Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack!!

People of the blogging world...FEAR NOT!! The great and powerful, plucky side-kick Mary, has returned!! Have you missed me? Did you notice I was gone? Probably not, but oh well, I'm back anyway. (Eeyore has now left the building)

Remember my article about relaxation, and my MIS? Well, I was off trying to relax, and unfortunately had a week where I just had nothing to offer. Does that mean I'm getting better at relaxing?? I found that my mind spent a week in some sort of writing coma. I was reading and researching with other blogs, but I have to say that I just wasn't feeling remotely funny or witty. Have you seen some of these other blogs?? THEY ARE AMAZING!!

However, I am back to reality (I really was physically somewhere else but can't tell you where...will have to sneak that in to other blogs) and ready to give it a shot. Only a few days left until NaBloPoMo and I better tune up the gears. It's great to see you all back!!

Oh never did leave did you??


dee/otc said...

I'm glad to see your return. I missed you. :-)sniffle, sniffle. Us blogging newbies depend on each other. :-)

Yeh, November's going to be a butt kicker. I'm also of the camp 'if you don't have something funny to write, then don't write anything at all.' My family hasn't heard from me in years. ;-) It is hard somedays when all you're really fantasizing about is someone's head, your cast iron skillet, and making a contact sport of the two. Aaahhhh.

Welcome back.

Grandy said...

Thanks for the Welcome, Dee...
It's good to be back!! Believe me...I've been reading your site to play catch up! Thanks for the Ultra Sound Pics!!