Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is there a "System"?

Hi! Me again...

I know I said that this blog was going to be about assumptions made, and learning about myself. Well, I guess I should insert the disclaimer that while I travel through this etherial adventure in looking at everyone's insight, trying to keep an open mind, and not make assumptions, it should be noted that I am going to digress, get frustrated, make these same assumptions, and want to scream!! Let's face it...I'm not perfect...are you??

I have been doing further research on different blogs, seeing what works for all these brave souls out there sharing their thoughts and emotions for all the world to see. Some of them are so calming and refreshing. Their photos, their posts, everything about their site simply promotes tranquility and peace. I found one that just quoted different meditation techniques. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I thought to myself. How nice it must be to maintain existence on that level.

Self...get with the program!! You need to be more like these people, offer some thought provoking witicisms, challenge anyone to look inside themselves, medicate (oops) I mean "meditate" as often as humanly possible. Really? Seriously?? Do you really need another one of these??

Then I have found some other really fun blogs. Their topics are all over the place, but SO very fun. I think that could be more my speed. Except, some of those sites have so many days in them. You know the days I refer to: "joke of the day", "word of the day", "gay insight of the day", "pet peeve of the day", "dog food of the day", "hangnail of the day". I'm not sure I could handle the daily pressure. Is there a tab for "got nothin' for the day"? What if I couldn't keep up with my day? WOW...then I couldn't log in for a day? Or two? Oh I give up!!

So, is there a "system" to this blogging that I'm supposed to follow? Ya know...I'm going to try and make this my journal. What cracks me up? What makes me smile? What irks the heck outta me? I guess it depends on the day (crap, did I really just insert another "day"?). This is a new hobby for me, and I'm really excited about it. But let's face it, it will probably be for my eyes only anyway.

I encourage anyone to add comments, if you happen to find this page. :) I think I had to google my own darn blog! I guess I need to start with the basics, huh??

Have a great "day"!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Can't say that I ever found time to look at someone's blog, and now my friend has a blog and I'm commenting, and she is like this new age entity trying to make the world a better place, by improving the people she connects with along the way. You go!
You know who this is...

Mary said...

Of course I know who this is...and thank you so much. Please share with the others if you like. I'm not one to go out and necessarily "pimp my site". Wait, isn't there a tv show like that?? It's pimp my something.

Anyway...hope to see you again soon, both in here and you know where.