Thursday, October 18, 2007

10 Items or LESS

Sometimes when I have these ranting thoughts of "What's up with that?" I often feel like I've entered the world of Jerry Seinfeld. That show was so wrong, and yet so good. Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer did and said things that many of us only thought and giggled about.

Who doesn't remember, "Man Hands", "Close Talker" and "Bubble Boy". Those are just a few of my favorites. Of course you have the infamous "Soup Nazi". I can't wash my hands in a restaurant's bathroom without thinking about that episode with the pizza (although having a momentary memory lapse on the episode).

So, how is it that I find myself in the midst of the Seinworld?? He had a knack for asking the question...WHY?? Today, as with many days, I find myself asking the same question, but a little less diplomatic. Mine typically consists of WTF??

So...the source of today's ranting? The "Express" lane at the grocery store. I notice more and more stores have their own Self Check-Out, but I don't try those. I barely go to the ones that I have to bag the groceries myself. I just have this fear of holding everyone up. So, I try to be courteous. If writing by check, I have it mostly filled out, waiting for the total. If paying by card, I'm armed and ready.

What puzzles me is, with today's technology and common practices, how is it possible I still get behind old people in the Express Lane with 15 items??? It's not a huge deal, I know. And in the world of not making assumptions, how do I know that they didn't think the 10 was a 15? And maybe it's because I'm standing in line juggling 9 items (because I inevitably believe I'm just getting a couple things).

But, seriously people?? Could we maybe say something when the person walks up with obviously a full cart and stop it then? Do these people believe that 10 of one item actually counts??

I don't remember a specific episode of Seinfeld addressing this dilemma, but have decided it might be worth the research. If I ask myself what they would do, I think I know the answer:

**George - He would take a bite out of the old person's food to hurry it along

**Kramer - He would threaten to sue the store for the cramp he got in his arm trying to hold a gallon of milk with his pinky

**Elaine - She would eventually end up in some sort of fist fight with the old lady, ultimately losing and getting escorted from the store.

**And Jerry? - He would roll his eyes, and wait until his next stand up routine, or until we got home to vent to his friends.

I miss that show about "Nothing". Oh how it makes me appreciate the "Nothing" that irritates me so.


Mrs. G. said...

Kramer would DEFINITELY sue. Funny post. The episode about handwashing was the Poppy episode...remember later on, Poppy pees on Jerry's couch.

CresceNet said...
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Grandy said...

Mrs. G - Thank you for reminding me of Poppy. Loved that one!!

CresceNet - I had your comment translated, please don't post any further solicitations on this website.

reallyginny said...

Oh, you know what I hate? Being in the correct checkout line with my 15 items, right next to the express lane, feeling all virtuous and then the checker waves me over..."C'mon Hon, I'll check you out." And as soon as I step over, hordes of shoppers with one or two items line up behind me, huffing and rolling their eyes and making disparaging comments about my inability to count. And of course the checkout person never takes up for me. I won't do it anymore. I feign deafness or I just refuse.

Grandy said...

Sorry for the delayed response. That's a great spin on the whole express lane dilemma. Although I try not to "huff", I will definitely try to keep that scenario in mind.

Thanks for stopping by!!