Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Week Already???

It's official, I have officially been blogging for a week!! Well, technically a week expired yesterday, but had "issues" yesterday and wasn't able to get online to celebrate. So here I am...WOOHOO!!! (This is where you imagine the noisemakers and the confetti without the noise and the cleanup, could it be any cooler?)

So, what have I learned in a week of blogging?? LOTS!!! I have learned about some things I shouldn't do, thanks to pros like Amy Derby (hoping I linked to her site correctly, and that it's ok to do so). She is this wonderfully witty writer, who's blog I am grateful to have found.

Also, I've stumbled across a couple of other blogs I can't believe I've located. Remember, when I started this I had to google my own blogspot? The fact that I have been able to relocate others' sites has been nothing short of a miraculous feat for me. And how wonderful so many of them are!! Thank you, Dawnelle and dee/otc!! You both have such unique sites, that I truly am enjoying what you both offer. AND...did anyone notice I learned how to insert a picture on the last one?? Wait...there's no comments on the last one...did anyone read my last post?? Apparently there's a way to monitor the traffic on the site, that will have to be my next project...after getting the links and my pictures down.

I've been telling people about my new hobby, and it's interesting to see their reactions. Many people aren't quite sure what it is when I tell them. Let's face it, until I stumbled on my friend's site a couple weeks back, I didn't either. But I tell them, "I've started a BLOG" and the looks have ranged from "what is that?" to "why would you do that?", or "huh?". (Really, there is a difference between those looks. I could show you, but again, haven't mastered the picture thing.)

I don't blame them really. I started this blog because I thought it might be a nice, creative outlet for me. Sort of a journal online. Obviously it's not necessarily a secret one, because it is online, but it is still a bit of an outlet. So, should I expect people to understand why it might be fun to go online and write short little articles on my life? Not really, but do I hope that they find the stories entertaining nonetheless? You BET!!

It's amazing how you can write down your thoughts and other people share feedback about how they can relate, and what their experience was. I have spent hours reading about other people this week. I'm not reading about the latest stupid Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lindsay Lohan story because let's face it...WHO CARES?? I'm reading about real people!! Wonderfully crazy, witty, wacky, lovely people!!!

People are wildly entertaining, and I am a HUGE fan of watching people. I like to sit at the mall, or at the airport, and just watch people as they walk by and relate to eachother. Now that I've started blogging, and reading others' blogs, I get to do that the comfort of my office...and without having to take my shoes off at security (although I can take my shoes off if I want to).

So, as I salute myself for completing a full week at my new hobby (cheers to me) I look forward to how these early blogs might be used as a learning curve or stepping stone to only better blogs. It only gets better from here folks!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this new journey with me!


Mrs. G. said...

Welcome to the blogging world Mary. You seem like you are going to be good at it!

Mary Grandy said...

Thanks so much, Mrs. G.! I have a lot to learn, that's for sure. I just checked out your site and WHAT A HOOT!! :)

dee/otc said...

Oh yeah, your weekiversary! Congrats!

Thanks for the link shout-out. :-)

Yeh, I'm a people watcher, too. I can see the connection with blog reading and dipping into other people's lives. Gets addictive.

Keep it up!

I only got a peak at today's post...about to read it...but, I think I caught that you signed up for NaBloPoMo...gooooood girl. That may be pure delirium. But, hey, I'll hold your hair back if you hold mine. ;-)

Grandy said...


I'm SO ready to hold your hair back!! By reading some of your blog posts, I can tell that you may need it already (for the twins, not for the blogging).

Thanks for the challenge, and I hope I can keep up with it. :D

Amy Derby said...

Hi Mary,

I'm far from an expert, but thanks for the mention.

Looks like your blog's off to a great start. :-)