Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Grandy-ose Contest

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!!!

Come one!! Come All!!!

Grandy is having her first CONTEST EVER!!!


Grandy has posted 185 posts (well technically this one is 186 but Grandy is always flippin' late fore everything).

So...what does this mean??

It means I am holding a contest for your ideas. Yep...YOUR ideas.

Do any of you remember my 100th Post with 100 Linky Lovin craziness? I found and commented on 100 blog posts and linked back to all 100 here. That was a tough one but I was introduced to a lot of pretty good blogs.

Grandy has a lot of lofty ideas but I tend to struggle a bit with my focus.'re surprised?

I am holding a contest for what you all think Grandy should do for her 200th post.

200 POSTS!!

Oh yeah, this is coming up here soon and I'm trying to plan ahead.

And Grandy wants all her readers and followers (do I have any stalkers out there?) to be a part of it. I want this to be a bloggy event that you all can enjoy.

So...what should Grandy do with her 200th post?

Post your ideas in the comment section and I will pick my favorite. You didn't think this would be random did you?? Heck no!!

The prize??

You will have a choice of...

500 EntreCard Credits. No, you don't have to subscribe, or post my link on your blog, or go write about it on your blog...unless you want to.

...OR...(because so few of my commenters are members of EntreCard)


Some linky love...


My UNDYING gratitude and affection.

What more could a blogging friend ask for??


dkuroiwa said...

oh I first?!?! Cool!!
Okay...when I posted my 200th, someone mentioned "nudity" as something I could do...not sure whose nudity was to be posted, but I opted out of that one (you could still go ahead and do it though!!) Instead I posted about something about me that I hadn't done before...and put a video!!
Whatever you do....have fun with it!! 'cause if you have fun, we will too!!
and an early Congratulations to you, my dear!!!
debbie...waiting to see what you are going to do...think I'll go find some chocolate to pass the time!!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I think you should let me guest post for your 200th post on a topic of your choice.

Debbie said...

It seems to me that you have possibly had some outrageous or funny comments left after particular posts. What about listing the top 10 comments (in your mind) along with a description of the post. Or better still, what you wish they had said....

Suzanne said...

You could go on that Grady-ose theme. You know how a lot of bloggers have "100 things about me", right? You could do 200 things about Grandy!

(I'm ducking and running now!)

Anonymous said...

I haven't done that entre thing but I'll take the iTunes card thank you very much.

I haven't done crap on any of my blog milestones...cuz I don't pay attention, kind of like how I always forget my anniversary. :-)

SO...200, shmoohundred..just do your thing

Momisodes said...

How exciting!!!
I had to giggle at your title, very clever ;)

Perhaps this time for your 200th post, you can have your readers post links to their favorite blogs with 1 sentence why they like each. Everyone who posts is automatically entered into a random drawing to win.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking along the same lines as matthew, but that you could host the shortest short story contest ever -- like people had to submit complete short stories of 50 words or less (maybe 100)You could suggest a topic, post all the entries and then readers could vote on their favorite or something

Joyce-Anne said...

I'm sorry to say I don't have any ideas. :-( But, I thought Sandy had a good idea.

Grandy said...

DK~ No nudity from me, I'm afraid. Or a video. Have some chocolate from me.

Matthew~ Interesting concept.

Debbie~ Ooohhh...Kinda a Top Comment post!

Suzanne~ I can't even think of 200 things about me.

Grandy said...

MP~ You always forget your anniversary? You are funny!!

Sandy~ Oh that's a good one too!!

XUP~ That's a great idea too!

Joyce-Anne~ That's alright, I always appreciate you stopping by.

Travis Cody said...

I was thinking also of a top comments kind of thing, but why stop at 10? Do 200 of your favorite comments.

Anonymous said...

You're too funny. :-)

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Grandy said...

Travis~ Do I even have 200 comments? I'll have to check.

Amy~ Thanks! It's good to see you too. :)