Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here Goes Nothing...

Welcome to my page!! If you found my're a lot better than I am at this stuff!!

I've made a commitment to myself to learn more about me, and what better way to learn about me than through expression of my thoughts, and the reflection of the thoughts of others. I've been reading others' blogs for some time, and think I am beginning to get the hang of this. Where I lack skills and abilities, I'm sure someone will point me in the right direction.

The whole purpose of my blog title is merely a reflection of how people, places and things (not intentionally trying to define a noun) can appear to be one way, and depending on one's interpretation, can be or mean something completely different to everyone. It's all about perception.

You might see a "thin" person joining a weight loss clinic, and then very large people wearing clothes that might not fit right. A very sweet woman changed my whole perspective on the latter of the two examples, "How do we know that this person hasn't just lost 100 lbs and feels absolutely phenomenal about themselves??" Answer: We don't!

Then you have a typically healthy individual taking two weeks off, for what appears to be a head cold, and someone with significant health issues, pushing themselves back to work the day after they're sent to the emergency room. Which is the better employee??

The world is made up of people who make assumptions about others. I know I've been guilty of it...we all have. Let's use the "shoe on the other foot" mentality and try to discover a little something about ourselves in the process. I know I'm trying!!



Anonymous said...

i like what u wrote. Nice ones. I wish i were closer 2 share that fun with u

Suzanne said...

Your perception comment is so very true!

I'm sitting here at home on the date we originally put on my disability paperwork. Yet I suspect that my doctor's office is going to keep me out for another six weeks.

Yeah, I am that person that if I am out of bed, I'm at work. No matter how much pain I'm in. I've spent the last eleven months living on Vicodin to dull (not remove) the pain.

My bosses, though they saw the grossness of my leg, did not hear much complaining, and took my arrival at work every day as a sign that it wasn't that bad.

The past six weeks have been eye opening. When you slow down, it's not because you're lazy, it's because you value your health over your job.

That is a perception I am glad has changed.

Grandy said...

Yes Suzanne,

It's amazing how people can believe what we want them to? If I don't want anyone to know I'm not feeling good...then I apply more make-up and carry on. Yet Suzy-Q co-worker (no offense) calls in sick with a sniffle.

Thanks for stopping by!!