere, I'm very sorry. ;)

Mike Golch said...

Just poped in to hellow. I hope that you are haveing a good day!
Hugs and God's Love and Blessings-Mike G.said that!(Its an A.A.thing)

HastaPasta said...

I don't recally any "one"s for me but I remember your one, and I still have your back.Just remember the bullies are not so big and bad on the inside they just have a lot of hurt and therefore need to hurt others. Why you? I don't know but if she remembers anything of that time she will feel stupid in regards to the way she acted. We are bigger now and bolder. We have one up on her because we are MOTHERS and therefore have the fight of lions. So if she wants to mess with that, may god help her.
Score one for you!

xup said...

I think you two had girl crushes on each other and the weirdness of those feelings made you feel tongue-tied and shy around her and made her aggressive toward you. If I were you I’d absolutely get in touch with her and see what happens.

Momisodes said...

That's wonderful you still keep up with people. I avoid my high school alum like the plague.

Everyone in high school made me feel small. And I was once on the dance team and had lots of popular, gossipy, so-called friends.

By junior year I decided I'd had enough and graduated a year early. Yeah, they had THAT much of an effect on me :(

Anonymous said...

So cool to read your post - as I'm gelling on one about trying to fit in with the "cool kids"...those early memories stick around don't they!

Travis said...

There was a guy I played football with who had that effect on me. I didn't think he was evil though. There was just something about him that made me screw up.

He was a nice guy too. Always had some advice for me. I tried all the things he told me too, and they worked! Except when he was around.


Grandy said...

Suzanne~ That is so true. Time is a funny thing.

MP~ First of all, I agree that we could SO hang out for a week and never run out of things to say. Second...yeah, I think I knew a girl like that too.

Mrs. F~ Maybe it was you he had the crush on?

Kelly~ O owe me nothing. You are sweet tho.

Mike~ Thanks for doing're very sweet.

Maria~ I'll say this again... I <3 you! (remember what that is, right?)

XUP~ YOU SO SLAY ME!! You awesomely almost made water shoot out my nose with that one. Thanks for that. :)

Sandy~ And look at you now! They would pale by comparison. ;)

pegkd~ They do stick around, but it's funny how we put our TWIST on them.

Travis~ I know what you're saying, and it's no wierder than mine.