Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alright Grandy, Back to Work

Six weeks sure goes by fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to be getting back to "normal". Ha...what is it about that word that even looking at it makes me laugh? Oh yeah, I know. Grandy is anything BUT normal.

So, tomorrow I go back to work after being off for 6 weeks for my surgery. I know, who goes back on a Thursday? Need I remind you of the previous paragraph already?

It will be good to see the gang from the office again. I know my carpool buddy is quite happy I'm coming back so we can use the carpool lane again. Did I ever mention how blessed I am with the people I work with? They really are good. They threw me a good luck party before my surgery even.

So...what's changed about Grandy since she's been out the last 6 weeks? A LOT!

1) I've lost 23 lbs. - was a big surgery. Someday I'll tell you all about it...maybe.

2) I got my hair cut & colored the other day. - I don't do this very often, by posting a pic of me, but tell me what you think...

(Psst...wanna know a secret? Wanna know why my shades are on in the salon? Because my girlfriend who did my hair had also waxed my eyebrows about 40 minutes before this and they were STILL all red and iritated. Gotta love sensitive skin.)

Where was I? Oh yea, things that have changed about Grandy.

3) Blog banner has changed from this...


4) My boy became another year older - we finally relented and got him one of these....

I'm not sure Grandy or Hubby will ever have his attention again...but hey, he loves his music and I can't blame him. I loved my walkman when I was his age.

5) AND MOST IMPORTANT! My priorities have changed. - My family needs me home more. Grandy needs me home more. No more 14 hour days this time. NONE!! My health suffered too much for too long.

I know you're jealous!!

Speaking of jealous, I would like to thank everyone for all your wonderfully kind comments about hubby in my last post. There is officially no living with the guy, for at least a week. He walks around saying, "I'm right...just ask your friends at your blog. If I'm not right...I'm at least cute!"



Mrs. F said...

What could be better than going back to work all skinny and stuff??? I mean, I have no idea what kind of surgery you had, but weight loss is weight loss and it is always always nice (unless you are Nicole Richie or Kate Moss, then it is gross!)

Congrats on going back to work!

Mike Golch said...

Glad that you are feeling better my friend,and yes 14 hour days are real killers.I was stuck doing 16 hour day as a corrections office I was so run dat i just wanted to sleep my days off away.that was no fun for my Mrs.G.(not to be confused with Mrs.G over at derfwad manor) Family is important.

Suzanne said...

Glad you're on the mend. Back to work in new clothes, right?

(Can I say how cool it is when you DO lose a lot of weight and you put on something that didn't fit and it does? You must be doing the happy dance!)

The hair looks awesome. Waxing? Never done that one-the tweezers and I are good friends.

Yeah, get used to not getting Ty's attention. :)

Travis Cody said...

Be sure to stick to that 14 hour days! I've done my share of those too.

Mrs. G. said...

You look gorgeous! Total babe.

Momisodes said...

You look fabulous! With shades and all. Hope you have a smooth transition back to work :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love that you gave us a picture but still maintain your mystery. Very Jackie O!

Nora said...

Congrats on all your changes! (love the banner). Surgery is scary, glad you're healing.

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokin' Hot! Dang, Grandy, you look 20-years old there. Mr. Grandy better open up those eyes in the back of his head to catch all the peeps that are watching his wife stroll by. MEOW! ;-)

I'm glad to hear you're slowing down the work load. 14-hour days? No way, man.

Love the hair. But, more importantly, love that your life is going in such a positive direction. Congrats, foxy lady.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear everything went fine with your surgery. Weight loss and you didn't have to workout that is always a plus. I like the new image up top very nice.

Take care

Kelly O said...

Foxy! I'm so glad you're feeling better.

MP said...

PRETTY hair...I like it alot!
I can still see the red LOL!!

OK..23 lbs..I'll take that without the surgery please.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ You are too funny...Far from being Kate or Nichole.

Mike~ I bet that was NO FUN for your wife.

Suzanne~ Never been a big fan of the tweezers myself.

Travis~ One day down. :)

Mrs. G~ Thank you, my favorite Derfwad!

Sandy~ Crossing my fingers for smooth too.

Jenn~ Jackie O? That's quite a compliment. Thanks!!

Nora~ Glad to see your back!

OTC~ Coming from a hottie like you, MEOW back atcha!

Rachel~ Glad you like the banner. Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly~ Thanks lady!!

MP~ HA! I would like to take it too. ;)

Tina Coruth said...


Great photo and a great list! :-)