Friday, October 12, 2007

Overcoming my commitment issues

Just last night I was marvelling at the fact that I've officially been blogging a little over a week. Now I am afraid I may have gotten a bit too big for my britches (and I don't mean in the weight arena people...but ok that too).

I can't believe I am about to do this, but I have joined NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). What is this you ask? It's a commitment to post a blog every day for 30 days. The entire month of November. No weekends or holidays off either!! (Yikes, what's a girl to do when gone for Thanksgiving on our annual trip to the desert?) I can't believe it!! I took my cue from the bold dee/otc. She's very new at this too and already off to a great start. She challenged me to do this, so here I am.

Many of you don't realize I have commitment issues. Ask my husband!! (kidding honey) But really, I have a hard time committing to what I will be able to do over the weekend, or next week, much less for 30 days. If nothing else, it will be a test of my perseverance. I made a commitment to myself to make things different, and this is part of it.

My mind is racing with all sorts of different ideas, then I hello? I still have two weeks to get there. Does this mean I'm going to abandon my site? No way!! There will be all sorts of postings. I'm going to try and post my blogs both here, and there (if I can figure out how). For any fellow bloggers, you can catch it at and see how it goes. Either way, you'll be along for the journey...right?...Or not?? ;)

Well, I don't think I'll have to worry about what to write about. Since my blog is about me, my stories, what I witness, I should be alright since I'm writing it (she says while practicing her positive thinking skills). I'm nervous as heck because I think this means more people will be reading ME. Oh well, I can only re-read my posts so many times. :)

Until next time...Hang in and HANG ON!!


dee/otc said...

Yep, yep, a blogging we will go.

I've been thinking I might should slow down and save something for November. I've been verbally vomitting myself to death in Blogland in a short two weeks.

I can always post about the weather. Nice weather we're having today, don't you think? So exciting.

Grandy said...

Weather is always easy to talk might also talk about what's on T.V. that night. If you ever get to watch T.V. with your busy schedule.

Bernard said...


Best of luck with NaBloPoMo. Which I think sounds like a gentle curse of some sort. Maybe something you'd say if you dropped a hammer on your foot.

If nothing else, you'll get lots of opportunities for posting!

Grandy said...


Thanks for stopping by!! I am really going to give it a try. Luckily there are cool sites like yours to inspire me. :)