Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too Much Testosterone?

What has happened to my American Movie Classics channel? You know...the one with "AMC" in the corner?

While watching a movie with Hubby, it is one thing to see a commercial for medicine to correct the ED problem, but completely another thing to watch Rocky and get a commercial for: Pos-T-Vac which is a suck pump vacuum "Natural Male Enhancement" for erectile dysfunction (oh my...the Grandy spammers are going to kick me in the pants for this one). You know what this thing is? It's that thing from Austin Powers where he kept repeating, "It's not mine, baby."

That really made me laugh because I thought...HA! They have done a demographic survey of the target audience that will watch this movie, and men with struggles in that area of "practice" must be the primary group. Well...we are talking about a Rocky marathon here. So much testosterone on one little screen.

Then they want to make the guys feel even worse because the very next commercial is for "fono-chat", a chat line for Hispanic people.

These poor lonely guys don't stand a chance. First they must take a pill, then hook up the vacuum, then call and have someone whisper sweet nothings to them in a language they don't understand. Then they back to the regularly scheduled programming.

It was one thing to see those commercials for the KY His & Her Jelly, the ones where they talk about how each one does just the right thing for him and her, and when the meet WAMMO! Oh yeah, watching TV with my almost 13 year old son and seeing that commercial is nice. It shows how truly ready I am for addressing these things.

Him: I don't get it.
Me: NEVERMIIIIIIND! (This is where I proceed to leave the room and giggle/panic/and all the other things we mothers do when we realize it's getting close to that talk.)

It just doesn't seem right. If we are watching a channel like AMC, or a movie like Rocky, I would think the demographics would point towards commercials for athlete's foot, hair loss treatment, and lawnmowers. We shouldn't have to watch commercials for this stuff. Let the guys go back to buying these things out of their magazines...or off the internet for crying out loud.

Oh, and what does it say for our demographics ladies, when we are subject to daytime programming are we only offered laundry detergents, cleaning supplies and feminine hygiene?

What is up with that?

Bring on the commercials for B.O.B.s to make it fair!!! You do know what those are...right ladies? Come on. Think real hard.


songbird's crazy world said...

I am amazed at what they advertise on TV...and when. I don't want to be watching some of those ads with my kids in the room...or my parents.

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Unknown said...

What does it say when most of the ads I see are for Monk's attire or have Billy Mays or the Sham Wow guy pitching them?

Joyce-Anne said...

I like to avoid channels that have commercials at least where the children are concerned. It's not unusual for one of the PBS stations to be on.

Mrs. G. said...

If I see that Extenz commercial one more time, I'm going to go postal on the television.

Anonymous said...

If you think daytime tv is lacking in saucy topics for the women folk, check in for The Doctors. Yesterday they were showcasing the two women who invented Condom Compact which is just what it sounds like - a product that looks like a compact but is made for the modern woman to tote about her critical stash of condoms.

Azure Accessories said...

I too am amazed at what they advertise on TV at times...I'm sorry there are somethings that don't need to be on TV.


Anonymous said...

What's B.O.B.?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...


Momisodes said...

Oh the hair restoration, hotline number and vacuum commercials drive me bonkers. I'm terrified of my daughter catching one of these on TV one day.

I DID see a commercial the other night (several times) for vi.brators. I must have been watching Se.x and the City or something.

Anonymous said...

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Grandy said...

Songbird~ Oh yeah...not a big fan of the whole "watching in front of Mom" thing either. I'll have to go check out the tag.

Suzanne~ It says you like to be yelled at. :)

Jibber Jabber~ Oh I remember those days. ::sigh:: The channels where all they do is fill your kids heads with what they MUST have for Christmas, Birthday, MLK Day, etc. ;)

Mrs. G~ YAY! I was having mental fade and couldn't remember the name of that Extenz!! I feared googling it as I'm sure you can imagine.

Grandy said...

David~ Really?!? I must be missing out!! Thanks for stopping by.

Azure~ Here Here!!

Chris~ Battery - Operated - Boyfriend. I hope you subscribed to the comments on this one. ;)

Jenn~ I know...but it was ROCKY!! Hubby was watching it LIVE.

Grandy said...

Sandy~ Hey there toots! Thanks for stoppin' by from your spa days. I hadn't thought about putting "." in the middle of the word ere.ctyle dys.function. LOL!

Kraxpelax~ Huh? Are you a spammer? I'll let you slide because your name sounds like a Superman Villain...but I'm watching you. ;)

Travis Cody said...

I don't think advertising on cable makes any sense. Do you suppose the people in the market for the products that Billy Mays hawks are awake between midnight and 6am? That's about the only time I see those commercials.

Grandy said...

Travis~ Billy Mays is taking over the world!!

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